Player Council Recap: w/c 1st August 2020

Back. Street’s. Back. Alright!

Yes! I’m back off holiday. From the land of Wales to the land of whales. That joke works better spoken than written. I shouldn’t have said it now, it made me look stupid. Anyway, not a clue what’s been going on these past 2 weeks. I’m just as excited as you about what’s going to be in this Recap. It’s probably a whole new terrain and experience. I’m a born again player. Let’s see!

Here’s a list of feedback and suggestions given by the Council over the last 7 days:

Oh… ok. It could be new stuff!

  • Daily S-Class crates need to give 50/200 amounts…
  • Collectable trade-in! Oh oh.
  • Renown points change for S-Class. This isn’t looking good
  • There should be a town expansion. :scream:
  • Suggested the idea of a ‘Bank’. Ok this is new. Basically you can lock coins in, and they will earn a small interest over time. It’s an ingame, reliable way to earn a small amount of coins

Not the greatest start. Economy’s still Greek. We’ll see if anything else has changed

Disco infernooooo!
Or so I hear

  • Asked to remove 6*s from the wheel
  • Suggested a war depot
  • Raised the War Stash popularity and that it should remain
  • Suggested a week-long mod removal
  • Scouting time should be longer than 1 minute
  • In future similar events, there needs to be higher targets in missions, some have finished already
  • War Placement rewards should extended to at least 6th MVP

Burn baby burn!


  • Raised a court injunction against the Curious Conundrum pop-up. After being harassed and assaulted 17 times in 5 minutes, it now cannot come with 5 miles of me.
  • Similarly, there should be less offer pop-ups, at least during war

Not much change here. Still get jumped more by pop-ups than I would in the Projects.

Oh my god it still exists

  • Asked for another window within August
  • On the whole, there should be a LOT more, longer windows
  • Review the wave system

Survivor’s Club
This too!

  • Coins should be included
  • There needs to be more comic choices


  • In daily roadmaps, suggested wave amounts be reduced
  • The Rescue Roadmap needs to be purged of 1*s, and potentially a Lilith/Ulysses end prize
  • Fac Supports should be allowed to switch bound weapons
  • Proposed a Veteran Ring roadmap


  • War log could be extended until the next war
  • Filter on toon selection
  • Museum lock
  • Brought up the wants to lower AR/AS’s. Game censor never likes it when I write AR/ASs.


  • Asked for comms on the next Gold Brick toon. This did happen. It’s next week isn’t it.
  • Forum Symphony Choir No.4 are busy practising gold-related songs for next week. I know some of you get sensitive if they don’t appear. They’re back in their communication home at least!


  • Raised the issues with start/end times

Some things just don’t change it seems…

The Poll: Territory Types
Remember, all viewpoints are passed on, it’s not just a case of winner takes all. Not an Abba reference, there’s enough songs here today.

  1. Majority use territories
  2. Top 3 faves are Weapon Crit Chance, Character XP and Player XP
    Bottom 3 not-faves are Scav Mission Success, Training Time :sob:, and Material Generation
  3. Elite Tokens are the fave item
    4* Tokens are rubbish
  4. Vast majority don’t find Group Boosts useful
  5. Crits should be boosted to 20%
    At least 4/8 of the +5 Stat boosts could be removed for something new
  6. Elite Tokens could be increased to a few hundred an hour
    4* tokens should be removed
  7. New territories could be:
  • A Weapon Craft time reduction
  • A Mod Scrap increase
  • Ascendance Medals, either a territory or an item
  • Basic Tokens, Armoury Tokens (in small amounts), Gear Markers could all replace 4* tokens

And that was this week recapped.

Leave your suggestions, issues and feedback below. All will get counted up and passed on to Scopely. Don’t sit quiet! Be the change you want to see in the world.

Well then. Economy. Pop-Ups. Transfers. War Wheel. Looks like I’ve missed nothing after all on my holiday. I’m back here now, to normal, to all those issues, every day… … …

Pack my bags. I fly to Argentina tonight.


Very good recap, thanks to continue in forum bro.


The league toon its serious?


Don’t forget he’s poopie to🤗

I saw the announcement as I was typing the Other Recap. I haven’t checked it yet lol. Spoilers!

Adding a type of bank into the game for our coins? I think it will end like this:


In theory you lock them in and it can prevent things like the level up bug which secretly sapped everyone’s coins.

But you had to interpret it like 2008

We need to get veteran rings more available and the ability for them to be removed from characters. I’d say this is a big reason theres a gap from player to player.


I didn’t think it would be possible but he is worse than Jason and ivanova atleast I have some sort of usefulness out of Jason on FA and an extra attack team out of ivanova. I would prefer running James over him any day far better and his specialist works with his rush unlike franklin.

Just got to hope and pray the gold bar toon is better and atleast we have kenny.

Looks like that’s your melee revive people wanted lol


Oof (7 chars)

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if the 4 * characters had any role in the game it wouldn’t be bad to get chips for them

Great recap. Trust your now lobster red but white head from wearing your knotted hankie…

Decent suggestions as always.

Hope they listen about the pop ups can’t take much more.

Leagues change is welcome can stay in diamond hopefully keep coin income… New toon looks trash tho sorry to say… be leaving off buying him til actually see in action a if worth it.
Gold bars? Still hopeful seeing as it’s still running map wise… gonna have to be somet at least.


Unlikely to happen in 2020.

The full suggestion was to swap them for Basic/Arm/Gear Tokens.


Offering thousands of 4* tokens. Maybe even 1 claim per hour. Because that wheel is basically just 4* character trainers now


You went on holiday to wales?

Little break yeah.

I am English don’t worry. I’m not American and decided to choose Wales of all places.

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This, please!

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Hey im not one to judge!!
But logically it would have been cheaper to buy a sheep to interfere with in England?


:joy: :joy: I knew it was coming