Player Council Recap: w/c 20th June 2020

Greetings fellow forumers and challengers to the throne! How dare you come into my home, my sacred temple of Recaps and size up whether this crown will look big on you. Anyone applying, I accept all challenges of duels, I will walk 10 paces in the opposite direction and draw my F2P pass on you. And I will win.

Yes! It’s PC recruiting week, if you didn’t know. And I’m cool with that. Completely. We had 2 calls this week. The first one was on the Prestige System. The second is on the Economy, in a few hours. Unless people whip out their crystal balls, I can’t detail what’ll be said there. But I’m sure we can guess :wink:

Here’s a list of feedback and suggestions given by the PC over the last 7 days:

Prestige System
We had a talk about the state of the current system and made suggestions on how it can be updated and improved. These included:

  • Adding more levels past Prestige 13
  • Perhaps covering the prestige number to the public, or at least the exact amount. Perhaps a toggle button
  • Improving the daily crates and progression bonuses, e.g to offer more cans
  • Updating the Prestige wheel

I’m looking into the future right now. Bet none of you applicants can do that. Ironically the future also looks like the past 8 months:

  • We will probably… mention the lack of trainers in circulation
  • I see… a training ground overhaul
  • I’m getting a vision of… F2P 6* gear maps, or league store updates
  • The clouds part… we will suggest a renown points update

I recapped back all of your discussion last week. The good, the bad and the ugly. For disclosure:

  • Hordes is a polarising event
  • It must be balanced - 6* was most popular, 5* being a close second. Supplementary Draft also recieved some support
  • The ‘build-up’ event should preferably be a roadmap, no more
  • At least initially, any return of Hordes should not have an effect on ongoing events or leagues

Season 11

  • BIG push on flatlining coin amounts. And we got it! :tada: :tada: :tada: There wasn’t a forum announcement but Platinum+ will now give a minimum of 400 coins for promotion
  • Also pushed on increasing rings and armoury item placements in Arenas!.. Oh we didn’t get that. I’ll keep trying
  • Raised that Arenas are too influential currently
  • Suggested that the Gold Mod be available in Gold league

Event: House of Cards

  • Asked if war can have Aces missions (like trauma kits)
  • Asked for more Jack/Queen avenues, or better drops
  • Asked for more uses for Kings
  • Did say that the choice in the Black Market is good though


  • Passed on feedback to allow upgraded weapons to be used in Draft mode


  • Reiterated that the current Wave system is unhealthy and unsustainable
  • Suggested my Tiered Regions idea as an alternative, but any alternative needs to be looked at. How many of you applicants have comprehensive alternatives like that, huh?


  • War needs an overhaul
  • War crates need an overhaul
  • War rank rewards need rotting heads back in them
  • War depot is needed instead of a war wheel
  • War bracketing needs urgently reviewing

I think war might need an update.

  • Asked for more armoury tokens in general, it can come under Rewards
  • Ask for a trade-in to make all the old-card rewards useful
  • In addition, we need newer cards in rewards

More war!

  • Timer needs to go back to 30 minutes

Event: Trainer Frenzy

  • What frenzy? The ratio of roughly 1 world can : 1 trainer is not a good trade off
  • Should be a lower cost, or offer more trainers. Or both to be totally radical
  • More world can output is needed for all these roadmaps


  • Suggested that end times rotate around. I don’t want to do all-nighters for Level ups. It’s a low point.

And that was this week recapped.

All suggestions you want me to raise and push next week, comment and like them below. If you are indeed applying or are interested in applying for the PC, then I suppose you can feel free to ask any questions in that regard too. Have a nice weekend!

I’m back. Post-Credits. I can see all your nervous faces, and Scopely’s. What’s this all about?

You may have noticed the Forum Symphony Choir No.4 did not sing this week…
Because I have the microphone. And I can see security is being notified.

Well in the wake of the PC recruitment. Today, I have one thing to sing to you all and Scopely, and I will not be silenced! I can see security is bounding towards the stage. Hit play!

:musical_note:You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, when I met you:musical_note: Security is on the stage. Fast forward!

:musical_note: Don’t you want me baby?! :musical_note: Security is about to break social distancing rules.

:musical_note: Don’t you want me, oh-


Do you guys have a nice roundtable?

Yes and it’s coloured with alternating black and red stripes with one green stripe and it spins. They can’t help themselves lol


The man from delmonte he say yes…

2 thumbs up as covered it all… loving the armoury token increase request.

Agree on card drops as would like to get Lilly but seem like Carl and Mich cards are in short supply or very limited… aces too generally need more drops to make event fun an enjoyable. I did start the deck map at wrong time so cut off mid way through an wound up buying an offer to completed map. Still no idea if on track in time left

Edit. Love the songs again and fact request rotation of event times… miss early war starts so can get ahead Friday


Thanks parker as always and great to bring up that end times rotate i’m uk aswell they have moved the leagues back to start later aswell as every event that ends so would be great for this to be addressed so thanks for bringing that up


Start times are a little more rigid to move. I believe they like to oversee the start on an event to make sure it doesn’t contain some sort of technical black hole. But hopefully there’s more flexibility with end times once they know the tourney won’t derail.

