Player Council Recap: w/c 21st Dec 2019

(Note: Scopely was offically on holiday this week. Although it’s entirely possible they may have unofficially glanced on. Therefore the Council has not bombarded them with feedback, lest it should not be seen and ignored which would be terrible)

There have been a few, literally a few, don’t get excited, pressing items which we dropped in anyway; should they be seen this week or the next (If next week is an in-week). And for the sake of consistency, I might as well just say them…

So here’s the feedback and suggestions given by the Council over the last 7 days (hope you all had a jolly festive week too btw):

Login Event

  • It was disappointing to not see any log-in event over the month of December. A month known since the age of 2 for getting small life login events in small chocolaty form
  • Similarly, the lack of a goodwill gift was noticable and disappointing. Both the Council and the forums provided a big list of games which did this. Small goodwill gestures go a long way with the players


  • Reiterated armoury tokens should drop in raids at least. (I will personally mention this again as there has been almost 0 ways to get any tokens to progress over the last week or two)


  • Reminded that crates need updating in general, and to replace the keys with an S-Class choice box


  • In Draft, enemy opponents should only have default weapons to match your own forced default weapons


  • The new level up reward model (Collectables) is good. But the amounts for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th prize brackets could be a little higher. Especially in faction.

And that was this week recapped. Not a proper week, most of the above will probably get repeated, for aforementioned reasons. It wasn’t a case of our work ethic. Although on that point, I have to admit the next Recap will be next decade.


I think as soon as they get back get the new pay to win event sorted out as the difference is huge and needs to be addressed

Gear no one has gear again, because people were so behind from the jump the little bit of gear they had was used.

Arena tickets accessible.

War can drops are nerfed badly.

Weapons you can’t even make without Varnish and guess what you can’t find it anywhere.

Rewards should be stuff mentioned above.

I just don’t think they understand the game is in a terrible state. & it’s because of them.


Next meeting can you enquire about the chihuahua collectibles we had a while ago for that Romanov event? Scopely said they would be reused but still hasn’t happened.


Literally totally out now, no league tokens either so I can’t even coin for gear lmao I’m fucked

This was the last piece of feedback given on official time. So it was brought to them 7 bullet points ago

Ty @Parker and the gang, always appreciate you all, Merry Christmas and have a wonderful new year🤗


This is only my personal opinion. But I think we all know JB was tommy gunned on his garden lawn for that chihuahua promise lol


Now I want chocolate…

Thank you PC. Solidarity :facepunch:t3:, they don’t listen to us on forums, and they don’t listen to your suggestions either. That’s something I guess…


Yeah and next it will be @GR.Scopely for making the gold bar promise which hasn’t appeared.

Why not bring this one out instead of this stupid pay to win one, much more people will appreciate the gold bar on over this one

I would be surprised if it doesn’t show next month. Will be interesting how they handle all the excess gold bars

Edit: Saying that it probably isn’t an issue. You don’t need to stagger upgrade progress now cause there’s plenty around I suppose

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They will either double amount needed or just ignore the promise.


I appreciate your dedication to fighting a losing battle.

Where is this good?

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Rewards are now S Collectables and not 5* tokens or any other below-the-meta token reward

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But only one type of s-class
If you got two of that one it have to be a option or no point in competing at all

Step in the right direction though. It’s not perfect.


Step in wrong direction to give things you dont need and no way to get another thing.

Step in the right direction but not at the destination. The issue of linear S-Collectable rewards vs choice box rewards is nothing new and has been an ongoing discussion point ever since they started appearing in the Top 3. It is resolutely a good thing that all ranks now get collectables. Nothing has gotten worse from this change.


Except for people that have the s-class the offer so yes for some it gotten worse