Player Council Recap: w/c 5th September 2020

Greetings Forumers!

This week we had a call on Records. Basically a little fact finding call determining the type of records people keep outside of the game, and how a better track might be helped kept (is that English?) ingame.

Meanwhile, we’ve all been running around like Robin Hood in a deforestation crisis. And you all certainly not merry men on Tuesday. The next joke about a bear paw has been blocked by the WWF.
Also because I couldn’t think of one in time.
There’s 3 weeks left, we’re still going on this bear hunt.

Here’s a list of feedback and suggestions given by the Council over the last 7 days:

We spoke mostly about things like keeping track of scores, the spreadsheetmeisters, those who record card amounts. Where chat’s done in the game. Etc etc. But there was a few suggestions spawning from that:

  • Suggested better tracking for Onslaught, SR, Hordes
  • A fix to War leaderboards as well (if it isn’t still. I haven’t looked at past ones. My spreadsheet’s up to date and upkept :innocent:)
  • Proposed that you have the ability to see all these tournament scores at will from the player profile

Hunter’s Log
We’re on a bear hunt! And we’re going to catch a big paw!
Oh oh! It’s an RNG event.
We can’t go over it, we can’t go under it
We’ve got to… pray to RNGesus and pull from the unlisted odds bags and most likely get 1 arrow and eventually painstakingly 40 quills.
It’s an adventure!

  • We advised more Bear Paws be available
  • Asked for a Gold Quill trade in (for Silver Quills)
  • Odds should be posted in the bag
  • The communication should have been clearer, for the entire event


  • Slider to open multiple choice boxes
  • Or to open 6/12 batches at a time
  • Museum lock and the chamber of secrets
  • Ability to skip the tutorial
  • Having the Select First 100 button when selling weapons


  • Lower gear
  • Higher gear
  • All gear!
  • Suggested a wheel update, including removing the 4* wheel and replacing with a trainer wheel
  • Trainer caps need to be higher
  • Potentially also allowing Lilith/Ulysses to level DOWN AR and AS’s.
  • More Salvage tokens need to be around
  • and Suggested a Basic token bundle in the Supply Depot


  • SD markers back to gear maps
  • Raised the gear hunt problems


  • Asked about WOC 4
  • Lol. WOC 4
    Forum Symphony Choir No.4 in it’s home of Communication says:
    "Money, money, money. Must be funny. In a rich man’s world
    All the things I could do…
    Like buy arrows!
  • Asked for a calendar detailing the release schedule of Cards / Shards
  • Passed on that the Combat List needs updating

Older Cards

  • Warned that many can’t finish collections before the cards / shards are whisked away


  • Suggested a high-cost craft for perfect basic stats (+5% confirmed)
  • Overall a higher crit rate is needed


  • Depot should offer more card choice
  • War Missions should return

Community Discussions

  • Passed and detailed the discussion here surrounding Onslaught energy, and potential alternatives
  • Passed on the discussion surrounding Raid Timers (That was the product of the savage abominations of the Others in the decadent swamp that is the Other Place)

Scav Camps

  • Universal YGL

The Poll: Arenas
Remember all opinions and contributions are fully represented in the write up, this is just quick closure.

  1. Thee is neutral
  2. Old School was the winner
  3. Draft was the loser, or the most least favourite
  4. Domination preferred
  5. Trophies need to be reduced still
  6. People rarely get Veteran Rings from Top 10/20
  7. Veteran Rings should be elswhere
  8. Roadmap would be a prime alternative, or maybe milestones
  9. Fix Draft = Allow upgraded bound weapons
  10. Suggested shuffling the traits in Trait
  11. Increase the reward places of VR / Armoury Items, and more tickets!
    Other suggestions included:
  • Potentially splitting Old School and 5* (ascendables allowed) (How Old School is 5* Mr Liu? Really?)
  • Coining not allowed in Championship
  • Stop defences resetting sometimes
  • Base score off something other than team grade

And that was this week recapped.

Leave your biggest issues, or smallest, below and have them appear in the Charts. Communication got certified Platinum last week. The next is upto you. Keep them coming

Have a nice weekend! Don’t war too hard. It’ll help my matchmaking.


Drill sergeant still a problem.
Thanks for all you do parker.


Forum’s needs to be kept updated more than it is. Instead of us having to go to the other place to find anything out.


Yes this is something that’s bugged me! How is it old school to run a team with the 5* versions of the latest toons? Old school used to be fun but now it’s just a mini version of classic. It should be non ascendables only or its not old school, it’s just a 5 star arena.


