Player Council Recap: w/c 13th June 2020

Greetings fellow forumers! This week the PC had 2 calls. The first was on WOC 3, a general chat on the experience, yada yada. I’m not even TRYING to keep mentioning it in these intros. It merely keeps turning up like an unwelcome uncle at the party.

The second, was on Hordes. Yes! The mode is not dead. I bring no gifts like a date. Assuming you’re in the pro-Horde camp. There’s some people who’d rather hear about the first call, ew. But Scopely was interested in having a chat about how the mode should return. So, let’s kick off this week.

Here’s a list of feedback and suggestions given by the Council over the last 7 days:

Walker Hordes

  • One of the biggest topics on the call was how the mode should be balanced. We all saw the horror movies of 5 million boom box walkers vs 1 Pete.
  • The PC suggested that the balancing should perhaps come from limiting the mode to 5*, like an old school mode. 6* maybe. Other restrictions like weapons could be in there?
  • Another idea suggested was that of a ‘build up week’. The idea here being that in the few events preceding the mode, you could earn some horde markers - when the event starts you would have some agency to make some quick card purchases so you weren’t lagging behind on bad pulls?
  • A returning suggestion was that the mode have a ‘Search new opponent’ button, as not to force mismatches and allow momentum to build?

Some general ideas there. You like? You no like? You know better? Comments :grin:

Ugh, let’s get it over with

  • Matchmaking was raised. In a perfect world you should match more with factions of your own level than what happened in WOC
  • Partly that may have been due to 60 factions. Perhaps it could have been 40. But that was contested a little
  • Putting the timer back to 30 minutes was suggested
  • Due to the economy, it was raised that there wasn’t too much diversity in teams

Season 11 Leagues
Get this over with too :grimacing: They are watching to see how the season progresses and what changes are desirable. Such as:

  • Raids: It was raised that Arenas now held too much sway. There was a subsequently boost to base raid points
  • Matchmaking: There’s too many factionmates in leagues
  • S-Class: Raised again the new distribution is too costly
  • Coins: Need more. I’d rather not get promoted than get promoted with 30. 30!
  • Rewards: Overall, due to being in gold, they aren’t too rewarding. Needs to be looked at
  • Arenas: Raised that the veteran ring and armoury item spots should be extended down due to the higher numbers participating


  • Suggested that holding on a toon’s profile show active statuses. Rather than waiting for the little bubble to scroll around
  • The war log should be visible until the next war so you can check back on defends


  • Overall, more trainers are needed and the new grounds need streamlining post- update 25.0
  • Raised the ability to train trainers
  • Reiterated the support for at least moving 3* down to 2* time + requirements
  • Brought up about having an AR trainer drop rate for AR rush objectives


  • Trainers, of course, gear! And armoury stuff
  • Took a particular focus this week on world energy usage. Passed on a detailed account of how many world cans are typically required and used every day. Either the cost needs to be brought down or more cans in circulation

Scav Camps

  • Raised an overall update - except the refill and coins missions! In the wake of Season 11, it would be a crazy-ass decision to interfere with more coins avenues lol.
  • Suggested a universal and / or boosted YGL

The Forum Symphony Choir No.4 continued their world tour, naturally. This week they wanted to pass on the positive sentiments from last week’s Recap to messrs. Tay and Tron about good communication. To that they had a neat little number

  • I just can’t get enough
  • I just can’t get enough
  • I just can’t get enough
  • I just-can’t-seem-to-get-enough or!


  • Reiterated the frustrations with the current system, urged for a review in the wave system


  • Suggested that a Tier 7, if not Tier 8, is needed by now
  • A depot update is needed in tandem with that too


  • Asked that trophy reward (the ones that determine leaderboard score), are made equal per match. Currently there’s instances someone can get 42 and the other… 4.

And that was this week recapped.

As always, leave your opinions and suggestions below. Any ideas with Hordes, weekly commentary on Season 11, anything… (but not WOC, leave it dead and buried in Recaps pls)… let me know to let them know. Have a nice weekend


Did they at least say anything official that Walker Hordes will come back at some point?

Non, that would give you too easy a life lol. Only we had a call and they say I can say that they do hope to bring the mode back. Hence the chat on what it should look like

Okie dokie, well I can understand but looking forward.

Are there any facets of it you think should be changed or kept the same? The stage they’re at currently is deciding what parts of it should get the chop, or added.

Man I had to skip reading until I got to season 11😂

Lol. There’s a cult pro-Horde following in these Recaps and they’ll be here shortly to put you right :joy:


This sounds good.

But were is Kenny?


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As always fav no.1 thread Ty @Parker and Pc Members
Happy Hoards disappeared it was not my favourite
Woc is for cheats and whales moving on😂
Season 11 is a joke, more taking away from the play base
Really nice to have at least the bare minimum communication from scopes
Open up Transfers, I wonder how many peeps have quit since it was introduced, ps I still have my transfer key
Totally agree the raids should be = or in the favour of the player with the highest team imo
Another F assault event like the very first one would be nice, we didn’t participate in the last one


Either redo the whole system since new sclass characters will make it even more difficult to beat teams. Or introducing new types of walkers that can keep up with new sclass characters.

What do you think of the suggested limiting to older classes like 5* and 6*?


6* is a better option than 5* characters. That’s just only my opinion.


Personally i think it’s scopes being lazy

Horde came back!?

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Lol. You said you found it appalling, probably because walker stats were static yet defence teams were continually getting stronger? It makes sense to put defence teams back to a static place also. I think that’s better than having to continually increase walker stats inline with toons too.

Better for us AND better for them, they’d be rushed off their feet lol

I like the 6* only idea of Hordes, but I can still see people just using 6* version of S Class toons. Princess mowing down entire lines of walkers will
be a nightmare


Don’t even come here, to us with their lies…
Sorry for the tone, but you do understand the situation.

Totally against hordes being 5* or 6* only. If Scrotely can’t even keep their own game up to date with their ridiculous power jumps we should force them to actually address the problem not be reduced to old characters just because these idiots can’t balance their own game. Make them get it right or retire the feature, maybe they’ll learn a lesson from it.

Just kidding, we know that will never happen.

:joy: I do understand. However I do believe that they are open minded to some changes, depending on what they are. That’s why I think it’s important to keep surveying opinion as the league progresses. If some issues like ‘coins’ are still being complained about in Week 8, it’s clearly an area to fix. Whereas if prize scaling drops off by Week 5, it’s less of a priority.

They’ve made small edits so far each week. I don’t think they’re rigid that S11 will be the exact final form.


I don’t know if you could put walkers on the same level as toons though, lol. Walkers tend to have a niche skill like ‘decap’, or ‘shield’. Whereas toons have naturally progressed (for a long time now), to having about 57 skills. Even if you did boost walkers, you’re still dealing with all the other stuff too. My opinion

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