Player Council Recap: w/c 16th May

And we got stacking boxes in inventory! What a coup. A modern day water into wine. I almost don’t want to ruin this Recap by giving you all that big list of things not done. Instead I should Last Crusade it and ride off into the sunset here. End on a high like every good sitcom.

Have a lovely weekend! Take care! Goodnight! :wave:

I wish.

Here’s a list of feedback and suggestions given by the Council over the last 7 days:

Scavenger Camps

  • Suggested an overhaul for ALL missions (2.6k wood reward wouldn’t even help… a beaver idk)
  • Reiterated the support for a universal YGL
  • Suggested that the cooldown be capped at one day to help circulation (thank you almighty silver radio mission that’s taking up a spot for 4 days)


  • Raised that all 10 being open is the best course of action to maximise the amount of factions that can take part
  • Putting the rewards back to one hour would be an immediate boost to prizes
  • After our discussion here last week, put forward that defence penalties for every 6* territory held was popular to try and prevent monopolies in a game mode that only has 6 prize brackets, of which you can hog all


  • Don’t leave me this way, ahhhhhhhhhhh… Baby! My heart is full of love and its not-for-you. So come on down and do what you’ve got-to-do
  • Melvin, Houston or Communards (Communards) another fantastic performance by the Forum Symphony Choir No.4


  • Raised again the overall armoury token drought
  • Suggested an upgrade lock (at least on 5*), so those tokens/items/time don’t go to waste on one case of bad luck
  • Proposed that the Epic Weapons roadmap has a 3rd act which offers varnish / blow torches / and tokens ofc
  • Higher raid milestones that may also contain these items
  • Suggested a small but confirmed amount of armoury tokens drop with every raid made


  • League store pricing and amount change needs to happen asap, the P2P gear map was a truly hilarious move, but now its time to solve the problem for everyone
  • A renown point change for S-Class


  • Passed on suggestions for a foundry building - giving a steady supply of armoury tokens
  • Passed on suggestions for a black market building - giving quick access, to the black market


  • SR ‘My Teams’ button


  • Raised the training ground bug again, on behalf of a very pesistent forum user reading this. Unless he skipped. In which case I won’t listen next time.


  • Asked for another war crate update, the last was not a perfect final version
  • Pushed for a war wheel update

Events: Saviours Reckoning and Treasure Hunt

  • Suggested a whisky excess offering trainers and gear
  • And an emerald excess
  • Asked that more raid events be put up during raid-related events

And that was this week recapped.

Any and all issues you want to be brought up next week by me, then bring up firstly down below by thee


Thanks, man!

Besides a non-disclosed bug in training grounds, any chance to revamp them closer to the S-class era?
Basically only trainings for 1*/2* toons make sense, anything else is too time consuming to be of use…
Maybe introduce a sort of a Legend booster trained for 15 minutes (a 2* toon that would grant the 20% XP boost [i.e. 468 XP] to Legendary/Sclass characters and eventually a minor [say 0.5% per toon used] chance to increase theor rush/active level?


What about Bob?

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The bug is training grounds crashing when you have the -training time territories

We had a big discussion on training grounds here… 5/6 weeks ago. Things there were pessimistically moving 3* down to equalling the same requirements, or optimistically training trainers in their place

6* trainer was thrown around too. All were suggested the following week. As a catch-up to where the community stands on that so far

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Bob who? Lol

Whiskey Bob lol

Lol. Looks to me like Whisky was a re-used item and they didn’t change the description. Bob was never intended in there

This makes me sad…

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Luckily he’s only a 5* whoever he was, probably would’ve tripped into the ascendance fodder grinder lol

Just because it’s Bob, I’d allow it. Lol

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Not to be confused with the amazing 4* Joe Bob

I have an idea to make the radios relevant again make the bronze radios a choice box between weapon tripods, sports gauntlets, knife sheaths and Practice dummy’s for all stages and for complete the stages.

Then for the silver whetstone, magazine bandoliers, double holsters and hock masks.


I didn’t !!!

:pray: Praise the lord PC Parker for his almighty understanding, may he one day enlight the dev team !!!


So no you are trying to get rid of our ygl missions ? Are you trying to completely destroy the game from within ? @Parker

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(I’m not sure if this is an elaborate evil-Parker narrative, or genuine misunderstanding, if it’s the former and I’ve ruined the joke, then oops)

(But the contrary, I’m hoping for everyone to be able to get YGL :blush:)

If it’s a joke, then yes… 4* tokens for war rewards is my next dastardly scheme


Uh well I mean you already got rid of the cakes now your trying to make a ygl that you can only do once per day ? That’s what is sounds like to me


Can’t you only do YGL once per day anyway pretty much? But no,

You have a set amount of missions in the scav camp (about 14?). To try and increase circulation, and circulation of YGLs for those who went past story mission 13, capping cooldowns at 1 day means missions will come and go faster. Meaning YGL shows up more

If you get it regular, then nothing changes under these suggestions

And it’s no lie, I didn’t like Red Velvet cakes lol. Although my suggestions were to offer a F2P toon once per month with them, or remove them entirely from F2P avenues so more useful prizes could have been put in instead. Total removal I didn’t ask for, although I’m not too upset by it as a F2P, lol.

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Has anyone gotten a straight answer on the 2 new Survivors Collections 12 & 13 with the Bloodied axes getting consumed instead of rolling over?

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Can you explain yo all of us how the red velvet cakes were impacting the game in a negative way ? Since you are so smart and funny

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Thank you. And they were primarily items you got for spending on promo pulls, to which you could then partly cash in a certain amount with 5*/6* equivalents for extra shards. Many spenders liked this. As a F2P, eh. If there’s a problem here, it’s gap growing, but oh well.

The problem for me, was when they started creeping into things like war milestones. All of a sudden, you could pickup up P2W collectables and still have no way to cash them in (you’d still need the 5/6* toon. Later on there was a few exceptions when they redid Pete/Priya. But largely the RVCs took up a spot that could have been for literally anything else of use. Not good to waste a prize slot in the game’s economy today.

If Scopely saw them as the main way to distribute shards, then perhaps it is better they were removed in favour of overall more shards for all.