Player Council Recap: w/c 22nd August 2020

Greetings forumers!

This week we had a call on Roadmaps. We went through the new changes to them - the daily ones - gave feedback on things we liked, gave suggestions on things that need to be improved, or added.

And I’m not very well. So let’s get this silly thing over with and hopefully nothing triggers my nausea.

Here’s a list of feedback and suggestions given by the Council over the last 7 days:


  • We suggested more trainers on the Survivors roadmap
  • More survivors are needed, especially since the wave reduction
  • The Gear Hunt amounts need to be boosted again
  • Suggested farmable elite/ultra/weapon parts
  • F2P 6* gear map? Maybe…? Please I beg thee!
  • Also suggested a torch roadmap, as one potential avenue for them


  • 5th: Extra options in the Black Market
  • 5th: Banner excess
  • Commonwealth: YACK. Ugh! Nearly set me off then. Close call
  • Commonwealth: Avoid P2P events

Raising Things
What? It’s a legitimate title. The following is a list of things that should be higher:

  • Raid milestones need to be higher
  • League milestones need to be higher
  • Trainer caps need to be higher
  • Mod scrap caps need to be higher
  • I do. Where’s those painkillers?

Veteran Rings

  • Needs to be more of these around
  • Raised the possibility of removing and reusing them? Green initiative, they could get tax relief.

Throbbing headache! The topic, not I.

  • Regions should be colour coded by wave ingame
  • Windows should be every 30-60 days. Max.
  • The Wave system…
    Where to begin…
  • Forum Symphony Choir No.4 says ‘You better call the sledge-hammer!
    This can be my testi-mony. Ow!’
    Out of the mouth of Gabes there.


  • S-Class tab in the ascendance tower. Somewhere to see S-Class stats
  • Museum tabs for orderly living
  • Team drag

My eyes drag

What is this?! Who authorised this section! Oooh I’ve gone lightheaded

  • Suggested the salvage token offer become regular
  • Suggested the $1 blowtorch offer return

Any more of that and we’ll need the defibs out over here.


  • Wheel needs updating, maybe S-Cards
  • Torches could be added to crates, as an alternative avenue. That was a callback to Chapter 1. That’s the narrative genius typically exemplified in Recaps.


  • It needs a Tier 7/8
  • An update to the dep-oh. Ah!

The Poll: Depots
As always, every opinion and viewpoint I get is represented in the write up. This is cliffnotes results

  1. Nearly all want an update
  2. Supply Depot is most popular
  3. Supply - Refills most popular, remove 3*
  4. Supply - Quicker refresh (3 days average), more refills, cost reduction
  5. Gear - 100k Food most popular, swap 10k Food for 100k materials
  6. Gear - Reduce costs and increase amounts
  7. SR - Plat mods most popular, remove Silver Mods and 4* characters (or put them in a choice box)
  8. SR - New 5* weapon, and cost reduction
  9. Assault - Trainers kinda popular. Not much else was
  10. Assault - New S Class here, and cost reductions. Of course.
  • All those cost examples were included in there too. I didn’t ask for all them for sheer giggles.

And that was this week recapped.

Leave all your suggestions, feedback, ideas that you want passed onto Scopely next week below. Like all the ones you agree with too, they always get counted.

I did it! I made it to the end. I didn’t hurl vomit everywhere or point blank die. I can now go and rest. Absolutely Nothing can go wrong or send me off the edge now :grinning: *Sigh of relief*

Have a nice weekend war… ring… in war…

Sick Recap


Thanks again Parker!

cough gloves and shirts cough


They was part of that call. So much so I edited back in. I don’t why I overlooked that.

Probably because as you so hilariously put it, I was ‘cough, cough’. Lol


Get well soon then fella!

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Legend even in the throws of illness you show your dedication to the cause…

Can’t complain wimt complain… Will raise the ugly p2p maps and will also say @CLIFTON87 made excellent thread earlier that if not already advice you an the PC to cast eyes over… only whem your better of course.

Get well soon buddy

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No mention of boot camp? Ever since the third act was introduced it’s been pointless - even taking the bonus XP you get for the initial run, you still get way more XP from the same amount of energy by just rerunning the final stage of act 2

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So it’s not worth farming / rerunning Act 3? For the XP you get back, you’re saying

Are we going to get any update on our anniversary box? I love Kal as much as the next guy(jk) but I don’t like being lied to

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Was there a lie in there? I didn’t follow the anniversary box hype lol

Survivors need to drop like hundreds and hundreds, I am literally farming level 25 with the survivors bonus constantly during the week.

You occasionally get a couple of hundred per run, but then it drops to like 20 or 40 which is daft.

Everything, needs a nudge to drop a few more.


It was announced as a box, but the Kal was not in a box. Apparently people would be ok with the Kal, but he should have come in a nice box, maybe with a ribbon around it or something.


Thanks sweetness

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Hang in there, get better :wink:

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Rest up Parker. Get well

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Ahoy Thar Parker! Greetings from across the southern ocean - Sorry you are not feeling your best today - get well soon buddy. Here is my thoughts on this weeks recap.

