Player Council Recap: w/c 9th Nov 2019

I heard on the grapevine some of you wanted to know what the Player’s Council is putting forward to Scopely. So, as your friendly neighbourhood insider man, here’s a list of the feedback and suggestions that was given over the last 7 days by the Council:


  • Reinforced the point to change war prize structures when altering the number of regions in a CRW
  • In the event of a larger CRW, 16+ regions, the rewards should not significantly drop off due to the larger presence of active factions further down the ranks. Factions need to be rewarded relatively
  • Breaking up war reward brackets that are currently too large (e.g 17-48) that don’t encourage competition and don’t compliment activity
  • F2P use for Red Velvet Cakes


  • Raised the issue that some offers were priced too high relatively to what they offered
  • Suggested more smaller, lower priced offers, as well as increasing what is given in these

Territory Event

  • Strongly advised the number of territories does not go below 5 at a minimum
  • Reducing the holding prize back to one hour (e.g 20 collectables per hour vs 35 collectables per 2 hours)
  • F2P use for Red Velvet cakes!
  • In it’s current form, it should not be the only event running on a weekend

Event Review - Last Words

  • Made a point that we would like more events where the character was more easily accessible, as opposed to 4th Anniversary, Typhoon, etc


  • Raised the importance that new game skills are added promptly ingame
  • Reminder of the forum’s potential to be a thriving communications hub
  • Raised a potential idea of an ingame Q&A

Raid Tourney

  • Both prizes and milestones were underwhelming in this tourney
  • Suggested rank rewards now become S-collectable choice boxes through all the ranks, as opposed to minimal 5* token amounts
  • Trainer/gear amounts should multiply (E.g 1 Basil milestone becomes 5)
  • Stressed the importance that torches must be present in all tourneys, at least where usually seen, as this is currently the only consistent avenue for the majority to acquire S-Collectables


  • Did I mention F2P use for Red Velvet Cakes?
  • Suggested a bonus gold roadmap towards the end of the F2P S-Class collection (for knives) in case anyone was behind a day or two, for whatever legitimate reason
  • In the realm of the meta, suggested that more dominant skills and team types are offered instead of bouncing between 1 dominant team type every month or so
  • While on the F2P side, to avoid giving plain and basic toons like Earl, Romanov, etc, that are more of a liability on a team

And that was this week recapped. This week’s call was postponed but the likely topics are rewards, the game economy (gear/trainers/etc) and scaling (prizes, milestones, features). Feel free to add in any suggestions below


This is exactly the kind of update the community needs. Thanks for your effort here :clap:




Well done. Thank you.

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Good this things can help all off players.

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Great job, friendly neighborhood guy! :sweat_smile:
We actually needed this kind of back and forth, man, and I think I can speak for many people when I say we’re thankful. Keep it up and make our votes count, or you’ll face a Brexit! :sweat_smile:


Thank you for the update Parker! Hopefully post like this will calm down the masses

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Are you new here? :rofl:


What about the gap?

I did say hopefully…

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Has been mentioned just not this week. Hoping to keep these weekly or two, so I’m strict to keeping what was said within this week. Didn’t want to retroactively add everything so far into this first one lol

Scopely have been shitting on both PC members and other players alike, so I don’t think they will do this thing right.

No offense to @Parker but @LadyGeek has done this in the past and people come at her with torches and try to crucify her. So I’m just saying if you are positive in your feedback this stuff might happen more.


Once whales have full rosters of S-Class, shortly, the gap will become equal to the distance between JP and scopely HQ.

The several month catchup, will make other player retirements look small.

Every week that gap isn’t addressed, is one week closer to the edge of the cliff

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Thanks for the info

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I’m the type to keep doing it out of spite anyway, but indeed I’m only taking the torch (3 different uses of torch in this thread) from the original pioneer that was @LadyGeek :clap:


Amazing work by Parker, and ladygeek in the past.

Thank you :blush:

Could we also mention the point system for level ups with Sclass and the objectives getting an update? This occurred a couple months after 6 stars were introduced, and should probably occur again soon.


I didn’t write exact specifics but that was earmarked for the next call yes

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Awesomeo work @Parker thankyou ever so much for a much needed update.

At least this is information and has been long overdue, this is exactly what is required a little bit of transparency.

Also thankyou to the rest of PC for their input.

Good luck fairing the wrath of the community as can’t please us all the time.


Thank you for the much needed update. You are right about the red velvet cakes for f2p and the small spenders. I feel much better knowing the outline of topics and that players concerns are being presented to Scopley.