Player level up bug

When playing survival road and then you level up ur player level you are meant to be getting extra energy on top of what you had. This is not happening for a lot of players and support are playing the fool acting like there isn’t a bug and we’re all going crazy. What is wrong with giving just one energy can for the error? @WalkerTexasRanger can you look into this because there is an issue and support isn’t listening


It isn’t just when doing SR. I noticed this a couple of weeks back and posted on here about it. I think it has to do with reaching a level that overall increases your world energy. It happened to me 3 times and support basically told me to go fuck myself.

“we only trust what our logs say…Keep spending” (?
This is stupid, their logs say that we r ##### for playing this $hitty game

Yep thats happened to me 3 times. At least twice was during SR so not sure if that is linked to why it happens. Support wouldn’t listen, they insisted the right amount of energy had been given and I had to give up in the end.

I just leveled up from SR and it worked properly for me. Maybe my bucket is filling back up.

Or maybe like @Talisman said, it’s only certain levels that it happens with.

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