#Player Council - Request from Euros

Since it seems that Scopely doesn’t care about Euros, and no Euro is on the Player Council, I request you that you push for rotation in the start/end times of events. Below is an image with the Start and End times of events for these past 4 weeks. As you can see, Euros are greatly put at a disadvantage (15 out of 20 events started between midnight and 7am; 16 out of 20 events finished between midnight and 7am).

It seems that Euros are only important when it comes to fill during the ‘night shift’ for war. But how do you expect Euros to continue to play when for example last faction SR that ended a few hours ago 12hours out of the 29hours that tournament ran were between midnight and 7am. Compare that to the 7hrs for PST/EST/Japan/Australia time.

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Yeah i agree always seems.to start 2 at night so missing start of events and some events ends before euro players wake up
So euro players always biting the dust


we Aussies have it pretty good lolz

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West coast is living large!!

It would be good to receive some form of confirmation of the timezones of those in the PC. Europe, Asia and Australia/NZ should have a representative

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The ones I know are all from the US.

Again proving the diversity and effectiveness of the group …

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There should be members on council from Europe, Asia and Australia to make it fair. I’m American and find those players dont get heard or treated fairly with regard to start times.


Hate to say it, but I agree with Scopely on this one. European players are merely bodies in war when I’m sleeping and shouldn’t have same advantages as real people (Americans) when it comes to start times/representation in PC

Not from Europe but I agree with the concern here will pass that along because different start times across the board all the time is good for everyone.


You certainly mean real idiots instead of “real people”, right?

no one cares here just a tiny problem stop with this needless distraction

Strongly disagree. Thats just rude.

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Definitely needs to change the Euro players are just as important as the rest

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I wouldnt start a faction with that kind of negativity!!! You will clearly fail!!! :fist::eggplant::sweat_drops:

Oh when can I join your new supertrump faction I really enjoy playing alongside bigoted numbskulls.

To be fair the British in game are thrice as nasty towards Americans. And that was long before some president changed anything. Let’s not be hypocrites please

Ah well it’s not like they are real people is it lol

Thank you for highlighting this in such a clear way.

I feel like I’m always playing catch up in tournaments because they start in the middle of the night. It would be nice for start times to be rotated so that no time zone has such an obvious advantage.


Lol people are easily rattled, I was clearly being sarcastic

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