And ja I’m hoping there’s leeway with Jacks and Queens because it’s Aces that are the bottleneck. Plus they drop


@Parker and the new diamond currency? we can carry on for the next s class?

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I think so yes.

If I’m correct the comms don’t commit to a timeframe except a ‘limited time’. But it says 'for S-Class first runs <- plural. So I think they carry over. It’s something the higher members in the PC have wanted to move towards. So I would guess it’s on a trial period

That’s only educated guesswork though. Take it at that value :slightly_smiling_face:


We had alternating end times for a while and it was well received.
Alternative start times for war was very good as well, at least for the Euro players. I’d like to see that return.


Thanks for another great recap @Parker :+1:t2:

This is great news and certainly more motivating! Thank you :blush:

This shouldn’t prevent them from altering start times. They tend to start events towards the end of their working day, in fact we’ve often joked about how they seem to push the button and then leave. I’m assuming that, like most working adults, they work 8/9 hour days, why can’t they start the events at the beginning of their day, or somewhere in the middle?
Thats a large portion of time when they could be more flexible, if they wanted to do what’s more convenient for their players rather than themselves.


Ja there’s some flexibility but as you say, it’ll be more restricted to their working day. I can’t ask they start at 4am because Vitalogy and his New Zealanders were harrassing me lol

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Lower energy cost on roadmaps. Some 0 energy one’s would help also. Not every roadmap needs to take special items to run either.

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parker, thanks for all the effort you put in…

Next time, can you also suggest that War needs more cards included? 600 cards for 1st place in crw is very very low… Maybe increase to 2000 or more? ofcourse the cards itself needs to be up to date. heck if the cards are increased to 3000 for 1st place and so on… i think the war coins would not be needed.

Just a suggestion! Thanks!


lol soon they will bypass the e all together and take cans straight up.

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You’re not wrong. But in some ways I am somewhat ok with this for now. Take beach balls for example. It’s some easy-ish missions then my roadmap is covered. If it was world energy, then that’s another can a day dropped there.


What about when they said that they couldn’t run that many roadmaps at the the same time? There’s 9 under “Story”, 2 under “Daily”, & 3 under “Radio”.

You might want to be careful here though that if they add significantly newer cards, the compromise may be that they operate on the slider amount. I.e Pete-Frost 1000, Gentlemen-Mateo 600. Is that newness-scale agreeable?

Is that something they’ve said since they updated Roadmaps all the way back when Kalishane was here? I know they doubled the amount they said they could originally put up with that update

ANother thing is put more refills in depot or league store,put 10 for every refill type,can trade old cards not only for new S toons like now,trainer roadmap: scopely now put he new type of treiners and now put daily roadmap for everyone fan farm this trainers,another thing is 250 is to low for stock ,need put 500 to 1000 trainers ,review the events time and energy to complete this events, waste 20 energy for nothing is bad,put more ways to get this new trainers put high drops in roadmaps or put in prizes after to complete one stage,in future events put good prices according the value (lilly and his gun have the same price…is very weird),add more ways to get basics tokens( its not basic to get out of war),elite weapon wheel need improve,3 star guns in elite weapon wheel is relly bad,put trainers in basic and helper wheel and lower 8 to 1 token to pull,delet the 4 star wheel and put 5 star or 6 star wheel,war wheel need have only shards no one needs 6 star in S era.
Only sugestions.


Great stuff as always Parker. Unusually for me at least tho, a couple of notes of caution:

  • hiding prestige. Why? As a former faction lead, I used it plenty to judge a lot of things about the player. Insane team, low prestige? Possible VK alert. Low-mid prestige, great performance? Smart player. High prestige, crap performance? Dumb whale. I dunno. I can’t see a reason to hide it other than to avoid being shamed for spending, why waste coding time on that?

  • importance of arenas in leagues. Do we really want leagues rank being decided by scoring 300k Vs 900k in SR? Or 3k Vs 30k in raids? Honestly, I like being able to pop on, crush domination arenas and promote via being a smart, efficient player. Giving more importance to raids and sr etc will make leagues EVEN MORE spending reliant. Do we really want this? Tbh now that I’ve said it we’re probably doomed, I expect to see it in game in twenty minutes.

On the other side of the coin, great stuff getting coin minimums and such thru. Awesome:) hope there’ll be some movement on start times. On the request side of things:

  • anyone remember the days when, during events, the difference between f2p and P2P was getting the toon two days into the event or right at the end; or getting three pulls on the wheel versus six or seven? Right now, the difference in events seems to be 1000 Raulito (or equivalent) versus 6250 Rick cards. Not only is the depreciation unreal, the sheer size and quantity of paywalls is getting crazy.

So crazy that I found out Morten Gamst Petersen will sign for a 2. BuLi club at FM20 game start. And I don’t have to pay a cent more to keep up with everyone else on that game… Or most any other game.