Player Council Recap: w/c 4th July 2020

Greetings Forumers! And Americans who don’t usually read Recaps but homing pigeoned to the date.

Yes I’m back! Back in black! Hit the sack. Rest assured, there are no pranks, rickrolls, parodies, teasings, jumpscares, dystopian realties, or jokes that I’m stopping Recaps within this intro. Over my dead body :smiley: I got nine lives, cat’s eyes.
And hopefully no dystopian realities within the comment section too this time. I’ll be loose from the noose.

Here’s a list of feedback and suggestions given by the Council over the last 7 days:


  • Raised that blitz should be 30 minutes
  • Reminded to remove Choice Box D soon (TWICE I’ve pulled it now. Am I impatient yes? Do I deserve that? … No!)


  • In future, a better quality S-Class is needed for the effort
  • They also shouldn’t require 2 6*s
  • Arenas: More rings, down to rank #30-50. More coins for higher leagues too
  • Arenas: Increasing opponent selection

Stop reading the first letter of every suggestion, there’s no hidden message this time, I promise!

Battle Pass

  • Tokens should be able to count for the ‘Complete world maps’ mission. It took me 6 years to farm all those stages manually.


  • Newer toon cards should be included
  • The featured toon of the week should be the reward
  • Rank rewards outside the Top 10
  • Better rewards inside the Top 10, such as switching medals for Benedicts
  • 3 items on the last milestone (3 can’t be a hidden message, see)
  • A battle log for this mode


  • Asked for missions for world cans like the war cans
  • Ascendance medals: increase the amounts, decrease the costs, or remove the requirement altogether
  • You Got Lucky: You might get lucky with a new universal YGL for all, which may also be 200k+ XP
  • More armoury items of all rarities (yes, to that one person, he knows who he is, Silver Paint was explicity said!)
  • Town expansion, at least offering another armoury
  • Increasing Player Level to 300


  • Discussion on start times, brought on by that rogue Onslaught
  • Reducing the amount of pop ups

Training Grounds

  • Asked that they be streamlined, removing the personas
  • Quicker/cheaper times for 3/4/5* training
  • Roster filter in team selection (in the team screen, where it’s one long line)
  • Ability to train trainers
  • Raise the trainer cap to 500


  • Brought up Survey incentivisation
  • Forum Symphony Choir No.4 says: Nothing. I used a song already in the intro. Sorry.


  • Suggested outbox messaging (being able to see them)
  • Museum locks to prevent accidental claiming
  • Font size is too small. I shouldn’t need a degree in nanoscience to read the shop

Survivor’s Club

  • Overall needs more value

Oh dear. How did we end on that note. And that was this week recapped!

Normality has resumed. There is no revelations in the outro. That was your Recap calm after the storm. The ice after the snow. The ash after the fire. The death after life. … :thinking: I don’t think that one works

Anyway! Leave your suggestions and questions below. Like all the ones you like, they get counted too. Get your backing on those points, two platforms collide now. Don’t get shouted out by the ‘others’. Have a nice weekend!


Loving the song choice this week very much.

Loving the recap too. Kudos to you an the silent partners.

Won’t relight any fires but like mid way through part about certain feedback remuneration. Although unsure if that will be read after last week :robot:

A new YGL sounds promising…

HOWEVER as you are the forum face of scopely (tongue firmly in cheek) I must express serious serious upset about a certain matter that someone must be held accountable for…

Why has this gender swapped uber trainer defied the true law of the B named trainers? Hair… how dare you. All must be bald


Great recap as always Parker keep up the great work. And yes for love of God remove choice box d


Big ups, as usual, Mr. Parker. I dig it. Might I suggest you bring up the ability to toggle actives and ar to “off” when running PvE? There is no need to taunt/confuse/impair walkers, or most human enemies.


@Judge-Dreadful Shame, Dan Hartman was about to come on in middle of your paragraph there.

I understand the frustation with Bernadette. But here at Player Council we stand for inclusivity and diversity in accordance with our Inclusitivity and Diversity Compliance Policy. How do you think I got on the Council?

@DandyAF Sounds fair. I didn’t need to message to say that but I realised I was doing a general message to multiple when I’m only really addressing one person too late.

I would add that Draft Arenas need a revamp ASAP. Newer S Class toons need to be added (Only recent one put in has been Trader) and scrap most of the useless 6*s aside from the commands, Doc, and Harper.


I don’t know if this is a universally held desire but I would prefer if the training grounds opens to survivor courses rather than trainer conversion by default.



