Player Council Recap: w/c 16th May

The idea of a “black market” building works because of what @Parker highlighted the potential to miss things… the counter to that is there is no need at all if didn’t keep faffing about with stuff for sake of it.

Frankly that whole condensed sections is a mess and slightly visually confusing. I personally don’t like it and find it clunky to navigate. Add to that the issues with gold bar debarcle.

Reading between the lines of lot of comments is that folk want simplicity… too much of the game is becoming convoluted and needless in complexity. Too much smoke an mirrors to entice spending but failing on that front in my humble opinion.

Edit: all for town expansion and foundry for wep tokens


Hi @Parker
I just want to give some suggestions that can be seen in the future if you agree cause no one listen to us as players (f2p) .maybe with your efforts scopley may listen to some (all) suggestions

1- war wheel and war tokens exchange :
The way I see it is that scopley could put some special toons for war ( like the ones for WOC ) to redeem for war tokens in black market .
For example : Sheila , and all WOC toon after a 3-4 months of exclusivity for WOC regions of course…
They can add collection and put cards to be claimed for war tokens

2- the extra Priya , Pete , … Cards after claiming 2 s classes they become somehow useless especially for those who pulls for toons in tournaments . It’s some sort of punishment for doing that when you put those cards in lvl up and other tournaments .
So we want a way to exchange those cards for other toons . Like Sheila , or any other s class toon

Hey hey. As for No.1, I don’t think that’ll likely happen, because rotten heads already exist as a war toon collection, war tokens are, for now, ‘something else’.
Although I would like to see those toons eventually go out as a collector lol.

Personally I’m a big advocate of war depot vs war wheel, that would facilate an S-Class option better perhaps, among other choices if you so wished instead.

Point 2 completely agree. A collectable trade-in is a repeated item. As the new war tokens stop at Shiva and are random, it increases the necessity for one

There are an amazing number of factions where no-one is active at all for anyone to clear them out. 30 level 6-10 players.

I think Scopely should clear out inactive accounts. Move them all to the same servers and clear a lot of the game out. It can’t be cost effective for them to maintain these accounts on all their servers.

I also think you’re over-estimating how well a lot of people understand the game. I would go as far to say you have a blind spot. A lot of players don’t get why being in a more active faction is better. I don’t think it’s explained well right back when you start playing. You’re just recommended a pretty Dead faction to join and left to it.

When I used to recruit in wave 3s, I got an awful lot of questions like “how do I leave my faction?” And “how do I join yours?” There is an issue somewhere that Scopely need to tackle. An éducation point about why you need to choose your faction wisely and regularly review.


How are you going to do that though? Don’t you have to be in the faction for about 2 weeks before it will promote you to leader? And I think it will only promote if the lead isn’t logging on in another region.

It’s a job for Scopely really. I don’t think 500 dead factions makes the game look any better. It arguably makes it look worse. Like one hell of a lot of people don’t enjoy it.

Yes, fair question, I figured on a couple ways,

  1. Join a little crappy faction - I would try to convince any actives that they have to go to my current faction, or any other faction that I have mates at, hang around for a level up or two to give the little guys a taste of top 10 prizes, to convince them to move on, hopefully before the fac lead leaves they will hand me the reins to make sure its properly disbanded.

  2. Time out - So join a dead faction with an inactive leader and hope the the leadership comes my way after x ( I think its 23 from memory) amount of days, and disband it then and there. ( Not my first disbanding Rodeo).

I would view it as a community service, for the greater good. You are right, this is something Scopes should be doing.

And yes the education around factions is very poor, I have seen the same questions that you have been asked, these dead factions become traps for new players, I have no idea how the programming works for how facs are recommended to new guys, but its broken. It is disillusioning for new guys to get recommended by the game into a fac that is dead and inactive, they cannot be getting the best impression about what the game is, there is no one in these facs to teach them anything, and one assume’s that they get themselves to level 18 or whatever and stop playing. ( Adding to the issue).

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I agree totally.

