Player Council Recap: w/c 27th June 2020

Greetings ladies and gentlemen.

As some of you may be aware, this week the Recap empire expanded to Discord. You can now see Recaps in the PC Recap, and leave your feedback and suggestions in the PC Embassy. After some deliberation, I have decided to move my efforts there. This will be the last Recap on the Forum, you won’t see me again for the most part.

I understand there will be some disappointment. However, we should look back fondly on the 8 months of Recaps. The Forum Symphony Choir No.4 has one last encore tonight:

“Every time you go away, you take the PC with youuuu…”
Actually let’s call the curtain on them, they don’t help the atmosphere.

Here’s a list of feedback and suggestions given by the Council over the last 7 days:


  • New league coin amounts can still be raised, 400 is quite low
  • Expand Arena rank reward areas, e.g
  • Veteran Rings go down to at least #30, as well as armoury items and champion tickets
  • Evening out the trophies Arenas give to balance it with other sources
  • Raised that there’s too many teammates in leagues


  • Good way to improve the museum = Tabs
  • Oldie but a goldie = SR teams
  • New one, suggested a hard slider in inventory
  • Nitpick, but raised the snapback the mod screen does when you stop looking at a specific mod
  • Ability to drag teams up/down the list

Event: House of Cards

  • Got a success on asking for more aces

Event: Summer Beach Bash

  • In events, leeway is needed (wasn’t enough in the SR mission)


  • Very reluctantly raised your issues with PC applications. They say not to invite the vampires into your kitchen
  • Ended suggesting that in future, applications should be a blog link


  • You should be able to stack to a 10 pull in SC
  • Or / and include daily coins in SC
  • Update to the Monthly Pass
  • Understood cards would be more preferable for diamond trades


  • Proposed rewards for player milestones (login streaks, game anniversaries, SC membership)


  • ! Overhaul! (I think this was answered last night)


  • Following last update, trainer caps need to be raised (2* and Liliths / Ulysses particularly)
  • On depots, they should refresh quicker and have more cans
  • Roadmap cost needs to be reduced
  • Update to scav camps and reducing the cooldown for missions


  • Mentioned again the unpopularity of the wave system

And that was this week recapped. With that, there’s just one thing left to say,

You didn’t really think I’d leave my forum, did you?

I. Am. Going. Nowhere. Recaps are going nowhere. Your voices are going nowhere. Yes! Let’s Planes, Trains and Automobiles ‘Everytime you go away’ into a happy song and ending! But it’s not an ending, it’s a continuation! :grinning:

There IS now a Recap on Discord. I feel it important that all platforms are able to communicate with their Player Councillors. HOWEVER, this will never detract from my efforts to my true home, and my fellow forumers. I will be splitting my time between both platforms, and improving PC communications. Nothing will change for the Forum.

And that’s a promise.

Now, leave your suggestions, feedback, thoughts and feelings below, I will see you next week! :tada:

Hey! Post credits again. Quite the Recap this week. The Forum Symphony Choir No.4 did have a proper song to sing this week. You should check the first letter of every feedback and suggestion :wink:


Don’t do that to us Parker, I nearly started a rant of epic proportions and/or an investigation demanding to know who the imposter was who’d taken over your account.

Should have known better :sweat_smile:

Now that I’ve calmed down I can read your recap :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s important people follow the linear narrative, and not rush to comment after the first 3 sentences :joy: :joy:

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I’m the type of girl who reads the first and last page of a book, so I read that and then skipped to the end :laughing:

Did a training ground update not get mentioned? Or was that last week?

I’m slightly concerned that if the top 30 in each arena gets champions tickets there will be more people with even more tickets than usual in the champions arena, so hopefully they would increase the rewards in that arena as well.

That snapback on the mod screen has been bugging me for so long, I hope they fix that!

All in all, evil wind-up aside, another good recap :+1:t2::grin:


Wow trolling me about leaving and a Rick Roll into the bargain. You are in an impish mode Parker :laughing:



Pepe is gonna commit neck rope if they dont add S Class Kenny.

Sad kek


Last week. It was in the call we had at the very end of Friday, so it was covered recently enough without feeling it having to be mentioned again the next week.