Like that would ever happen, lolololol


Nonono. I thought the same thing at first. Not the promo. The featured. Like Eugene and Mateo this week


Ohhhhh, ok that makes more sense then. Although still doesnt make sense to me to award a toon for onslaught and not war

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She’s hot, but yes where’s the Slap head :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Ty @Parker and Pc members, as every love the Recaps🤗


One thing I’d like to see come back as others ive talked to have said. We no longer see the extra xp from holding level up territories when leveling our toons.
It seems like with the new update it takes more food and trainers to update even 5 stars. Liked the update at1st but seems to be buggy as hell now


Unless regarding persona, I don’t think there’s any other XP loss in levelling now. It’s just much quicker and feels less lol

Territories update is needed. But it’s hard to ask. There’s a risk of creating a black hole on the West coat of America by tampering with them lol


Pretty let down at this, probably more than I should be. I also don’t feel you are that sorry about it…:pensive:


Oh I am. More than you know.

Although I don’t if you’re upset about what the FSCn4 represents, or whether you’re upset you didn’t get a break-up, long lost love song. And not AC/DC instead

Every thing is good,but scopely return to old sistem in S events toons,why after lilly event (get her S) return to upgrade 6 star to get S event toon,for promo toons its ok but events and league toons its very frustrating,but good recap,waiting for next week.


Greating’s Parker! I fine morning it is here, there is the smell of WAR in the air, so you know its going to be a good day!

War I thought that this blitz war is going to be 30 min battles? But everything labeled “blitz” or Lightning should be faster, leaner, more mobile, and more intense. There will be no Maginot Line to us up! Have they not removed choice box D yet? I thought that was meant to happen on the 4th or 8th or something a few days ago now anyway, how hard can it be ???

Leagues This summer, coming to a league stretch near you …

The Sandbag Gang …

Actually increasing Arena’s opponent selection is a good idea - I had not thought of that one, I like it.

Battle Pass I thought this was silly to, making me manually replay stage 7 and a few of the last stage over and over again, when I have 800+ Bronze tokens, just doing nothing, that was a pain in the buttocks.

Onslaught We need the battle log, it would solve some mysteries and end a few arguments, and I was sad to see that there were no Bennies available in our league, they could be included in the extended prize list you mentioned.

Economy YGL - The way this is worded here, one might think that there is finally some action about to happen here, is that so ? Armory items! YES! Thank you for addressing the Silver paint Famine ( and if you review last weeks recap - you will see that there is two us in Silver paint crisis) To all of those who say survivors club has no value - you do not know the pain of trying to find silver paint - a whole week of running gather Glenn road maps team, at the time of the last recap I had 4 Silver Paints, now I have 5! I have not spent any either! - If we are going to have a town expansion can with a 3 rd Armory can Wayland be in-charge of this one? I’m sick of Earl ruining my weapons.

Training Grounds When I go to a training ground it is because I want to do some training, I would like it much more if the training screen popped up first, instead of the conversion screen. Training Trainers - even if its Burts and Brady’s would be far more useful than training 3 or 4 stars, I know that when this gets raised, there is usually a cry of 'New players need those toons!" By the time new players level a training camp to the point of being able to train 3 stars, they have moved on from the 3 and 4 stars anyway, it’s pointless having them there.

Communication Survey incentivisation, decent of you to raise this after last week, good for you Parker.

QoL Please we need a Museum lock, every new S Class makes the whole process of visiting the Museum more dicey.
I also have another small Qol suggestion, can we see a total amount of Basic tokens? I would like to know how many I have without messaging support, just for resource management purposes. I think it would make a difference and add some happiness not just for me but other players as well.

This week I would like to thank you in the medium of Song…

Toss a coin to your Parker
O Arena’s of Plenty
O Arena’s of Plenty
Toss a Coin to your Parker
He’s a friend of player community
Player Community

Toss a Coin to your Parker …


I think so, was said before the announcement when the past blitzes have been 60 minutes. Choice Box IV is still in there m’afraid, it is overdue it’s remove-by date.

Non. Funny because on the ‘other’ Recap, you know where, I added ‘You might not get lucky though’. Because they can’t perceive my humour yet and they’d be sharing that around like a virus.

Indeed I saw @YSpammer get in on the Silver paint action. But it’s your baby lol. I suggested refitting the 4* parts map to address it.

I think if there was a training ground overhaul, I’d still expect to see character training - hopefully much cheaper and quicker - if trainer training was introduced, I don’t think ot’d be gold rush amounts though.

Yes! I hate spending them because you never know when that 99+ and levelling security is going to disappear lol

I know that’s Witcher. But I’m not familar with that franchise :grimacing: Lol.

Thanks for the Recap Recap as always :blush:


Are you Palpatine?