Player Council Recap: w/c 25th July 2020

Greetings Forumers!

Welcome to the Holiday Special! Not for you, for me. I have no idea what’s been going on ingame this past week and won’t for the next week. I’ve merely been upholding my PC responsibilities and then I run off. Don’t tell my faction.

I’m here right now in the glowing sun :sunny: (It’s not, it’s Britain) on a golden beach :beach_umbrella: (I’m not, I hate sand) flanked by palm trees :palm_tree: (I am, but they’re plastic), rum in one hand :tumbler_glass: (That’s the one true thing here, terrible isn’t it) and surrounded by beach babes (Certainly not, never have been).

Anyway, let’s do this Recap

Here’s a list of feedback and suggestions given by the Council over the last 7 days:


  • Preparation/scout time should be longer - at least 2 minutes
  • Tower shield times should be longer, 2-2:30 minutes
  • Attack cooldown should be longer

None of the above offered me enough time to run into the receding waves :ocean: and back before they killed me. Or wet my shoes. Whatever the mentality is there when people do that.

  • Repair time was nice, although perhaps only for the first one or two
  • Suggested a war depot again
  • Passed on extending MVP placement rewards done (getting rid of smelling salts and putting in other cans)

Survivor’s Club

  • More value needed

Battle Pass

  • More choices and options needed for battle coins
  • Store could reset, as a way of offering more items like trainers/gear to sink coins on


  • Raised that the x5 of the blowtorch offer was uncool

Good grief, I go for one week and look what happens. F2P froze over. Let’s palate cleanse

Survival Road

  • More SR cans needed in circulation, perhaps daily missions
  • SR ‘My Teams’ button

Training Grounds

  • Raising to Cap to 500
  • Allowing AR and AS trainers to earn renown points
  • Streamline to all courses


  • Slot lock
  • More armoury tokens and varnish in circulation needed
  • Reducing / removing RNG
  • 3rd act to the Epic Weapons RM offering the items 2 points above


  • Collectable trade-in!
  • All depots need an update

There’s a Victorian hotel :hotel: up on the cliffside here that’s newer than that depot.

  • Player Level increase to at least 300
  • A town expansion, offering more food capacity and a 3rd armoury


  • Suggested reducing the cost of the daily roadmaps
  • Increasing the amounts in Daily Crates
  • Proposed the scrap roadmap become a somewhat regular thing


  • Suggested mods are ordered (within their types) by value
  • Filter on toon selection
  • Shielded revenges show in Activity
  • Allowing fac supporters to swap 5* weapons
  • Tower team should be selected by default for getting towers


  • Raised the frustrations with them

It’s the same as when I ask for an ice cream :icecream: and they give you a small blob for £7 or whatever nowadays. Last time I come here


  • Raised the frustrations with the wave system

And that’s like when I’m put in the same vicinity as 200 WWE seagulls :eagle: that jump me the minute I turn around from the kiosk, leave me bloody and battered and take my ice cream. :frowning_face:

The Poll: Onslaught
Remember, the entire spectrum of viewpoints was told to Scopely, I promise. This is the essential results.

  1. Neutrally received tourney, positive bias though :wink:
  2. Over 1/3rd never rank inside the Top 10
  3. Choice Boxes are the most popular rank rewards
  4. Most try to use the no-AR bonus
  5. The majority reach 1000 wins
  6. The Choice Boxes are almost unanimously popular in missions
  7. Card amounts should be higher and older ones offered
  8. Suggestions:
  • Rank Rewards should extend all the way down
  • There should be an onslaught log
  • The win bonus type (no-AR) should be rotated around for new ones
  • Coining amounts can be halved
  • Suggested personal milestones - based on wins
  • Raised the issue with timers, but warned they shouldn’t worsen matchmaking
  • Suggested a push notification to let you know Onslaught has started

And that was this week recapped.