If only someone in the players’ council hadn’t been playing for 4 years and understood the problems new players faced.

QoL Suggestions.

  1. mod recycling. I’m finding it a faff. Please can we have some kind of better selection than holding down one bronze mod which might select a second Bronze mod if we’re lucky. And a more visible total for the mods so that I can more easily see when I have to volunteer precious minutes of my life I will never get back for a poorly thought through feature.

The armory does this much better: a select the first 100 weapons option.

While we’re at it: do we really still need bronze mods at all?

  1. A little tick box for messages like “your weapon inventory is full” or “your Roster is at capacity” or “you’ve got too many mods” so it doesn’t keep popping up. I read it the first time, but maybe my time is precious right then and I’ll get to it later.

  2. A “Remove all mods from selected toons”. Highlight multiple toons and it does what it says. Way more helpful for seeing what mods I’ve got and what I can group together.

Thanks for the recap @Parker and to everyone who provides constructive feedback.


We need 6* and S class trainers… When the meta evolve so should the resources needed for it.


Next week is the home stretch, Scopely need to ensure that the toons in the league store are meta relevant and also reintroduce the gear bags/trainer bags as options. It should be a standard that customers can purchase featured toons, trainer bags and gear bags.


This is QoL for leadership. A war counter of how many wars each member has participated in would help greatly. Some factions have a mixture of developing and developed members so when it comes to pardoning etc, would be handy to see who is active although low scores and who hasn’t been active that much or at all. This is different from just taking scores because there r some member who have low scores but have participated in a lot of wars, making up the numbers that complete a war party to search. Having this distinguished would give leadership the ability to see who is really pulling their weight and who isn’t and to make decisions based on that. Something similar to contributions.


Still no visibility of how to do this, or role, responsibilities, requirements and qualifying criteria. It’s been in existence for a while now and new customers have come to the game. Would be good to have visibility provided so interested parties can apply.


Again, they need to be -
• Incentivised
• Time lenght given
• Support area should give you option to continue to complete so your not bogged down in the middle of a survey while you were doing something else
• Dedicated area in the support area (where FAQ etc are) so your not waiting on pop ups, or are able to full out by chance.


These are annoying, but what is worse still is that for the S class ones, they take you when u try to click off it to the offer. EVERYTIME!! This shouldn’t happen should be a click here if u wanna purchase or an x if you just want it to go away


QoL - When you sell items for gear markers, then want to return back to purchase items, you have to click on supply depo and then the click on gear markers. Before it was a simple click on buy or sale… an extra click has been added which is annoying


They created their own PC for feedback, but they don’t feedback to customers what happens as a result. A simple every 2 months or even quarterly breakdown/recap would help so we know from what we have suggested through customers to then communicate to Scopely is being worked on etc, as their PC members can’t comment.


Submission of questions, going back to Kalishane days where she used to gather questions then answer them in a Q&A needs to be established in a clearer manner especially in absence of any communication from Scopely regarding their PCs feedback.


Dedicated time when a member or department etc goes live to answer questions in real time. Would better interaction and engagement. Can have some pretty questions gathered from Q&A and then anything that needs further research can then be answered in the weekly or monthly Q&A.

And I think that’s about it!

UPDATED 24/5 FACTION MEMBER -STATS With regards to QoL for leadership, just a facility where member stats for faction events can be viewed would be great. Can be held under the faction tab, and shows breakdown of each tournament stats for each member going back a set amount of time

ANOTHER UPDATE 25/5 - VISIBILITY OF HOW TO BECOME A MOD - So I suggested this already to Walker, but guess what?.. NO RESPONSE, RESPONSE RESPONSE!! Way to encourage communicate eh?! :unamused:

Anyways, there should be in discords rules and roles info on how to apply to become a mod and it should be included on the forum guidelines info.


I doubt, I’ve spent 4 years dragging 29 people kicking and screaming into the modern game, at any given time. I’ve seen all the crimes against humanity the human brain produces

But that one’s fine. If I represent Blackpool South then I don’t know how much a loaf of bread costs in Uzbekistan.

