Player Council Recruiting Discussion Thread

Let us know what you think about the PC recruiting announcement!


They need people who they can ignore and not listen to… Sign up now!


Was thinking exactly the same. What’s the point of trying to join something that the company thinks of as a joke that was made to shut everyone up?


Is profanity allowed on the conference calls? If so I’ll sign up.

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@TayTron is this how you say you’re breaking up with me?

Disclaimer: We’re not.

If anyone does have any questions they may want to ask a current PC member. You know where I am :blush:

(Here, PM, Line)


So are you adding members or replacing for a rotation?

Additional to who we have now

as if this council does anything

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Who is reviewing the applications?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Oh Parker, you know I could never quit you


As far as I know it’ll be Tay and the devs who run and help with the PC


I dont see any benefit cause Whats the point tho when they dont listen cause how many people have said they havent liked the way any of the events have gone cause leagues and everything sucks how it is


Im play twd 4 years old and nothing change,the game need more balance and more ways to get refils and gears,trainers,Parker are posting every week but dont listen, the first thing is this company made is the league only for whales now,every week we have new promo S,week events its very amount of enfort for nothing,facction events are joke , 30 players battle in faction event and get less rewards in to go in solo event,armory is trash now ,every thing in game now are paid or rng ,and the choice things are very low or impossible to get,walker hordes event…killed after some months ,only one thing everyone need now FIX THE GAME AND DO GOOD THINGS FOR EVERYONE,not only for whales or only for f2p,make events for everyone, exemple WOC toons…99% players never see or get this toons after events ,level ups events are CÂNCER IN GAME every week we have 3 or 4 level up events,why dont make another events to kill zombies or survivors,war event is the best thing in game but the rewards are trash,1* place get only 600 S shards… solo level up give 2000! The wheel of war tokens are joke for everyone who play this game,pass 2 or 3 wars to get 1000 tokens and pull to get useless 6 star…nothing morw to do, make this game good ,fix the game,make good events and grindable for everyone not only fpr whales and not for f2p…for everyone.


I nominate you for council go give em hell.




Omg! Glad you are still on the council @Parker. I was scare they were replacing you. You’re still the voice of the people (players).


And so say we all :grin:


What time (UK - I’ll just add 7) do they usually ask you to be on a call/chat with them?

Usually always it’s 8pm/9pm start my time (they can last up to an hour). In my time there it’s been at the earliest a 7pm and the latest a 10pm start

EDIT: Although, you can catch them at any time on the Discord. You won’t only get to talk to them in that window if that’s a concern

Would be nice if they actually took what the player council said and delivered more on those suggestions and feedback… No sense in adding more people when so much just continues to be ignored and most basic things not fixed or are put on the back burner. So many basic things in this game are so outdated and off cue.
Do appreciate what the PC does for the players tho :sunglasses: