Player Council Recap: w/c 16th Nov 2019

Weekly or biweekly? Regardless, it won’t be war-weekend if biweekly, so here I am again.

Note there was not a call this week, so if uber large and important topics like ‘gear’ or ‘game economy’ are clearly missing, rest assured they are on the front of minds; they’re just framed for the call instead of the daily interactions prevalent this week. Otherwise, here’s a list of the feedback and suggestions that was given over the last 7 days by the Council:


  • The Council has been very vocal this week in wanting Scopely to properly tackle cheaters. All the more important given the upcoming WOC 2 and new 5* weapons now in play. It’s one bullet point but it’s a BIG bullet point.


  • Suggested reducing craft time or increasing crit chance for 4* weapons / Level 3, etc. Somewhere around here to ensure players don’t have a long and winding weapon road to engage with.
  • Reminded that a 4th milestone slot would ease prize congestion, what with the new introduction of armoury tokens into the prize pool
  • Suggested a cancel button for crafts
  • Asked that the UI undergo some changes, notably the text size for weapons in the raid screen. As well as some more clarification for bound weapons in the armoury


  • Heavily pushed feedback that rank rewards are near nonexistent
    – Top prizes do not reflect the effort invested to win
    – League token amounts are mininal, especially with gear bottleneck AND now weapon items
    – All ranks should have 3 prize items on offer, no other tourney would one/two prizes be acceptable
    – Faction trophies should never be prizes alone
  • Don’t. Touch. The milestones.
  • Unless tourney time is extended or shortened, in which case the milestone thresholds should be altered accordingly
  • Would like to see the no-AR bonus changed around to different challenges every tourney

Event Review - Last Words

  • If a similar type of future event, include letter drops in raids
  • Middle prize (gold mods), may have been better as a secondary toon so F2P can have a more easily attainable character goal
  • Asked that timezones be taken into account in future planning, to avoid a similar roadmap issue that existed here

The Gates
Excuse me if I missed any, they came in faster than I could write notes for this week lol.

  • We did enquire and suggest compensation for Jonesgate
  • Pointed out that 3 world cans was an underestimation of the resources spent during the recent armoury issue
  • Technical stability, in general, would be preferable.


  • In terms of the gap, we’d like to see some quick catching up in the 6* sphere. - Many F2P still lack key Gen2 toons, e.g Alice, which can still function along the part-S-Class teams right now. These should be in addition to steady incomes of S collectables nonetheless.
  • Also suggested that when F2P toons are offered, that there be a choice to help with team variety
  • Some offers are entirely AWOL when relevant - e.g SR

And that was this week recapped. Any suggestions feel free to leave below


Thanks Parker. I’d suggest the PC tackle the issue of ftp path to five star weapons, not just getting the weapons which but crafting which appears to frankly require money. This may be what you mean about the fourth slot suggestion above.


PS and GEAR!


Point about wanting to cut down time or increase chance? That would affect weapons or levels behind the 5*. Much like e.g ‘6s are here, make 5s more accessible’. So older features aren’t left behind while newer ones piled on.

Saying that, that feedback was said when weapons were theory. Minds can change now they’re in the open to play with. So we shall see.

Nothing mentioned about every S-Class item being in choice boxes for all ranks in events instead of just 5* tokens.


That was in last week’s edition lol. I at least want a trilogy before I start rehashing the same plotlines :joy:


Making 4 star weapons more available after five star weapons come on isn’t comparable with making five star weapons available though.

I didn’t really follow you comment here, sorry. I’m talking about it seems pretty clear you will have to spend to get a five star weapon crafted fully.

Or 4* crafts, quickening them up before you make it a 5*. So you’re spending the majority of your time crafting 5* and not playing catch up all the way back with 4*s. Particularly thinking of new, returning or not-the-front players. Not seen the availibility of armoury tokens yet, so there’ll be more feedback to come for weapons no doubt

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Oh I see, yes agreed this would be good too.

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Cancel button on armory would be perfect


As always thank you for the update! Sure hope they can start implementing some of these points. This gear thing is killing me using up all my coins to update the season store. Once again thank you and I appreciate what you guys are doing for us.


An epic gear roadmap would be fantastic. A farmable one would be the bees knees too :slight_smile: It’s overdue with all this gear we need.


Wangfa collection lie ignored

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Gear is a big point right now I’ve never had gear issues until unlocking Pete and Priya now I’ve decimated my gear stashes


We need better rewards,GEAR and faction events and fixing bugs, that’s the most important things and thank you for everything that you doing for players :+1:


We need a 6* trainer and now with the S era why not an S trainer. Leveling up all these toons with burts or 2* it’s just stupid… beni’s are to hard to get, not so many ways to get them. We should be able to make them in the training grounds. Leveling up a toon from 5* to 6* then to tier4 S we need like 10000 2*, ridiculous…


Could PC bring to attention that the difference between melee attack teams and ranged ones is well… so massive right now and we have only got a few characters into S Class.

People who picked James lack an accompanying daze character on offense and also lack a leader to work towards. Versus people who picked Christa get 2-in-1 with Priya.

I would recommend basically an S Class Melee version of Priya, simply the same weapon and lead skill and that they are a damage dealer but rush and active can be/work differently etc.


Museum is also full per what was said a few days or last week, i lost track. This is why you dont see any new comic collections & now zach + laopo red velvet collections…oopsie scopes oopsie.

Jogged my memory actually, one of us did suggest exactly that (Melee Priya equivalent) when asked where there’s gaps on teams. Might’ve been just before last week hence how I’ve managed to skirt it. But yes it has been raised

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