Player level STILL frozen 24 hours later

I’m just wondering if anyone else has experienced having your player level frozen?

Yesterday I should have leveled up to 43, but after reaching the XP goal my counter now sits, frozen, at 42 and says below:
“0% Needed for next level”
I have tried adding XP from a couple different areas, as well as restarting my device four times, and restarting the game, to no avail.

This happened once before after the last game update, but that time simply restarting once fixed the issue.

So, question:
have any of you experienced this and if yes, how in the world did you fix it?!


This happens sometimes. Just restart the game.

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I’ve restarted the game at least 20 times and my device at least 4.
At this point I feel like throwing it out the window. Lol

Clear cache as well

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I just cleared my cache, then I restarted the game and then the device. No luck.
But thank you; I appreciate your help. :slight_smile:

try get more xp it need a lot f.e when iam at 0xp needed (iam at lvl 140) I need like 20k xp to get it

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would also say this, if you have less then 1% to lvl up maybe 500xp / 200000xp it will say 0% but you need more xp;) in higher lvl it is often like this

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I have been asked to send a screenshot to Scopley.
When I find out what they have to say about this I’ll pass it along to you just to share the info.
Thanks for being helpful!

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