Player Council Recap: w/c 8th August 2020

Greetings Forumers! Welcome back to PC Recaps. *Theme tune cue* 70% actual suggestions, 25% nonsense and 5% a song (It’s that gold related one because gold brick toon) (I hyped it since last week)

This week the PC had a call on the Battle Pass. Reviewing what we liked about it and what Season 2 should look like. Hence the poll, that was like your voice at the table. Like a ouija board.

Here’s a list of feedback and suggestions given by the Council over the last 7 days:


  • Raised again the recent controversies regarding some transferring when others can’t. All need to.
  • Hence, pushed for more regular windows. Such as a week-long window every 4-6 weeks
  • And we certainly need one asap
  • Spoke on the Wave system ‘issue’. Calamity.
  • Suggested colour-coding regions ingame according to Wave


  • Discussed giving shards for diamonds or something similar


  • A higher coin baseline. I think it was just Diamond this week. Spoilers Platinum.
  • Should have been newer weapons in the store
  • Franklin’s a bit rubbish
  • Raised the Diamond 1 prize issue, and suggested a compromise. Hence 2 Plat Mods. Us Diamonders really looked after ourselves this week :sweat_smile:


  • There should be more rings from Championship Arena
  • Raised the debate over Draft Arena. (This was actually from the Other Place, from the Others. They didn’t like Draft Arena. They like voodoo dolls and cauldrons)
  • But, we should be allowed to swap in upgraded bound weapons in it


  • There should be weapon inventory size increase
  • There should be a mod inventory size increase
  • There should be a scrap inventory increase


  • Trade-In!
  • Asked that 5* Dylan be put in the Museum (I believe 5* Dylan will appear somewhere soon)
  • Raised the issue concerning the lack of availability to older cards in significant amounts
  • The Daily Crates could be boosted
  • Suggested offering a universal currency to then trade-in for older cards in the Black Market?


  • Faction chat should be the default
  • War log should remain till next match
  • The ability to drag teams up/down
  • The ability to open multiple of the same choice boxes at once
  • Stop moving around them when open I them. Annoying hell as.


  • Passed on wants for higher (that’s extra-higher, not at the cost of existing) milestones
  • Cans should be given to all placement ranks in the war party


  • Passed on that it should drop rarity kits more i.e 6* and trait specific


  • S-Class Renown
  • Assault (T7/8, Depot)
  • Scav Camps (YGL)
  • Wheels (Replace the 4*)
  • Survivor’s Club (if you all insist)
  • Less drop-off in the reward structure. is that an update?
  • Removing gear requirements from Veteran levelling. Oh no, I just didn’t want to open a new section and so crammed them in here. Shaking my own head.

The Poll: Battle Pass, and the call, within these confines too

  1. Largest group bought the key
  2. Was good value
  3. PvE most popular, Level-Up least
  4. Gameplay/reward balance was about right
  5. Weekly Missions most common source
  6. 2 Newest Cards was most popular BM item
  7. Suggestions:
  • There needs to be more choice in the Black Market. This can include higher and more trainers and gear, torches
  • Perhaps something unique. Like a toon (no!), or a weapon or mod
  • An end of season trade-in for excess points*. For coins
  • For QoL, suggested a tidier Tier missions tab

And that was this week recapped.

Where was the gold brick toon?

Wot. We’re all happy with it now? Forum Symphony Choir No.4 has been practicing all week for that gold related song. And there was nothing. You left them stood there with their didgeridoos in their hands. I’d expect that from the Others. They don’t even like the songs. They only comprehend uggs and ooga boogas. Well, there’s no song now. First Recap in 5 decades with no song. Your ancestors from March would be turning in their graves. Disappointed.

Leave all your suggestions and feedback below. Like the ones agree with and it will all get passed on to Scopely. Don’t be shy. That’s not helpful.

Have a nice weekend!
I hope it’s GOLD-ah! Always believe in your soul, you got the power to know, you’re indestructible. Always believe in!


Weekly missions. Those of us that have completed the museum collection now have no value in collecting statues. Will this be updated? Thank you parker. Great recap


I will ask this. I’m a few statues behind. Thought I had time. Lol

lol thanks Parker. Think I haven’t missed a week

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Last one I promise lol.
Hate draft arena pure rng on who shows up. If they want to use draft make players choose a defense team from draft as well. Would level playing field a little more. I do good in most arena but always get shafted with offered toons in draft. My preference would be to eliminate it entirely


Don’t be polite on my account, throw everything you have in lol.

That was actually it, in the Other Place. Some wanted to remove it. Some, myself included, still liked it. Some would have found it manageable with changes like the bound weapon thing. I summed up the debate on it essentially

I still like it personally. Don’t take my rented whale toons away too


well she was like that everytime. we cant do anything about it

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Who’s she? Lol

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I thought it was the excess points people wanted a trade in for, not the coins? As in trade the points for more coins. Important to make this distinction to Scopely.

Also Dylan is already in the museum, keep up Parker :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Otherwise, great recap as always :+1: especially with regards to transfers. I hope we are given advance notification if/when it happens so we can plan ahead and they’re not just dropped on us.


I wrote that wrong here but I did say it right to Scopely don’t worry lol

5* Dylan was put up this week. I will not very humbly say thanks to me me me me. Look how many days are on his collection. He’s recent :hugs:


Haha yes I know I think he went in yesterday. Just saying it’s not happening soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: just for the benefit of anyone still waiting for him.

You and the PC are honestly doing a great job in getting them to make improvements recently, so keep up the good work :blush:


I still want to see more military walkie talky sold in the shop. 2? Oh c’mon, all toon from 5* to 6* need it, but they only sold 2? And with 1 week cooldown?

And second, i hope to see an update in the bronze and silver roadmap rewards. Maybe they can put military walkie talky there instead of current prize.



Hi Parker, 2 things;

-5* Dylan has been readded into the museum, so…yay!
-I made an armory suggestion for when we craft weapons, have an option to filter out weapons that have already been fully modified, to make things a little less cluttered. Could that be brought up?

Thank you sir,


i was in her region and one time i was in her faction to

100% agree. I have so many silver radios but don’t need to use them when the gear can be farmed from the world map. Put those radios to use again!


How receptive have they been with regards to a shard trade in ?

Or make a back button in all section of the armory. I forgot in what section that is require us to out of the armory first to get into the previous page.

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@JunithJohnny28 Outlawb?

@TonightWePurge Yes

@gannicusG We’ve had talks on it. I think there’s few options available and they’re looking at which one makes the best perma-fit with where cards and collections are going. Which in themselves are still evolving. That’s my reading on it

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yes im talking about her

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Thanks! Good work as always :+1:t2:

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