Player Council Recap: w/c 23rd Nov 2019

Apparently there’s something called ‘Thanksgiving’ going on, so it’s been a quiet week. Nevertheless we did get a few things in earlier on in the week. So here’s a list of the feedback and suggestions that was given over the last 7 days by the Council:


  • Asked not to remove collectables from boxes (I believe this was raised after some newer collectables weren’t included in some boxes)
  • Raised the ever-present issue of the game economy, particularly in level up scoring
    – Suggested that S-Class levelling be worth x4 the points, although x2 should be the absolute minimum


  • Asked that war crates remain updated (looking at keys)
  • Suggested that gear and trainers be combined into choice boxes to allow for more space and/or choice (e.g whether you want a Burt or Lilith)


  • Raised that some items are valued disproportionately


  • Asked that ‘level up player xp’ mission isn’t given on consecutive weeks


  • Did remind on Jonesgate compensation
  • Also pointed out a bug with team grades after the latest update

Event Review: Harvest

  • Too many hurdles
  • The prize amounts don’t reflect this (1 piece of gear)
  • Also, gear should not be a prize at this point
  • Instead, it’s time to lower league store prices and bring in the 6* gear roadmap

And that was this week recapped. Feel free to leave any suggestions below


Appreciate it very much


Why should gear not be a prize?


If it were priced lower in the league store we wouldn’t need it for a prize. They could give out a choice box with a class items instead.

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Double points for lvling sclass? This is only support for whales/spenders…


It can be (in larger amounts), but at this point in the game, progression is choked by the lack of gear. There needs to be a permanent, better way to get it. As well as event prizes if needs be, but it can’t only be this


What’s wrong with having it as a prize and reducing league store prizes? When you need 7 canteens and 7 gps to max an s class from scratch, I dont think one approach will help that much unless the bottom falls out of the league store which doesn’t seem like it will happen.

PS nice badge lol


I agree but saying gear shouldn’t be a prize is not consistent with this.

I think I would have phrased it more like: it’s not a lot of fun to compete for gear that desperately needs to have its accessibility updated to reflect the game economy, and in particular gear in these quantities should never be a prize.


True, but given that they take so much more gear, if you instead invest in leveling/upgrading 6* you will come out way ahead in levelup scores.

Ok I get it thanks. And it’s the wrong kind of gear too

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It’s a universal change, so it’s no different to the advantage they have now. But the thinking behind this was, from a F2P perspective, ‘if I blow all my resources on getting an S Pete, do I then want to be unable to even hit the 500k milestone with him in T1’

They will never give it. Just accept this fact.

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Yeah but if I wrote that I’d get crucified lol


They should 100 percent give more level up points. The amount of trainers, food, gear and 2 stars needed to level them is not the same as a six star. Why would the points be the same?

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Yeah wrong kind of gear, too. But I think if it were the same gear in much higher quantities (eg, “I can grind this event and get 100 pieces”), we’d give this event a much better review.


When normal f2p take one sclass, whale in this time take 2-3. Look at chef hats now. And then you want to give them 2x more points?
Very bad move. I dont care it takes more gears. I was able as ftp max priya in two days and few days ago Pete in two days. Just think and plan and save gear/coins/trainers etc.

You will hurt lot of players with this. Think again about it


Wouldn’t ftp get the extra levelup toon the free or grindable s class?

Whales would have that too…

Yes whales would but my point is that the benefit would apply to everyone.