Player Council Update [08/28]

Best info he gave was he will give info about the current museum collection after it ends lol. :man_facepalming:

My point had nothing to do with the quality of his post, only that they do continue to communicate here on the forums, and there’s no reason to start silly rumors that they will only communicate with PC.

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Not really. The new communication method seems to be the line chat with all the leaders in. It’s good if you have line, but not everyone has. Tbh i don’t care much because most of it is not really useful. Eg today’s rare communication here he explained why war was cancelled (doesn’t really matter), that info about collection plushes will be given after collection ends (lol), and that region transfers will be in September (already known).

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I’ve read just about every post in council members coming out of the closet. I wish them all the luck (they’ll need it). No, i don’t feel represented or warm fuzzy feelings seeing who’s there (hope for marti to be close to a voice of my level of player) but i definitely have hope in the council and wish they will be able to help us all (i say this in sane mind and health without being under duress).
Now can we please stop measuring who’s the best rep or more appropriate and please try to actually do some good before we are buried for good in bugs, glitches and “hot blazing rewards”?

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There will be 3 toons this time instead of the bags. That’s all that’s been said so far.

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It was actually @LadyGeek who first said approximately 15 members… That was then repeated by others, including myself.

Yeah I wasn’t saying that you said it… but I did go look through everything I could find. Unfortunately I didn’t find it, so I’ll stand corrected on it.


Sarà la solita farsa, fingerete di ascoltare i consigli ma farete tutto il contrario come avete sempre fatto. Non disinstallo solo per vedere quanto potete peggiorare.

Thank you for the update on this hot topic :blush:

Fair enough that you won’t post names which strikes me as a little odd given it’s a Players Council but since this has already been debated from A to Z lately, let’s just leave it at that.

Can you at least disclose the size (or intended size) of the council? I don’t think that information is in violation of any ToS or NDA. And it gives us an idea of your source of information :blush:

I would also suggest that you aka Scopley soon - as in preferably yesterday establish a communication line between PC and the community. So far it’s individual PC members posting individual threads and I’m sort of missing the common line here because it’s super confusing. If you already have that in place inform us of the intentions.

Personally I prefer an official post made by Scopley informing about progress and roadmaps (which you promised us in the response to PU and September 26th is coming fast)

I also have to point out to you that official information should be given out via the game and not social media platforms that will always be optional for players to use. I never understood why you don’t do this in the first place. Lots and lots of players aren’t on the forum or Line so there is a huge bunch of people that don’t get any answers. And it’s not like they aren’t as frustrated.

And you have the feature because you use it with character spotlights - use that to inform about PC and game progress :slight_smile:

If you increase the level of information provided on all levels then maybe some of the conspiracies will go away. Maybe… :wink:


you have to spend a lot of money the criterion for being considered by the scopley is only that. obviously the names will not be disclosed for don’t would unmask the system. every day it is more and more disgusting the behavior of the scopley towards those who cannot afford to throw money we hope one day they come back all back like a boomerang

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Ok so you don’t want to name people, we know most of them now anyway. What I think is important is knowing why these people were chosen, because it’s seeming to most of us like you just picked players in top factions and people you’re friendly with on Line, rather than trying to select a group of people that best represented the overall player base.

I know we won’t get answers on this, likely because our assumptions are true, but you could go some way to correct this by expanding the council by a few members so you don’t further alienate your ftp and low-mid tier players. I hear people are rooting for @Parker :wink:


I only play games for the benefit of me.
So i say vote Raz
This council things seem stupid if we dont get to know what they actully do.

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Why are people getting wild up over this stupid PC. They all are gonna be irrelevant in this game. Am I to believe that scopley is sooo on the ball about having one, and really going to listen. Scopley is only doing this to try and improve there image. In the end, scopley is just laughing about this whole thing, why still digging their game in the grave. People need to just move on from the pc as if they dont exist, cause in the end, there will be no difference with them, or without them.

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Friendly with on line, y’all do realize I’ve probably annoyed aggravated and been more disrespectful to @JB.Scopely then I could fathom to wrap my head around.

Y’all act like we work for Scopely and we are out here to take your money.


Tell me how much are they paying you. Just between us

They aint paying me. If yall think I dont treat them the same as I treat everyone else you are sadly mistaken. Sadly.

Probably treat them worse…lol


Ok so you would fall into “players in top factions” part then and I’m not acting like you’re out to take my money, not sure where you got that from anything I said. My issue is with Scopely and the shady way they operate, not with you.



You aren’t? Jk