Player Council Recap: w/c 7th Dec 2019

Greetings. This is usually where some form of intro is, but I’m spark out of imagination today. So we’ll simply identify this as an intro part and we’ll skip to the good bit everyone’s here for. Here’s a list of the feedback and suggestions given by the Council over the last 7 days:


  • We would like to see the return of the original red velvet cake collections
  • Raised the issue of Wangfa’s absence from collections
  • Suggested that all promo collectables should go into the big wide world 2 weeks after a promo’s release
  • Recommended a clear, public roadmap on this release rate which should be adhered to


  • Reiterated that armoury token drops in raids would be desirable
  • In general, greater quantities of an item are needed in today’s economy in rewards
  • Spider collectables, don’t give rewards that cannot be claimed at all


  • The number of territories is spot on
  • Asked that the prize frequency be returned back to every hour (instead of 2)
  • Opposed the inclusion of RNG bags where S Collectables are present
  • Raised a bug where factions would get kicked from territories despite a number of teams still being in

Event Review: Bear Hunt

  • Asked to tone down the frequency of Player XP missions
  • The event has too many parts to it, be it actual items or hoops to jump through
  • Put forward that the next event is simpler, for the sake of variation. And sanity.
  • Raised that the Red Velvet Cake collection rate was stingy (1k:1k), given this is F2P’s only proper chance to use them


  • Raised an issue with war matchmaking
  • Pointed out that the meta currently is very ranged heavy
  • Also pointed out that a F2P melee attack lead in the S world is needed to balancd Priya lead + ranged reliance
  • The Update 22.1 post and bug status list, and accompanying compensation, was a good step for communication, and to keep that up

And that was this week recapped. Feel free to leave suggestions below


Any areas to increase the amount of league store tokens would be great. Even just a scale up in the current ways we get them now, so in milestones if we usually get x, adjust to be x * 1.25 (25% increase). The cost of everything in the league store, with the shortage of gear and the new armoury items available makes it difficult to level up and progress.


Thanks for the notes! Are you guys allowed to share how they feel on any of the issues? Like it’s great you guys make recommendations but is it a back and forth discussion about why they will or won’t implement the changes?

Otherwise, is there much difference from the posts we make daily?


Potentially. I will happy share Scopely’s side once they have negotiated a wage structure with me. Lol


Haha. I just think it would be nice to understand where they stand on each of these topics. But I’m sure we can assume most are no lol. And I agree. You shouldn’t have to do their job.

Why it is waste of time. Move on scopely you are wasting resources on this farce.

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Nothing about gold bars :pensive:

Thanks as always Parker!

My hope is that eventually we can see an update to sort our characters a little better. Being visually impaired it’s hard to find characters In my roster. I know it’s just not an issue for me as some people have a very large roster.

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Thanks Parker. What war matching issue? And is the pc pushing for more cheating bans, I know many of us feel they’ve not even done the tip of the iceberg.


I sort them by name. Makes it’s pretty easy imo. How else would you like them sorted if I may ask?

The level 2 general war matching issue.


Was asked last week about them, I think it’s just assumed at this point they’ll be for the next F2P S toon…

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I’d like mine sorted by outfit … such as slutty, nerdy, wtf were you doing when walkers appeared didn’t your mother tell you always dress nice, and yuppie.


Lmao. That’s so good.

I sort by name as well but usually I have to screenshot and blow up when I’m picking a team. I would much rather it look like the initial roster page rather than the team picking page I know that may just be me.

Don’t forget the shoes

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There needs to be a statement of when the next gold bar toon is coming before we run into another plush situation! This is called accountability. Quit letting them ignore it. Because that’s exactly what is happening.

& nothing about VK sweeps looking at the rest of these people because there is more and let’s not act like there isn’t.

Quit letting them cover up important stuff with bs.
The rest is fine.

But Gold Bar toon (F2P) NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED. Everything lately is pay pay pay pay. If there’s no F2P same as P2P there’s no game!

There’s part of me wondering if people have say so in no more bans or whatever for VK because they know it’ll effect their faction.


I didn’t know I needed to use caps. WHAT ABOUT MORE CHEATING BANS?


I should been more specific more of a time line like on the calendar on when a new toon for it will be released and stuff

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Lol. I thought I saw you mention it but then overlooked it. I’m ironically not replying because you capitalised it. But yes, cheating and pushing for more bans is always cropping up in the PC. It may be best assumed as an ongoing thing