Don’t give trapped Wave 1 players hope


In a game with so little content, removing something is bad. But I would certainly support the removal of territories, because it’s a bad event.

This. It’s a neat event design. A small sink wouldn’t have hurt (say exchange 50 bottles for a basic token or something), so that there was some benefit to getting more, but of course they couldn’t have done that, because everyone would have complained even more about it.

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It’s 24 hours if the leader hasn’t logged in for a while. But if the leader is logging in in another region, this will not happen, you’re right.

I tried doing this for a while. But it’s actually hard - a lot of factions you can’t join because they started a T1 Faction assault and everyone stopped playing before they could finish it, others you can join but the leader is active in another region. It’s actually hard to find something you can close.

It’s kinf of annoying; somehow our region still seems to get new players on occasion (or people reinstalling after playing half a day years ago?), and get suggested some long-dead faction when there’s plenty active factions that would gladly help some new players; a better system would help new players and casual factions out a lot.

@Parker great recap as always. I think I’ve seen you mention it in previous recaps but war cans are really starting to dry up for myself and a lot of people I know. I don’t think being down 20+ war cans over the weekend is sustainable. We need better drop rates or more ways to earn them.

And I know people will say just farm towers but when matches are done around the 5 minute mark that’s hard to do.

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Hi Opie - try this if you are up for it. General Farming - so our fac has been doing an experiment, we have one player who is dedicated to just hunting generals, doesn’t attack anyone else ( unless the Generals are gone), just takes a stronghold at the start then just hits generals. This week it was my turn, so what happened was I got a lot more wins than I expected, yes it hurt my war score, but I actually did ok, by only hitting the generals you dont use a lot of cans, plus you get hits in with natural energy regeneration. I am up 15 cans from when war started. I dont know what your match ups are like, or who you are warring against, but give it some thought. It maybe a way you can grind for cans aswell.

Hey @Parker in addition to my other points… with relation to the new League store changes, can Scopely advise customers what actual research and interactions they had with their customer base to get feedback on these changes?

I don’t recall a specific survey about this so their is no way for customer to provide their input on what they proposed and now have put in place.

No Scopely employee even created a thread asking for ideas on improving leagues to generate customer feedback and opinions , suggestions and ideas?

Where is the customer input in this? It directly effects us and is meant to be for us, yet customers have no input.


Yeah I was curious about the feedback too. Perhaps from pc?

Are we ever going to get detailed woc info? Last woc they ended up updating prizes twice after feedback that original prizes weren’t good enough. Just feel like the longer they wait, the less likely that will happen again.

I know, smaller demographic, but still matters.

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And @WakeUp, Such a macro overhaul of the league system would have come primarily from the analytics and what they found themselves from leagues, rather than being born through feedback. Although some things look player influenced, such as the insistence on coins remaining, blocking players from sandbagging, season store additions, etc. Those things the PC and forum have mentioned.

Personally I’m still ambivalent, it looks somewhat better but there’s still aspects I hope they do respond dynamically to the player feedback now to finetune. Such as the S-Class question, coin output (if a problem, still early days), matchmaking if its particularly miserable in the early weeks.


While I agree I never saw any surveys and was never asked specifically about leagues, player feedback about leagues has been noted on the forums since they came out. Players voiced their displeasure at the whole league structure where it paid off better to tank and be in a lesser league than to actually succeed. Players complained about low coin amounts. Players complained there were too many faction members in their leagues taking the fun away for having to fight your own teammates. These are all player feedback that was widely available to Scopely from listening to the forums and Discord.

Yes with this massive an overhaul at the very least a questionnaire should have been sent out but several of the points they mention as issues with the current league system in their announcement were mainly things that were brought up by players right here. So they do actually take our forum feedback into consideration. That’s what I’m sure they are considering as customer input, the things we’ve actually complained about on the forums.


We don’t know if they did as they never say anything in those, here doggies go discuss but we aren’t gonna say anything