Player Council Recap: w/c 28th Dec 2019

Much like everyone in the world, no-one was quite sure what was going on in the week between Christmas and New Year. Next week is the first real week back for Scopely. Presumably a skeleton crew kept a cursory glance on things. But keeping fingers on lips for two entire weeks proved too much. So here’s a list of feedback and suggestions given by the Council over the last 7 days:


  • Asked that appropriate forewarning is given to allow to proper planning (at least 2 weeks)
  • Also asked that appropriate time is given to transfer. 2-4 days, combined with fac events, bugs, and not including your own faction’s logistical problems, is not remotely enough for a safe transfer of 30 people.


  • It was suggested that the platinum mod slot in the SR depot is broken down into the 4 mod sets, to help reduce frustration at getting the entirely the wrong mod at such a cost and time-to-grind.


  • Pushed for confirmation on the final dates


  • Raised that the New Year offers weren’t very attractive to potentially buy


  • Suggested the return of the FA event, the first model.
  • Proposed that FA rewards be updated to include trainer crates of Pathway-amounts

Training Grounds

  • Suggested higher trainer drops, or higher-rating trainers


  • The drop in amounts for the faction raid was noted and disliked
  • Choice boxes for rewards would be most ideal

Bear Hunt

  • Tad late now but another way to use the growing stockpile of arrows was also asked

And that was this week recapped. Happy new year. For now. :wink:


Thank you for the update Parker

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Well, then they have to take it to the team so maybe around April we will get some answers or updates :grin::grin::grin:


Nothing about gear shortage or how all these events are P2P? Or do those not matter since they won’t answer them anyway?


Gear was mentioned 2 weeks ago on the last call. All the event feedback was given towards the start of it yes

Why not beat it every week until they realize it’s an issue?


I’d be surprised if they didn’t realise lol. Prior to Christmas it did start to crop up every week. I wouldn’t worry too much about the last 2 weeks. If we assume they won’t read anything until they’re back next week, the last thing they heard off us was gear.

Collection 8 Sc :man_shrugging:t3:

I don’t think they listen at all, safer to assume never.
Enjoy talking to that brick wall!


The walls have ears. I don’t doubt that lol

Tell ya I wish the knifes faced down wards again

image remember this


Capt Walker Slayer, are you suggesting that through the maelstrom of issues, I should take this to the team?

Are you trying to get me removed? Lol

Sounds like me talking to my 2yo son about middle East conflict solutions

Don’t get me wrong, I admire your optimism and you are doing amazing job trying but it’s just useless

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It is a suggestion but it can wait

So only p2p was discussed?

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Of the 11 bullet points, only 2 exclusively relate to spending…

I assume armory tokens have been brought up in the past? I find that to be the most pressing need in the game. The difference between players hitting these crafts and players failing is tremendous. Even more so than comparing a t3 to a t4 s class due to gear shortage.

But… I’m sure they know and that’s the reason they are starving the player base.


Yes, absolutely. Armory tokens (increased rate and availability across the board) has been brought up many times.


New format from next week

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