Player Council Recap: w/c 11th July 2020

Greetings Forumers!

As I’m sure you all saw, a PC Parker Poll went up this week, partly prompted by the fact that will be a more recurring thing on Discord. They may not be every week, but keep an eye out for them every Tuesday. (You actually outvoted them in participants lol). All the sentiments were passed on about the blitz. That you were bleeding, keep keep bleeding love.

“We WANT 80s songs PArker”
“I ONLY read Recaps for the NOStagic VALUE anyway”
“Same aS the Music INdustry, it was alL going fine until Britney Spears then it went downHill” - Actually Britney Spears was in a Recap, however she can now be found in Deleted Scenes and Bloopers on the DVD.
“Pop Parker”
"This is the second time in 2 weeks he’s done a song in the intro, and the intro isn’t meant for songs. The songs are meant to be cleverly integrated under the Communication section as the plea-ing Forum voice to a distant Scopely. In my conclusions, the Forum Symphony Choir No.4 has jumped the shark"

But I don’t care what they say, I’m in love with you, they try to pull me away…

Here’s a list of feedback and suggestions given by the Council over the last 7 days:

It was a topical song, ok.


  • Suggested maps be farmable for the lower-mid gear
  • Asked that Arena crates be updated
  • Raised the ascendance medal shortage
  • Total overhaul of the depots needed. Any of them. All of them.
  • The wheels need updating too. Any of them. All of them.
  • Renown points ought to be adapted for S-Class. Any of oh no that doesn’t work here.
  • Asked the daily S-Class crates are increased.

Survivor’s Club

  • General improvement needed
  • Suggested adding promo diamonds in there


  • Arenas: They have too much weighting, should give less trophies
  • Outputs: Coin amounts should still be raised in higher leagues. Veteran Ring and Armoury item places should be expanded
  • Matchmaking: Larger pool of opponents needed
  • S-Class: Should be better quality, without 6* requirements

Battle Pass

  • Additional trade-ins for trainers/gear
  • Raised the initial torch shortage on the 550
  • Then raised the roadmap difficulty. Or lowered. We didn’t raise it…


  • Too much RNG, success rate should be increased
  • More armoury tokens needed in circulation
  • Suggested ‘slot locks’. