Player Council Recap: w/c 15th August 2020

Greetings Forumers! Recap time!

9 months of these things this week. And I’ve still never been short of an intro! How can I be when we have such great events every week. We had the Roadmap updates that everybody loved… until Gear Hunt. See Chapter 8. The Commonwealth! That is… something. Hordes is coming back! That 1 lucky reader will be so happy :grinning: The rest of you are heading for back button having decided this week isn’t for you. Come back! I’ll begin:

Here’s a list of feedback and suggestions given by the Council over the last 7 days:


  • Trade in!
  • Enquired about the Rick statues. The cap has now been doubled. That was all me yes.
  • Brought up again and furthered the discussion on making older cards more available


  • Suggested selling weapons for arm tokens, not SD markers
  • A higher crit success rate is needed
  • More of the supplies (tokens, varnish, grease, etc) are needed
  • More armouries. Expand the town. Let’s SimCity it up.


  • Asked about putting the ‘You have X of this item’ inside choice boxes
  • A filter-out for maxed weapons
  • Museum lock returns
  • The ability to see a player’s war score in the war queue. Not rep
  • The war log remaining visible after-action.
  • That thing where Arenas defences reset every week. That thing where Arenas defences reset every week.

Battle Pass

  • Cards should be buyable in smaller amounts (250)


  • Windows should be every 45-60 days
  • Pushed for an immediate announcement. Which we got… 14th September is transfers
  • Stop the outcrying! Forum Symphony Choir No.4 will try to soothe the atmosphere.
    - My heart is numb has no feeling, so while I’m still healing, just tryyyyyyy and have a little… patience.
  • What a patronising bunch. Every American wondering who that band is. Think British NSYNC, but if they all grew up except Timberlake and came back
  • Each Wave should have at least 1 region for each language


  • Commonwealth: :joy:
  • Commonwealth: Factions shouldn’t be locked for this
  • Commonwealth: There should be a trade-in for newer cards
  • Whisperer War: Try to avoid time slot events in future


  • We all liked it when we could farm specific gear… hint hint
  • Suggested an update to bronze and silver radio maps
  • Proposed the ability to use more than one salvage token at a time
  • Raised the Gear Hunt map issues. This is Chapter 8


  • More salvage tokens should be given out
  • In fact, more of everything should be given out in there


  • Double the amounts
  • Reduce the time
  • Cut the price
  • 1, 2, 3 shake your body down. This one wasn’t planned it came naturally to the rhythm
  • Much much much much more lower gear should be offered in Gear Markers
  • Assault depot should be updated. As with all of assault. I’ve just merged two sections there


  • Raised the issue with war crate drops seemingly skewed towards gear markers
  • Suggested a war depot again
  • The war stash should come back permanently


  • Ha, I didn’t mean those caps. Trainer caps should be raised to 500 too.

The Poll: Total War
Especially with this one, please note that all opinions were represented. It was not a case of X won and A,B,C will be ignored. The most popular answers:

  1. Most loved the event
  2. 3 towers most preferred
  3. 1 minute Camp Attack Cooldown (Y’all loco)
  4. Half wanted 1 minute Scout time, but the other half wanted longer
  5. 2:30 minute Tower Cooldown. Finally, a normal one
  6. Att boosts most popular effect, Heal Reduction least
  7. Most stat values were ‘About Right’
  8. 1 short repair most popular
  9. 5 minute retreat time preferred
  10. People would like to see such experiments again in Total War-type events
  • I also ended the write up with the words ‘Do not take Mercenaries away

And that was this week recapped.

Suggestions, issues, feedback that you want raised next week. Leave below. Like the ones you agree with. It’s been 9 months you should know how it works. Very enjoyable 9 months. These aren’t going to stop. :grin:

Have a nice weekend!




I’d prefer transfers open all the time, with an increase in individual cool down before a repeat transfer if necessary. This approach limits individuals from bopping around every ten days but doesn’t penalize the entire player base.


How long would you put as a personal cooldown?

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Thanks for another great recap Parker :blush:

It feels like Scopely went 2 steps forwards and 3 steps back. We were really enjoying the events, it seemed like there were some positive changes, then it’s like they went “oh no the players are too happy, we must do something about that!”

They ruin the gear map, introduce this horrendous commonwealth event and now hordes are coming back :unamused:. There better be some serious improvements to hordes after it’s been gone so long.

It’s great that they finally announced transfers but it fell a bit flat to tell us its another month away without any explanation as to why it’s taking so long. If they’re making any changes we need info well in advance so we can plan.

I like this one. Not something I’d thought of but it would make sense.

With regards to supplies it’s not just tokens, varnish and grease. I can’t do any ranged weapons because I’m struggling to craft any parts because everything needs damn ethanol at a higher rate than I can farm it at! But of course that’s not a concern to scopes because they just want me to pay for SC.

The worst part is I have burned through so many resources with only one half decent ranged weapon to show for it. So a crit success rate improvement is needed.

We shouldn’t even have to ask for this. They should have timelines and increase levels every so often so that people don’t get stuck. So much XP is being wasted.


I think a month cool down is reasonable. A month is long enough for two wars to see If you fit in, and short enough that most wont get so frustrated they’d quit. I think the ten day cool down did on occasion create an environment where people didn’t think enough before transferring.


:joy: I’m getting @Leviathan and @Vitalogy on you. I’m hoping they took notes with the mini-poll I did in the Recap 10 Recaps ago.

Vitalogy will flocking here too with his Silver paint lol. This does get mentioned, usually as an update to the 4* weapon parts map. Perhaps making that farmable. This week it was the higher items mentioned. It rotates around.

In regards to XP. I’m 8 off. I usually spend about a month at the cap. So I predict 2 months lol


I’m a month advocate. The range of opinions seem to be in that 30-60 day period

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Hordes takes too much time and effort for not enough rewards imo. It got worse as the toons got better and the walker cards didn’t change.

I would happily never do hordes again but since they’re bringing it back I just hope it’s been improved.


Great update my weeks complete can turn my mobile (work one) shut the laptop and open a beer and order a takeaway… an try watch decent film.

Agree with every thing.

For transfers think every 3 months and should be free travel any/all open. Stop folk monopolizing regions or impeding ability to progress and grow.

Hordes… urgh… I panic bought toucans from depo so can refresh before begins with my aim being use em min starts before defs get outrageous… after that unless they have altered it will be poor as nowt but a slaughter… even if get decent cards which doubt although spose can spend them weird token things that never ever spent…

Armoury is fast becoming a sink pit of waste and frustration so any alteration be welcomed


3 months is interesting. We all shot that one down as too long. By ‘free travel’ do you mean no keys, or is it a statement on Waves?


Sorry I had to.

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That thing where Arenas defences reset every week.


Need an increase onbasic 5 star gear. I find my toons waiting now on basic gear. With events lately getting 6 star gear has been great. Now I am having to wait on leveling even 5 star toons cuz no gear and needing to level s class which takes way more gear.


But…that’s a parrot. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Still funny though :joy:

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Honestly don’t mind the commonwealth event. Not sure why a few tickets a day couldn’t be handed out free though.

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I tried to find a toucan looking emoji. I could have found an actual picture but it’s a pain on PC (computer, not Player Council). So you got a lazy parrot instead lol

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Have you taken part in it?

It’s pretty naff that many facs can’t take any part in it, but they’re bound by it because of faction lock


I don’t get the hate on common wealth event apart from the faction lock imposed.
It’s not tied to any events and purely P2P. Anyone wanting to sit out and can easily ignore it without any implication.
I see my wave 2 faction excited about this and few f2ps even pitched in with some tickets, as almost none have a second Priya or Aarav.
I personally don’t mind such events which cater to newer and lower level players.
Would love if they could at least give out few free tickets.

F2P here *Flashes F2P pass* I don’t know who those rogue agents are but they are banished from the F2P brotherhood. No F2P can partake in this event.

OK I did. But only because 2 of my fac members, who are not part of the F2P legion, took a selfless bullet.

I think that’s wrong. Don’t waste dev time making things that will just serve spenders only. F2P don’t want to be looking at a locked door for 2 weeks. Very few things in the game are hard P2P. Nearly everything has something a F2P can do parts of. I don’t like the event as a potential direction.


Yes. We are a mix of light to moderate to no spending players, pretty much the full spectrum here apart from megawhales

Didn’t mind putting a fiver in the kitty to fill out some old toons, and get some trainers and banners. Our juniors get to catch up on toons they missed too. Feels nice actually to buy something for the rest of the gang as well as me

We made it clear no one has to spend on this event though.

But 30 people putting a dollar/pound each in goes quite far too.