Player Council Update [08/28]

Hello Survivors,

As part of “To our Player Community” post from 08/18, we mentioned that we would launch and drive a Player Council that would encompass a brain trust of committed, engaged, and passionate players to help us to craft a collective vision forward.

As of last week, we have officially selected all members of the Council and kicked off the initiative. Members of the Player Council are now in ongoing daily discussions with the Road to Survival game team and giving feedback in real-time.

In terms of discussion, the high-level topics that we cover are:

  • The Content Refresh and ongoing quality of life updates
  • S-Class Fighters and the overall character ecosystem
  • New Gameplay Experiences (ie Arenas)
  • Communication Approach
  • Ongoing Gameplay Updates and Topics

In short, the Council will engage in a series of talks each week leading to a Q&A between the Road to Survival game team and the Council members.

Please note that Scopely will not disclose the names of the Player Councill members and will leave it up to each of the members to share this information with players publicly.

Going forward, we will use this thread to consolidate and update you on the progress of the discussion around the Player Council.

The Walking Dead Team


Why never a thank you but no mail to us that didnt get chosen?
Communication is this game biggest downside.


Ok Thanks GR for New news.

Thats actualy good news for us as a players.

But i thing you shuld bring another IMPORTANT TOPIC…better comunicacion with youre players.

Like i said.Season 7 L is about to begin and we still know NOTHING about it.New toons?Coins(most important)?Weapons?2 L toons? @GR.Scopely can you rell when you or JB post topic about this?


where can we send our suggestions for changes so that they are really considered?


So no f2p on council, just top faction whales and retired spenders? I wonder what the criteria for getting chosen was…


Hopefully you will update on a regular schedule, and not when the thread is a mass of tags wanting any update on anything. I still think you should disclose the background and context of those members if not naming them. As in the topics here today, scepticism is high. Keep the communication flowing to allay it


I think they are attempting to cover it with this… their current ‘approach’ being comment once & never again


Mayby?Mayby youre right,mayby youre not.

Nope normal is this
hi we want answers
–Okm i check with team
–someone complain
—i check again with team
–solved or forgotten


Why didn’t you specify that you yourself hand picked these players?

If you were truly interested in selecting players that represent the community, you would have asked for a vote and selected the top 15 vote getters.

We demand to know what qualified these players to represent us. What qualifies someone as passionate and engaged? Being p13? Being in the JB chat room?


I really don’t think you’ll get an answer on this

But he demand it… So they better lissen

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Of course we won’t. Which just makes the whole thing that more suspect. But I just want it asked.


Instead of getting mad over what’s happened find a way to contribute moving forward.

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I’d like to know the process too but they won’t tell us

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How when communication from scopely is zero to nun as always
You cant even share what the q&a with devs will do

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How will the community be involved with this? Any plans?
What are the specific things each council member has done so far to elicit feedback? How have you been able to share these discussions with the community?
I realize its still early days but you don’t live in a fishbowl, I imagine you’ve all been in discussion with your faction mates.
How will you extend that same courtesy to the rest of the playerbase.
Ive heard a suggestion to create a line group. Is that in everyones plans? Will everyone be invited?

@Gov @Bane @Brucey @SiR_Lancelot @LadyGeek @Zanwich @Conquest


The first rule of Players Council is: You do not talk about Players Council . The second rule of Players Council is: You do not talk about Players Council

And in the final scene we finally get confirmation that @JB.Scopely and @kookland are the same person


yes all in the game dev team and all players counsels