I wouldn’t mind splitting a dictinction between 5 star arena and old school arena.


I’m not a fan of taking ascendable 5* out of old school arenas! That would hamstring me, hardcore! Ascendables make up 50% to 60% of my Old School team.
I’m going to be punished bc those are aome of the only 5* toons I have?! Doesn’t seem right.

All I know is if this were to happen I’d just stop playing Arenas altogether. When Old School is the Only arena I participate in, bc it’s the only one I have an actual chance to place and get the Rings I’m in desperate need of.

I can see where the argument comes from but I do not like the idea.


Though suggested, it did also come with the counter argument that for a few, Old School teams are considerably made up by ascendable+ 5*. So both sides got heard :slightly_smiling_face:

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If only non ascendable toons were still available in the game… :thinking:

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I need more rings.

How am I supposed to max out S class Kenny?

or another 6 star one lmao


I wouldn’t mind a log in armory so I can look back and count all my failed crafts before deciding to feed a team of earls to the walkers as punishment


Morning Parker :smiley:

Here is your favorite moment of the week - My -Recap- Recap!

Records This is an interesting one - not sure now how I feel about this, just for arguments sake - I shall play devils advocate and say that I see potential for this to cause Epic Meltdowns, having all tournament scores, available to everyone (I am assuming this is what is being proposed?) Can lead to a lot of finger pointing, recriminations, and general hostilities with in faction, (You didn’t do enough raids on this week!, You didn’t help on SR that week! You are just stomping bunnies in war to hit your own milestones! You are not trying for the no rush bonus in Onsluaght …) The idea is create a faction management tool, which is fine, I can just see it all turning to custard.

Hunter’s Log Why did the drop rate for arrows have to be so crap! 1,1,1,1,1,1,2,1,1 etc. Then they give us 10 to “Help us along” and then I pull a 10 and a 3, but guess what? I can guarantee you, that I will be stranded on 9 arrows. I did like the prizes though, just getting to them was an exercise in patience.

QoL Why do my boxes have to move around when I am opening them, why?why is this?

Economy I am glad you have run with the 4 star converting to trainer wheel Idea, done right, this could be really amazballs, and just more gear, but mainly the middle ground kind of gear - long coats and holsters kinda level, - i would love to be able to buy 10 coats at time from the depot instead of one - I have over 1/2 million gear tokens, buying one holster at a time - I am never going to use them all.

Roadmaps Good suggestions there, but i will also add, How much fun is the bear hunt map? What a good little story we are getting, this is fun and engaging, I save my bee hives all week so I can have a big story session, I am loving it!, Thanks to the Dev/devs who have worked on this project, its great! :+1:t2:

Communication Is trash - except from you - you are brilliant.

Older Cards I feel here- and I will use Pete as an example, Pete cards should just about be a raid drop or something, he is so old, but a new player, has no way of obtaining him, yes they could graft the road map, but really those maps should be used for getting something a bit newer, not someone as old as Pete, Sec Gau, Aarvav etc.

Armoury That darn Earl has done it again! He has taken all my Silver paint! And given me nothing I want in return! I have created a team of Earl’s, and given them crappy 1 star wepons, just so I can watch him get munched by walkers on Survival road #### - You Earl!

War Thise War mission were fantastic! Bring them suckers back!

Scav Camps Lets just say I think that the scav camps are the Tyrannosaurus Rex in the room that they are just not prepared to address - prove me wrong.

The Poll: Arenas There was massive differing opinions here, you have done a good summery here.

Thanks for the recap Parker - although it does worry me when you say you have been to “the other place” shudder! Please just, dont, dont,


Don’t stray
Don’t ever go away
I should be much to smart for this
You know it gets the better
Of me sometimes
When you and I collide
I fall into an ocean of you
Pull me out in time
Don’t let me drown
Let me down
I say its all because of you and here I go
Losing my control
I’m practising your name
So I can say it to your face it doesn’t seem right
To look you in the eye
And let all the things you mean to me
Come tumbling out my mouth indeed its time
Tell you why
I say its infinitely true
Say you’ll stay
Don’t come and go
Like you do
Sway my way
Yeah I need to know :musical_note:


This was actually discussed - about having it restricted to Leads and Coleads
Also they’d be wiped if the player left the faction - so their new faction couldn’t take a nosey at your faction’s stats

I understand the argument that having all the stats available can make some Leaders go on a power trip. I’ve kept spreadsheets were possible since April 2017. I’ve found that if I want people in my faction, I can’t be Orwellian about it. So while yes i do forsee some arguments, I don’t think it’s sustainable otherwise everyone would leave to a more liberal faction which kept track, but didn’t make or break your with them.

