Player Council Recap: w/c 29th August 2020

Greetings Forumers!

Welcome back to PC Recaps. The sub lime thread that leaves you feeling peachy and tickled pink. It’s been a quiet, rosey week and I can’t think of any particular events or happenings this week to talk about in this intro. Maybe it’s a layer of jade that I can’t see past. But anyway, there’s no point staying marooned in the intro. Let’s jump in!

Here’s a list of feedback and suggestions given by the Council over the last 7 days:


  • Asked to tone them down, especially after war. They made me green with nausea again

Survivor’s Club

  • This needs several improvements, this can include:
  • Stackable pulls (upto 10)
  • Reduction to crafting time
  • Daily coins in there?
  • Daily gear box to go in there?
  • Hell, let’s throw daily trainers in there too! Indigo!


  • The energy cost could be halved, so it costs less gold to coin another hit


  • Return to 2.4k in Raid
  • Suggested having a 400k, 1A-esque type milestone for those very, very high scorers. Like 10k. Very high. Blue sky high


  • Raised the frustrations again and the need for a higher crit success
  • More access to lower crafting items was needed, like Silver Paint


  • Gear Hunt needs to go back to multiple drops
  • More XP on the XP map
  • Farmable weapon parts map. You red that right
  • Suggested an update to the radio roadmaps


  • Brought up the wants for the ability to drag teams. NOT dressing them up, to clarify. Moving them up and down the list
  • Shielded opponents should show in the Activity screen, without having to open the profile
  • The ability to open multiple choice boxes. It’s very slow having to do it once perpull


  • A higher refill drop rate is needed, especially if no towers
  • Asked for a new War S-Class. Hopefully this can be orranged.

Event: Anniversary

  • Passed on the feedback regarding yellow Kal

The Poll: Old School Hordes
As always, this is a quick summary. All opinions and contributions off yourselves were also put in the brown envelope and passed to Scopely

  1. Biggest grouping of people Loved it
  2. 5* Hordes was an improvement
  3. The difficulty was ‘About Right’
  4. People wouldn’t make it more difficult
  5. The Hordes roadmap was useful
  6. Milestones were the most favoured rewards, Missions in second
  7. Hordes once a month was most preferable
  8. Suggested having a 1000 win mission, and 3 items in the rank rewards
    Other suggestions included:
  • Something to tackle the monotone, repetitive nature = like an auto function, lower league impact, scaling it down
  • Suggested returning mods - with a chance of Plat Mods - to post-battle rewards
  • Suggested also that it be communicated further in advance, so people could prep 5* teams properly

And that was this week recapped.

Teal me all your hopes and fears below. Like all the suggestions you agree with and it’ll all get passed on to Scopely. Don’t be a lurker satin their chair!

Have a nice weekend!

OK I can’t stay silenced any longer.

This week saw a change to the Market.
Now I don’t know about you. But here in 2020; who in their right, intellectual, civil mind… with ANY concept of intelligence developed over a million years from the Ape itself.

Would spell grey ‘gray’.

I have never been so ashamed to live on this planet. Just when I thought removing the 'u’s was enough for them, they go and change the vowels entirely. I shake my head in shame.

Forum Symphony Choir No.4, see out the Recap credits. Cya! n.

‘Now I believe in miracles, and a miracle has happened tonight
If you’re thinking about my baby it don’t matter if you’re black or white’ :notes:

Hee-hee :musical_note:

OW! *Grabs cro- that’s credits over I think :slightly_smiling_face:


I wasn’t sure before but I do believe you to be a lunatic, it takes a true mad man to get worked up over the colours, grey/gray

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It’s gray.

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It’s not! You’re in my domain now, it’s grey :laughing:


Ok it’s Grey


My weekend is saved! I will now be putting on my blue jeans, have me some red red wine and enjoy the sights of a yellow submarine or maybe even a supermassive black hole :sunglasses:


I’m really, really, really surprised you of all people didn’t choose to say ‘putting on my blue suede shoes’

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I thought that would be to obvious :wink: besides I don’t wear suede!

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Awesome @Parker don’t go there with Sc I’m T total for 2 months now, wtf people coin in onslaught :flushed:, no more xp roadmaps for me more levels needed here, keep up the awesome work PC and for the love of G let’s get these roadmaps farmable again


I sometimes coin in Onslaught if it looks like we’re not going to hit 1000 lol

It’s gray :joy::joy:. When I think of the color it is gray. Grey is a last name.

Just wanting to mess with you lol



I converted Tyber, I will you too lol

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Put black marcket again…or put dead marcket but not grey

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I like ’ The Bazaar’


By this do you mean an exclusive war toon? @Parker

Like Erin and Kapoor. But NOT like Kapoor. Capiche?


Question to all, why would you want the higher raid milestone back

200k milestone at least would be nice for waves 2 and 3.

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If I may answer.

The 2.4k milestone is a case of returning to the norm

However, it some leagues/regions, raid tourney scores can easily go into the thousands, like 5k+. The argument there is to have a milestone or two to try and catch these scores

Don’t get the fact more peeps can reach 1200 scores always go into 5 figures I should imagine in most regions, this just restricts growing players imo obs🤗