Specifically I said VR to #30, and probably armoury items too. I forgot about tickets until later and merely said (extend these too?). There I never gave a specific so I’m covered if #30 was a bad call lol.

It was and it wasn’t, listen to the words! :joy:

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I did read the whole post through, but was feeling anxious, helpless, lost, outraged… It was a cruel joke and I started to contemplate writing @DrJank a nasty message that his encroachment on recap territory has brought your untimely demise

until I got to the punchline and calmed down… :smiley:

How’s the Discord look like? I thought you shared my contempt for the app, or has it become better organized lately?

Otherwise great points. Especially for QoL dragging/swapping of teams - I don’t want to delete my Scav/territory teams, but would very much appreciate to have my atk / roadmap teams together for quick selections depending on opposition difficulty


Oh it’s still a chat app. I’ve had fistfights with the 2000 word cap designed to ruin my Recaps, the Embassy can get very messy if discussion is in full flow, and it’s a different culture than Forum Recaps regarding likes, replies, quotes, arguments. Etc. But I’m looking to see how best improve and streamline that so it has the same productivity as the Forum. Only been 3 days so far lol

Basically, the Forum is still my true love :heart:
But some had to insist on moving there lol


Just one request. Meghans have been dropping fairly regularly. I have absolutely no use for them. I only have 10 5star toons I only keep for arenas or war towers and they are maxed. Could they:

  1. Also be used to level up S-Class
  2. Be sold
  3. Be converted to Burts

3 of them are used for easy 5k renown in solo lvl ups…

I don’t want to write off the 5* (and lower) toons, the meta changes where each new S-class has a killing 5* version already is justification enough to try them out in 5* arena… :slight_smile:

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No problem, just please don’t let them forget about it! They’re well over-due an update.

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Think @C.J voiced the immediate reaction was going to have there… didn’t want to believe you’d sell us forum ludites down river like that… although getting serious if you taking on discord as well.

Makes my Friday this recap. As for feed back Every thing covered as could/should great effort to you and the rest PC. Tho gonna need bigger table for you so soon with recruitment.

Top trolling again


Such a big sticking point for me. I hate new leagues, and I hate arenas now. Getting rings is impossible for me, although I have promoted each week so far (perhaps staying back is the solution?) I’m trying to be patient, but its hard.

I’m a little nervous for the changes to rewards that they’ve announced will be outlined next week.

I’m worried that:

  • Rank distribution will remain largely unchanged (and this really needs to be changed so factions in the 25-whatever brackets feel motivated to actually war)
  • Milestones will be increased where those that have no issues (myself included) will feel the need to remain in queue to reach that top milestone (again, not so fair for a faction event where every member should have an equal chance for rewards, or at least as much as possible)
  • We will continue to fight for mediocre rewards (too few cards, too few war tokens) for amount of time and effort put in across all ranks, not just the top.

I’m trying to remain hopeful, as there have been positive changes lately, which I’m sure is in large part thanks to PC (so thank you). Although the arenas and league changes continue to cloud my perspective as they’re just so awful.


I wasn’t joking about Discord. The empire has indeed grown lol.

It wasn’t trolling though. The Forum is like 8 Mile with the Discord Flight. I wanted to subvert expectations! As a result everyone is actually happier :joy:

Oh I didn’t doubt you’d embraced the discord side…

But never truly believed would leave us hanging here.

Oh forgot to ask is it possible you can confirm Bernadette will be maintaining the required bald haircut for B based trainers

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We had some discussion on the Ring situation. Like they have done with other things so far, I do think this will be an area they’ll try and fix in due time.

All good points you said with war. If bracketing isn’t fixed, after my several rants about it, my head will explode.


Forum 4 lyfe. It’s like Compton. Even if I do start shopping in Beverley Hills, I’m not forgetting my streets lol.

I don’t know about bald Bernadette though. I’d be quite shy asking that


Haha blow scopelys mind by asking… throw them such a weird random question in midst of discussion in such a serious way they loose focus and yield to other demands then walk away wondering what just happened an why…


Awe man I got Rick Rolled :rofl::rofl:


The only thing I’d like to see added is Rush & Active Trainers give XP again.