Player level past 125?


So I hit player level 125. What is next? Do you plan on opening it up to 150 or will we have to wait a year? It is always good when you are grinding to have a goal.


Er… Took two years for 125, but I guess 1 year for them to change xp requirement to be achievable… So yes an year most likely… At best…


Polishing kits/duct tape are pretty rare these days without player levels rewards. So, it will be tough to do upgrades in the future.


I doubt it would have been a big deal if they increased to 125 to increase it to 150. But they like making us upset and will make us wait while people quit of boredom.


Well, im a slacker in my faction and im level 123. what is stopping you guys from raising it to lets say 200 or 250?
FYI - DT, PK, coins and 5* tokens will do fine as rewards - no need to overthink it


Map extention would be cool also