Player Council Recap: w/c 18th July 2020

Greetings Forumers!

We’re having a business intro this time. No playtime. Why? Because this week the PC had a call on Leagues. Season 12 and how much we all want the positive experience of Season 11 to be replicated.

Stop replying and quoting that and asking what substances I’m on this instant . You should all know the humour by now. I expect that from the Others, in the Other Place. They’ll hate that. They don’t understand me at all. Anyway, onto the Recap!

Here’s a list of feedback and suggestions given by the Council over the last 7 days:

Talking about Season 12, we identified key areas where we would hope for improvement on. These included:

  • Coin amounts. People felt they were too low this season
  • The availability of Veteran Rings. Like coins, others fell short of their usual intakes of this item
  • Matchmaking. The nature of everyone being in the same league meant that matchmaking was often uneven
  • Trophies. The weighting was too far in favour of Arenas and success in them (which wasn’t easy) determined your week.
  • S-Class. Many felt it was much harder and more tedious to acquire this time.


  • Asked for an extension to Total War missions
  • Remove Choice Box D. We did it! It might have been the RTS equivalent of ‘Home by Christmas’ (meaning not). But ding dong the witch is gone.
  • Now to remove the 6*s.
  • Suggested replacing the War Wheel with a War Depot.
  • Raised that 1B’s compensation missed the mark.
  • Brought up concerns about matchmaking, especially for lower factions. It’s like the Somme out there.
  • Proposed Tower Polls… Oh dear. I perhaps should have made that one a Discord exclusive… Vote on PC Parker Polls instead. Much more trusted brand.
  • Raised that the last hour timer wasn’t shortened
  • Suggested that there should be a way to select tower teams without using energy


  • Wheels need an update
  • All the depots need an update. All of them. Assault, League, Gear, Munich, everybody talk about. Pop Musik.

Battle Pass

  • Suggested adding trainer and gear trades


  • Suggested an Infection (or any effect) meter that showed the number of turns left
  • Brought up the team drag idea again
  • A filter on the toon selection screen
  • Pop Ups! Fast becoming the new nemesis of Recaps and I haven’t even defeated F2P 6* Gear Maps, Forum Communication and Collectable Trade-In! :frowning:


  • Raised about event time rotation again


  • Brought up that an entire rethink is needed to the wave system

COUGH Tiered Regions COUGH


  • Allow upgraded weapons in Draft Arena


  • Put a link somewhere. I keep accidentally shooting it’s civilian self thinking it’s a hostile popup. Friendly fire x100.


  • Tier 7 and Tier 8 are desirable
  • A depot update here too. Twice in one Recap it’s mentioned. That’s how desperately it needs one.

The Poll: Kingdom Come
All answers and arguments were represented, but full disclosure on the winning sides.

  1. It was a majority liked event
  2. Top factions felt they matched each other a reasonable amount of times. Lower factions felt they met top factions too much
  3. Slow was the favourite tower
  4. Slow was powered about right. Burn was too weak
  5. 1B didn’t enjoy the war - mostly, not all. The compensation was not remotely enough.
  6. Priority on matching similar factions > quicker searches. I also snuck in Tiered Regions under a different name, how nefarious.

And that was this week recapped.

Leave all your suggestions, issues, feedback and questions below. I don’t care if it’s old, new, big or silly. But don’t give me Survivor Club feedback. Like all the ones you agree with. Have a nice weekend!


Post war, someone raised to me that the burn tower wasn’t intended to damage but was in fact there to give traders and Petes with cleanse a sneaky extra status effect.

I didn’t really notice that nuance cos I was too busy one shotting trader teams with slow and a Davie

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I’m concerned about this war parity matching > search time. If search times become significantly longer, then the premier event will be so much more frustrating that many will leave. I know, I know, people, especially when they have a hard time filling the que, don’t want to match a fac so far above them in strength that the match is over in four minutes. But the issue I think is one of activity … the top facs generally fill que immediately and are much more active than most facs, which means they are available to match more. The better solution is to find a way for facs at all levels to que faster imo, like the merc idea if it ever actually shows up.


I agree. Not sure about that one. If my fac meet top they kill us in 5 mins and we get on to the next match (‘seige’) quickly. I barely even notice those matches. Think I’d rather do that than spend longer in queues


I think most people ok with how Arena functioned before the new leagues. So one option would be to just continue that with the new league system - split each league into 4 or 5 Arena brackets, randomly, for each arena. All of them work like in season 10. As the number of players per Arena is the same, rings and champion’s tickets will be the same.

There’s a bit of added RNG in who you’re selected to play against every day, but I don’t think it would matter that much - if it’s a little easier one das, it will be a little harder the next.

(This does not address the sandbagging issue, unfortunately)

RIP to one of the few useful things on that wheel.

