Player Council Recap: w/c 20th June 2020

@Parker could you kindly ask scopes to Stop asking me to join the Pc, with all the bugs in the game surely creating a screen shot just for me is a waste of resources :hugs:


Nah that would be taking to way to far. I would send you off to your room to think about what you did and ground you for a week. So that means no RTS for you.

Wait a second is that actual punishment or is that doing you a favor? :wink:


I wanted 1* Parker to be the Kitchener / Uncle Sam ‘Your game needs you’ poster boy. But no and I’m very bitter about that, and I may choose to talk them again sometime this year


Oh no. That’s awful. Terrible. Please anything but that.

(Add in theatre dramatics to the tone of those words with a touch of cynicism)


Change les équipes c’est à dire ? Sinon d’accord c’était une idée que j’avais pensé

Ignorer la partie des équipes, c’était une métaphore concernant la région / factions. Ils ne changeront pas les régions des vagues. Le meilleur pari est simplement de permettre aux joueurs de revenir à une vague inférieure, de préférence avec une structure de prix à plusieurs niveaux. Mais c’est ce que je préconise à ce stade, il n’y a pas encore de plans officiels.

C’est vrai que sa serai super sa quand je vois des régions morte faire top 1 avec un score aussi bas c’est parfois rageant le problème de la vague 1 c’est qu’il ya souvent des gros score pour pas grand chose a la clef

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I’d change the museum to show basic collections, separate tab for the survivor’s club, separate tab for the comics trade ins (figures into comics, comics into choiceboxes - if available) and S-class collections in two tabs: one for the 6* exchange / one for the S-class exchange. The latter two would be best used in a completely new building called S-class tower (similar to ascension tower) with:

  • the two tabs (and lockable “collections”)
  • a character listing showing the S-class stats
  • a trade in feature (conversion of excess cards into gear, coins or other cards, conversion ratio from totally unfavorable [if the respective S-class collection was not redeemed even once] through unfavorable [if S-class collection claimed once] to acceptable [if S-class collection fully completed])

I fully understand how ugly it could have gotten. I already came to the game when it was visible and made no note of it, though.

If ever I did, I’d see a whale “stealing” the top ranks from me, the only message I’d send him would have been “Thanks for funding this game!”. But then again, I’ve been told on multiple occasions that I do not fit into the “average” or “normal” category… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is so needed, a good way to improve the benefits, its a good way.

This is not useful, the prestigue level is kinda useful to detect potential cheaters, on some CRW I have seen s18+ teams with player lvl 120 BUT prestige level 7, so why it could get a whaley team if they did not spend time or money for that team…

About this, please don’t forget to ask for the removal of the choice box D, also it could be a good idea to include the 6* version of the toons that have currently S-Class (in any case we need 2 6* full leveled and the cards) so its not a big impact for the game and makes that you can get Sclass more easily,

Thanks again for the great work keeping us updated !


Something seemingly simple but purely aesthetic would be new war maps. Why not make a couple more backgrounds/ camp layouts?

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Definitely remove choice box D, why hasn’t it been done yet?

Additionally: just a note of caution about including 6* versions of s classes. A lot of people claim them when they have enough cards rather than waiting to collect 10k cards, because the toons can then be levelled slowly. For those people, the 6* version would be utterly useless, it’s the cards they need. So in order to promote player choice, just the cards please!


I’m thinking the same way on this one, I wouldn’t want to see six star versions of S Class in the the war wheel either. It would be such a waste to have 2 six star Eugene’s just to pull a third one on the war wheel.

The whole issue I have with the war wheel is that it is too Scary, War tokens are a precious commodity, but with choice box D I am to frightened to use them, it would be the same with Six Star S Class Characters, if the wheel was full of them I would be so disappointed to get a Laopo, that would rip my undies. Card choice boxes would be best, even if you got a choice box that didn’t have anything in particular that you were not going for, at least you would have the option of choosing the lesser evil.


@Parker if opportunity arises please raise the mess that is the black hole market… endless endless tabs now stretching beyond screen…

Like the black market, but it’s becoming absolute mess… can’t the layout be altered so easier to navigate/view may be top to bottom?

Isn’t helped by multi events running at once all taking up several tabs…

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I don’t think it’ll change horizontal to vertical, they already have the different shop tabs going vertical. Your last point is the real cause of the issue there

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Haha didn’t think it would but always offer an alternative/counter…

Yeah they have gone hard at multi events with multi exchanges… captive audiences and draining cans… gotta encourage that lock down spending to keep afloat

They said it would be done some time in June so as of today it is officially late. I really don’t understand why it would take more than a month to remove a box from a wheel.

Let’s face it if that box was giving us 5000 instead of 50 it would have been fixed within minutes.


Nailed it👍


Fact of the matter is, people just can’t help themselves. Plenty of my faction mates are pulling regardless of the box - pretty sure Scopely can mine that data, and understand it’s us vocal few who are holding off.


Fully agree on this one (and something I’ve said before). Parker, this also applies to the Battle Pass and might be useful feedback: Having discount 5* ascendable versions for battle pass coins is essentially a slap in the fact to people who play this in the natural way, grabbing the two required 6* as they get enough rather than wait for 10k cards. This incentivizes sitting on cards rather than having the feeling of continually progressing and completing the individual parts of what you need to get a new toon. This is particularly affecting cheap-to-play, but F2P as well. It would be better if the design of the pass did not incentivize less fun play.