Player Council Recap: w/c 14th Dec 2019

*Deep breath*

DON’T mention it.

Anyways, while war queues may have been less than active, the PC was not. We did have a call this week, to which the topics were: S-Class Promos, Cheating and Compensation. Did manage to squeeze Gear at the end too (been hyped up for 6 weeks) So, here is a list of feedback and suggestions given by the PC over the last 7 days:

To begin with arguably the most important. *The PC strongly opposes the direct selling of S-Class toons*

  • S-Class toons should NOT be able to be bought from the store. We did warn with Sheila in the Stash, it was now advised this model is not pursued futher
  • Instead, if promo needs a ‘big win’ pull prize, consider a sizeable amount of shards instead of the toon itself, which directly undermines the new shard gameplay not 6 months old
  • Regardless of whatever shenanigans happens there, collectables should be seen across all areas of the game now


  • Issue was raised with this war’s close proximity to Christmas
  • War should avoid overhanging onto Mondays as much as possible (apologies to Australians who are wondering what the fuss is about)
  • Rewards need to be scaled relative to the number of factions partaking
  • War Crates need updating
  • Suggested no more last minute changes are implented in future
  • The compensation recieved for the blitz issue was not satisfactory and not what the PC suggested. For full disclosure, the PC suggested:
    – All milestones
    – 2 S-Class boxes
    – 1500 Elf Hats (when the rest was rejected, we wanted these in addition at a minimum)
    – Fixing the war weekend start time (this did get passed)
  • Compensation should always be relative to the number of people affected. Lots were affected.


  • Recommended a weekly 6* gear map is introduced
  • Proposed that the cost of gear in the league store is dropped, in reflection to each piece of gear being needed in nearly 6 times the amount now
  • Also suggested that the amount of gear per cooldown is increased


  • Suggested museum tabs for a more orderly interface
  • Asked for another key trade-in
  • Warned that F2P will continue needing ways to trade in Red Velvet Cakes after the Xmas event, if they continue appearing in F2P prizes


  • Plat mods should remain grind-only items

Event Review: Bear Hunt

  • That wasn’t cool, Scopely
  • Reinforced the unnecessary complication with the event
  • And it still wasn’t cool.


  • Asked for clarification on future gold/knife collections
  • Asked for clarification on future Princess collections
  • Suggested more rational is included in oficial announcements to help players understand the thought track behind some of them


  • Was in the call, but note that the PC now has a dedicated side channel to the matters of cheating. So it is best assumed that this is an ongoing discussion. I likely won’t mention it every week but it is omnipresent in feedback

And that was this week recapped. And it still wasn’t cool Scopely. Feel free to leave suggestions below. It is somehow Christmas next week. So for those who celebrate it, have a Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:


Thanks @Parker. But you know what? It’s ok. Let it go. They dont care.
I appreciate your efforts, but you might as well be talking to a brick wall.


They created a system for player feedback. And I shan’t have it said that the players walked away first :slightly_smiling_face:


Bang on unfortunately.

It’s very clear to everyone here that they don’t care and won’t listen, you’re all wasting your time repeating the same issues week after week with no progress… it’s a lost cause.

I appreciate the work you put in @Parker I just wish Scopely showed the same in return.


@Parker any feedback from Scopely regarding your last weeks suggestions?

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Thanks for the recap.

What’s the context of this though?

I’d look ingame. Lol

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Fuck it who cares anymore lol

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Thanks as always Parker. For all your time and effort. What you asked and pushed for, was all so reasonably sound, it befuddles me why they would have any issue with what was proposed? It is that they just don’t care or merely are saying no, because they feel threatened, by the fact. The PC in actuality knows how to properly run their game better than them?


The most important thing I’ve noticed with your feedback @Parker - what kind of lunatic refers to a week commencing on a Saturday?


Seriously though, good job and thanks

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Lol. I attach the comments over the weekend to the week following when they’ll be seen by Scopely. So technically all you see here is what was said from Saturday onwards. Sorry if that answer is one too many shades of boring and lacks sarcastic content lol

Sounds like the player level missions from this past week.

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At this point, we can take any and all improvements to the game to be a negative.

For example, they finally introduce S class items in all ranks and they updated the war wheel… bam, instantly nullified by putting S Class toons in the wheel.

There is no winning with this company. They are incapable of change.


Thank you, and all of PC, as always Parker.

Unfortunate they felt compelled to give lacklustre compensation for their massive screwup despite PC’s suggestions. Typical though.

Question though, what does this mean? Like a task force?


Discord is made up of channels. I.e there’s one for feedback, one for Q&A, etc. Now there’s one solely for discussing matters of cheating so it doesn’t clog up the others.

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Cheers @Parker and to the rest of PC too even if some prefer the shadows.

Good to hear that you guys are trying hard even if falls on deaf ears. Merry Christmas

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Was that a sarcastic remark? i mean s class mercer is still in the Wheel. Did you get any answers other then "we’ll take it to (the other) team? Thanks in advance.

Partly. But also true, I want acta non verba from these suggestions. And they discussed their rationale behind it (wanting to offer better experience, rewarding a ‘big win’ pull and all that jazz), and we returned that such short-term enjoyment = long term unenjoyment. And of course some people don’t get the pull at all which isn’t a good experience. Then we moved on. But as I said, will they listen? We shall see with the next promo lol

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Thanks for the Summary @Parker.


Thank you PC @Parker for you efforts.But dude don’t waste your time with this greedy company they don’t care they don’t want to listen us.we always get the same answers “passed to the team”