DO leave your suggestions and feedback and issues below. I will still be doing my Community Feedback on Tuesday as per this week too. Don’t let up. Come comment them below

Now if you don’t mind, I have a holiday to get back to. Me and the Forum Symphony Choir No.4 are about to hit the club karaoke:

:musical_note: Hot town! Summer in the city!
All around people looking half dead, walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head!
But at night it’s a different world… :musical_note:


Nice recap, enjoy your “holiday” as you Brits call it. I’m glad the forum symphony choir is back from their “holiday”

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See they were just on ‘vacation’ the whole time! :sweat_smile:


Any info on Gold Bricks toon, Anniversary event, etc.?

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Yes this, councilman @Parker no commented my thread about this :pensive:

Gold bricks no. Although we’ve been suggesting heavily it needs to be a choice box. I don’t know why I left that out actually…

Anniversary only that Kenny appears to be the reward


Did they give you any reason for us to be optimistic that there will be a use for gold bricks once the current collection expires in 4 days?

Stop hating me Zak :cry: In my defence I was by the seaside and I wasn’t the only one you tagged :joy:

I’m 60% optimistic. They’ve never said ‘no that’s not happening’, hence we’ve kept on with suggestions…

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Thanks @Parker. Now I can tell you to enjoy your “holiday”, my British friend. :slight_smile:

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Parker for president!


Did I miss people saying this? Thought attack cool down being shorter was an awesome addition.


To clarify, this means the time before you can hit the camp again. It was said that having it so short means some camps can get dogpiled and destroyed very very quickly

If you ask me, the cooldown should be shortened even more. Even with the shortened cooldown there was lots of waiting to attack again and move on to the next fight.

I think the three “free” repairs compensate eventual dogpiling more than enough.

But great recp again :+1:

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Great recap… I almost picture your in Scarborough?

Training grounds… overall/scrap/restart… this train to switch is pointless… if being honest the new “trainers” are pointless… would have been more straight forward simply to be able to train the existing trainers instead… for same cost shirt/gloves ect. No need to dwell but sclass leveling is choir …

On the subject loving Bernadette she need a to become more available 10 of her an easily maxed some toons towards later stage leveling. On same subject what did she get make over but continues to defy being bald… sigorny weaver rocked it as did/does skin (skunk anansi no idea how to spell it)… as Picard says make it so number 1.

Know possibly too late but the long awaited Sclass Kenneth… can it be strongly suggested that as an anniversary toon he is more easy to obtain than Sergio (never got him nor regret it either)… 5 years is a long relationship with any game so needs celebrating properly with gratitude by scopely for our continued support


Lot of good suggestions there. Nice job :+1:

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Suffering a heat wave in Kent atm just saying😂

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Hope your having a great holiday, awesome Recap, I’d like to see a total score for onslaught the same as war with personal milestones, I have zero SR cans with only a pay option to get them (that’s not going to happen). No mention about leagues but I understand you can’t swear here. Well done @Parker and Pc now get back to that rum🤗

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Yes! I knew the Grand hotel would give it away :joy:

I think what caused problems here are those with 17,000 2* training for 4 years. There would have been no way to cleanly switch across without those people losing all them. Enter conversion as a halfway house

Lol at Sigourney. I don’t think she will become too available just yet. The best argument is the other trainers opening up now in greater amounts. The original argument was that introducing a 6* trainer takes the promo shine off Benny

I don’t think they dare withhold Kenny from the people :rofl: I will have strong opinions if they do though!

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Thought we were having a heatwave today? :thermometer::sunny::beach_umbrella: Did it skip where you are?

It was nice until factions used it to just hold you and keep you from getting the destroy bonus. That was annoying. Being able to keep going without using coins was nice though. So definite pros and cons to this one.

War placement rewards definitely need an overhaul. I’m pretty confident nobody needs smelling salts anymore.

This seems like a good compromise :+1:t2:

Yes! Pleeeeease make this happen. I’m trying not to think of the massive amount of XP I’ve missed out on this roadathon event. I also miss the coins from levelling up. I miss coins in general tbh.

Thanks Parker, great recap as always :slightly_smiling_face:


It would only confuse the national stereotype. I know from the fact I look like a strawberry there has been a heatwave.

:joy: Sorry. We never did it but it makes me laugh when I read it happening.