Road Maps I have been happy with the cost / reward ratio of the maps recently, as well as the quality of the story telling, the one that I really want to see changed is the cost of the Weapons Parts map, 20+ energy for Duct Tape … hmmmm. I do like the idea of a torch road map, another way could be to add torches into raid drops.

Events Overall I think the 5th anniversary event has been great - a good stash, a good toon, even picked up some of the missing Dylan cards, most of the way through the stash for the second time, and it was not a stress getting as far as I have. Commonwealth - well, well, well, what do we say here … I was fortunate that a large portion of my fac shelled out out, 1 brought 18 of the pages, I was not going to buy myself, and I didnt get pressured by my fac mates which was great, everyone was very adult about the situation, but out of guilt I brought 6 pages which got us over the second to last milestone - not a big investment, but not a particularly happy one, ( I guess they won here) however - prepare to be ill! Because for a few bucks everyone - the whole 30 of us got a chance at an S Class - a full S Class, I completed the trainer map - which payed out really well, and I completed both of the Card road Maps, - got me an Aarav, and I still have unopened boxes ( Contemplating second Priya???) So as far as an investment goes - I spent $10 (in our money) I think I have done alright here.

Raising Things Raid milestones - I have been enjoying the low milestone :woman_shrugging: Sorry, its made raids far less intense and more enjoyable - I think, what it needs is more milestones maybe? Not making them further away. I do think the trainer cap is to low, its a pest, and mod scraps - both the cap and the daily conversion cap could be raised.

Transfers Colour code the regions!!!
Do it! Do it now!

QoL Team Drag - So whats going to happen, is I will give waiting, dismantle all my teams, rebuild them in the order that I want - then they will introduce a team function, I wont get upset, I already know this is how it will playout. Also - Museum lock!

Prestige Wheel needs updating - not maybe S Cards, differently S Cards.

Assault yeah … Assault is sad

The Poll: Depots This was a great poll once again Parker - I think the community here made some good discussions - well done team forum! (and to Parker for providing the platform for discussion).

Get well soon Parker - you feel down now, but you will get up again.

:musical_note: Parker gets knocked down,but he gets up again
You are never gonna keep him down
He gets knocked down, but he gets up again
You are never gonna keep him down
he gets Knocked down, but he gets up again
You never gonna keep him down

He drinks a Whiskey drink, he drinks a Vodka
He drinks a larger drink, he drinks a cider drink
He sings the songs that remind him of the good times
He sings the songs that remind of the best times :musical_note:

(although if you are on medication - then dont drink adult beverages, that is bad).


Didn’t you say for higher raid milestones once upon a time?

Someone did. I was about to type the justification then thought it was you yourself. Lol


And Tubthumping!

Thanks for the recap Parker :+1:t2:

Sorry you’re not feeling well, hope you’re better soon!

It needs to be pointed out to them that general quality is going down again. Hopefully they’re already aware but, it’s Scopely.

Obviously there’s the anniversary box issue. Personally I would have hated Kal whether he’s in a box or not but if they say box then they should give us a box. Preferably with something useful in it. They could have just said we were getting a 6* Kal so people could manage their expectations.

Also don’t think we’ve had any acknowledgement of the fact that we’ve got Basils instead of Benedicts in the smugglers black market. Unless I’ve missed it. Another thing they’ve basically lied to us about.

TLDR: Basically don’t tell us we’re getting something then give us something else.

I’m sure I’ll think of more things at some point :grin:


Ah -you are correct…ish - I wanted and still do want more milestones, or bonus milestones, something, that way players who want to push on beyond the 1200, or 2400 that it was, can still get something for their extra efforts.

Glad you like the song :smiley:

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Thanks for the recap @Parker. Sorry you’re not feeling well and hope you get well soon.

Yes. The roadmaps are in desperate need of an overhaul. I stopped doing a lot of the roadmaps. I only do the ones connected to events, the gold bar one, and the torch one.

Commonwealth event is just plain sad :pensive::pensive::pensive:

Definitely need more of these.

Omg, I cringe when someone asks about doing a faction assualt. I initiate it only because some players want to get assualt points to use in the depot. Faction assualt is boring and causes the most fights amongst factions.

I’m going to keep it short so you can get some rest and get better. You’re an essential worker and we need you on the front line😁.


So new things I wanted to Mention

Anniversary Crate - So when I got my yellow Kal - I actually thought I had made some sort of mistake with the time zones or something and that I had missed out on grabbing the Anniversary mystery box, I simply could not believe that Kal is what they chose to put into the mystery box. It was not till I came here that I had realized that I had not infact missed out, and indeed Kal was the urrr… prize??? And of course we are a bit aggravated.

If they had announced in their Advent calendar that we would all be receiving a Kal on such a such day - no worries all good, but they didn’t. They decided to announce a mystery box, and let our imaginations run wild, feral with excitement. A choice box?cards? trainers? an exclusive toon ? An avatar? No! Here you go a Yellow Kal. And they wonder why we get the way we do. Like - if they gave us a Chihuahua Plushie Avatar at least that would be funny. Kal is not funny, not funny at all.