Player Council Recap: w/c 30th Nov 2019

Coming back off Thanksgiving, there’s still some scheduling issues delaying the call to next week (gear/economy issues here). But, the PC did add in more feedback and remind of some of the points from last week. (No-one dared with #ScrollUp). So, here’s a list of the feedback and suggestions that was given over the last 7 days by the Council:


  • Retrospectively, we were insistent on yesterday’s suspensions.
  • Also suggested introducing consistency to cheater cleansing (e.g once a month)


  • Suggested returning the 3.2k collection
  • Asked for clarification on future gold/knife collections

Event Review: Snowflake Stash

  • Raised concerns about the inclusion of an S-Class to buy, pretty much, in here
  • Also criticised the inclusion of platinum mods, both of which should remain primarily grindable items
  • Communication on event (see below)


  • Criticised the absence of info on the aforementioned Snowflake Stash
  • Reiterated not to get lackadaisical with communication on changes to the game


  • Mentioned a potential issue with critical chance success
  • Suggested weapon token drops in raids

Daily Log-In Event

  • Proposed that future login events include S-Class collectable choice boxes


  • Raised an issue with the armoury crashing up using certain items
  • Pushed for updates in regards to the Content 2 error
  • Asked that fixes to these technical hitches be prioritised over releasing new content


  • Suggested aesthetic changes to the town (note we pointed out this was not a priority…)
  • Suggested that level up objectives be updated

And that was this week recapped. Feel free to leave any suggestions below


Thanks @Parker.

How does this work? When you bring up stuff one week do they ever follow it up the next week or do you guys suggest things and not hear about them anymore? Is there a feeling that Scopely actually takes in to consideration what you are suggesting and advocating for or is it a "take it to the team feeling?


Is there a recap of all the things PC requested and what actually was done because PC requested?

You’ve surely got to address the absolute shit-show that has been this Harvest event?

Yet another event with confusing requirements and items that could be explained in a much much simpler way. For future events, why not have some consistency so it is clear which items are energy, which are premium, which unlock maps etc. E.g. energy is always some sort of can, map unlock items are always keys. No reason we couldn’t have had a “Harvest Energy” can and a “Leaf Key”.

Why oh why oh why did they think it was a good idea to have two nearly identical items. It was unfortunate that it confused the players, but it made them a complete laughing stock when they themselves confused them MULTIPLE times. Firstly the initial offers had green leaves instead of green maple leaves. At the same time the missions were recognising orange leaves (I think) as green leaves. When they eventually pushed the offers (after a long delay, denying many many players multiple runs at the gear) they pushed the wrong ones AGAIN.


Awesome PC ty @Parker, wars milestone last spot 2 spaces empty🤗
Communication on upcoming events non existent, ps @GR.Scopely is doing the best I think anyone can in his position


Please do a sweep on Every faction don’t just single out factions on bans and suspensions. I figured some factions were targeted because some on the other members of the pc had a grudge vs them. It was good they were cleaned up but just saying look at everyone don’t just target.

@Opie Depends if you float your question at any time (where it may be answered later), or if you try and get it in while the devs are on. Usually they do try to address everything they see though. Do they actually take it into consideration? Well we’ll see with where the games goes lol

@Stormpooper I’m not tracking what they’ve done with the suggestions, checklist-like. As I said above, we’ll just see what they change/introduce. I’m not concerned with improvements being stamped with ‘PC original’, personally.

@Kanaima We got all that in early last week. Which was a good job. You’ve just reminded me this event exists lol

@Lostboy1 mentioned that, probably will again next week. I like to deny war is happening until about 24-48 hours after it starts


Why you haven’t asked for S class choices box on lvl up events??

Why is Wangfa still not available in choice boxes and he is 2 months old…thats annoying.

& theres no guessing. There’s a problem with the armory if I use kits and tape or grease and varnish my weapon should not fail. Multiple times in a row with 85% chance of success period.


We have in the past, just not this particular week

Thanks for the update

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Thank you for the information :blush:

Communication (ffs I can’t believe I have to keep saying this) is a disaster. It’s actually gotten worse again :disappointed:

And rewards in general. You all really need to discuss a new system and not just case by case

Have a nice weekend


Anyone got a list of all things put forward by PC and a list of what scopely have done off it. Be interesting to see if there is any point in PC still being around if the list is small or nothing changed by scopely.

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Yes we know this was a witch hunt on Brucey & zans part & maybe the 3rd DAR member, they used their PC presence which imo should automatically remove them from PC. They didnt “leave their ego at the door”. It doesnt matter if they were right or wrong. They used PC as a ground to push their agenda & not the community.

Let’s get the articles of impeachment drafted.

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I seriously hope this is sarcastic post because removing 60 high level cheats is obviously in the best interest of community.

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Not sarcastic at all. There are far more & they know it.

You think pc told scopely to only ban certain cheaters and scopely agreed. Lol man you been watching too much Mel Gibson

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Thanks Parker for the update.

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Thank you Parker aka the governor!