Player level increase pls


Is this ever gonna happen? Got to 125 about a month ago and I know ppl who have been 125 since I was a young buck.


The struggle is real. It’s been a really long time for some of us. And with all these new raid missions, it hurts to see that XP go to waste.


I know I’m getting all this xp from raids that going nowhere. Raise the levels scipely


They’ll probably try and milk us dry for atleast another 6 months so the quick and easy ways to get xp are gone.


I hope they do it in 14.0 update…


The dt/pk every 5 levels after you hit 100 we’re keeping me afloat. Now I gotta ration what I have left.


my roster is choking, no more space to keep 200x5* waiting turn into a 6*. you have to solve this… change another house into a headquarter e let us storage unusable toons and collectable toons there.


I’ve been 125 for about 5 months now… Pls increase this @JB.Scopely


If you don’t want to increase the level and at least give us something , say 5* tokens for every X amount of XP we earn whilst at max . Doesn’t have to be a big reward but SOMETHING would be nice


Now this I can get behind. I’ve been 125 for ages and it feels like a complete waste watching all that XP disappear into the ether and nothing earned for it. No prizes for levelling up. Would love to see a 150 level cap soon. This should be extended every six months!


Maybe jb will reply to this… bc you know he’s dreading having to reply to the 3yr token deal thread lol


Nope, they won’t reply and there will be no level cap increase. Unless they can figure out some way to make money off it that is.

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I will make 125 lvl and finish the game


They could atleast make system once your level is maxed the xp gets convert to sp even if it’s 1k xp gets you 1 sp is better than nothing


Skopel :wink:



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