Towers should default to the last team you used in a tower, and camps should default to the last team you used to attack a camp. Tower defense should default to the last eam you used to defend a tower. Less menuing, more playing please.

Effects already show their duration? Or is this not about having to wait for the icon to cycle through?


It was 41% / 31%. It was a pretty even result and was represented as such. Next to the 74% of lower facs who felt war was a bloodbath, then I don’t think it’s a suggestion too out of the blue.

Though that isn’t the case here. When I see one of my new players, whom I’ve spent months and months motivating to play, join the queue and we get matched with the Top 5, it makes the game look stupid. They often don’t sign up next time


Get out of here :joy:
Ok I didn’t hate it as much as most, but 50 cards is something from a year ago. 1 year into S-Class, that shouldn’t be a war reward.

They do with towers. But in normal raids they don’t. Infection was the specific example raised. That tells you how much you have to heal by, it doesn’t tell you by when


Aww that made me has a sad

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It was useful, because I would asssume most people have at least one toon in there they still need cards for. I’m the guy who stubbornly continues to use 6* toons, and even for me there’s practically none in there I would have a use for (except maybe filling out my collection).

Sure does. Erika needs to be healed 200%, and there’s three turns to do that, as indicated in the background of the item. It’s indicated in exactly the same way other durations are (see e.g. the duration of the disarm on Magna), [with white segments in the background].

[ETA] a blob on the infection logo completely overlaps one of the segments, which might make it a bit hard to see. They can probably just rotate the logo a few degrees to make it more visible.


Lmao. I’ve never noticed that before. But I think that ought to say something about the userface. It’d be much simple to have a number like towers. Small screen and you’re squinting to see that


Lol i never realised that was there either. The green blob obscures it. Which is funny because it’s really apparent with focus how many turns you have left

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Stuff like that is why it’s hard to attract new blood, who wants to stick around to get stomped for 100 points. The new strategy when clearly overmatched for me is just to flee eight times as quickly as I can. So at least a tiny amount of progress is made.


Brings me back to the old chestnut of league based war matching.

Are there good reasons besides technical that this would be undesirable?


For the first time in a long time I feel that a decent amount of what PC is saying to Scopes is actually getting through. Thanks to all on PC!
Aside from the actual format of leagues currently and the fact that you certainly have to spend a decent amount for rings and coin placement, Im actually really enjoying the game at the moment. And I put that down to the councils recommendations. Good job all!


Increase player level cap please. Didn’t push hard for 200 but im there as are alot. No motivation to run basic maps beyond survivors. Add some more world stages. This hasnt been updated in a long time. And lastly expand the town.
Great recap as always Parker. Thank goodness choice box d is gone. Would be nice on shards to have all choice boxes for wars. I haven’t pulled em yet but keep expecting to get priya or pete cards.
Keep up the good work PC


Which I assume is why they made war matchmaking such that if you have a new player with a low team grade, you are much more likely to be matched to another team with a new player, or an overall weaker one, so that they have someone where they can get a win or two. Of course, doing so turned out be hugely exploitable, so we can’t have nice things in this game.


I’m going to bring up same region match ups again, since although it didn’t get much attention on the recap post, it got more likes in another thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For me, it wasn’t even the compensation that was the issue. If they had just left Mercenaries on, that alone would have made up for needing 2 extra people. Compensation wouldnt even have been necessary, so awful compensation like that just adds insult to injury.

I could be wrong but I didn’t see anyone saying that mercs were glitched or causing a problem so there was no reason to turn them off and they didn’t even comment on it. On here anyway. God knows what they said on the other thing cos we’re not supposed to talk about it here :roll_eyes:


I did raise the region farming issue in there, I did it from the perspective of increasing region rank rewards would excerbate it. But I *did* mention it :slightly_smiling_face:

They didn’t say anything extra on Discord. Only that they weren’t intended

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Ty @Parker, man I was gonna jump in on that first quote lol, fed up of how to make league more enjoyable just put it back and tweak it from there, a war depot sounds like a good idea as long as the tokens I have now are useable as I’m not pulling on that pitiful excuse of a war wheel reward, extension to war missions is that a timer or more missions as I have nearly finished em, time rotation is a big one euros have been suffering for 6 months now, excellent work as per PC, can we get a good Faction Assualt event going soon :hugs:


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: I feel quite strongly about it because the attitudes of another faction over dropping defenses and coining has actually made me intensely dislike my region lol

That almost makes it worse. Because they were just stubbornly like “we don’t want it so we’re turning it off”, with no consideration for the fact that it would help make their other mistake more bearable for their players.

If it was easy to turn them off it would have been easy to turn them back on again when they could clearly see people were unhappy about it. But they deliberately chose not to. Which feels like a big F U to their players.