This was in this week and legitimately don’t know where it went when writing. Which is an ironic meta joke in itself lol

I’m a big advocate on this (the gear depot improvements)

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Only reason I’d say no is that there’s no inbuilt trade-in system yet for cards to be free currency. They need be a ‘choice’ currency because someone will always find something useless

I wear hazmat and exit through decontamination on my way out, don’t worry.


Hi there Parker
Thanks for the response!

I was not so sure if I was on the right track with the records idea - I am glad to see that I did not make a complete Goose out of myself with that one!

I mention the Pete cards - and I have mentioned him before in your recaps, but the fellow that works for me (in real life) who joined the game and is playing in the sand pit which is Wilson region, has decided he wants a Pete, now Wilson is a fascinating little Mirco world in itself, Erin leads are the Meta, a few Mercers popped up after that cheep offer, nobody seems to have seen Raulito yet ? And what’s an Aarav? Just watching him play there is no fast track to a Pete - Pete is still a great toon, but our Meta’s have moved on, he is not the brick wall he was, but in Wilson, Pete would be a game changer, but there is no fast track to getting him - like we had, When Pete was in war crates, there is no wheel to get a lucky spin on, no bonus cards road maps, he is not in level-up rewards, or raid milestones, just from an Altruistic point of view I would like to see older cards become more available.

Parker, … Parker… PARKER!!! Did you not see? There is a god damn T-REX in the room!!! A T-REX!!!

(Hope war is going well for you buddy!)

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I definitely agree with older cards. Just today I checked my faction’s priorities. Not one is going for a toon newer than Alpha - and only one is going for her.

Me myself have only gotten 4,000 Daiyu cards this last month (I usually average at about 8k cards towards my intended target), There’s been a drastic reduction in output for lower and I’ve said this before to them. You can tell because I’ve gone very lecture-y :laughing:

And I did notice the T-rex, it made me laugh lol

Lets see - who am I actively collecting cards for - Frost, and Mateo are the 2 at the moment, I also think that once Frost is done - I may go for Sec Gau, (I have 2 just need the cards - so why not), The Trader thats one I am working on, I also have a feeling that I might end up passively collecting Imani - I seem to have a lot of Imani cards, I could not tell you how, they seem to be just…there?

The future goals are Jobe, ( had a go on the wheel with no luck) and Mr Liu (again had a go on the wheel, just got cards).

At least with Frost Im getting cards from the battle pass, and Mateo I will get from the grey Market, really not sure if its a mistake going for Gau? I could get tied up for weeks, with with a slow drip of cards.

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To be fair people are perfectly capable of tracking faction activity now, if they care to. I know full well who consistently scores zero in my faction and who only ever puts in a tiny score to make sure they don’t miss out on rewards :joy:
Also factions are a team, not a dictatorship, if someone isn’t pulling their weight why shouldn’t they be accountable to the whole faction? 🤷

On another note, the new thing of giving out 5* ascendables for S-Class toons is irritating me. Its taking me forever to get some S-Class toons, but I’ve managed to get the 5 stars and am just waiting on enough cards for S-Class. Every time I see a 5 star for an S-Class being given out I just see wasted cards.

I never know what to do for the best anymore. If I don’t claim the toons from the museum I’ll run out of level up fodder, if I do I might end up wasting cards.


All cans to the league store
Scrap Sr it’s so boring
Make all trainers give Xp
Remove Trader from the game (I have 2 S-class nearly 3) don’t care remove😂
Ty Mr Pc and members


I miss mod scraps

Would like to file a suggestion that a farmable 6* gear map be made and the lame BS comics for key exchange be removed. This shouldof been a must in the community but yet I don’t ever see people actually wanting to commit to an actual farmable 6* gear map. It was promised in the ever so forgotten letter or when dash was here.

Next would be a Farmable trainer map. (not with Burt’s and Brady rewards either) Love getting a new s-class that I had to grind for. To not being able to use them for another month or two because the lack of trainers is something to be desired.

Would like to propose other suggestions but nerfing characters is not in scopely vocabulary.


Still waiting for them to realize league store cooldowns are dumb.

Let’s start a seven day timer when that slot runs out of stock, this timer will reset that slot and only that slot. Then, every time another slot runs out we will start another seven day timer to refill that slot and only that slot. Rather than have the entire store cycle on the timer that already exist to keep track of league stretches, well let our game track up to 47 separate timers for one tab alone.

Only mildly infuriating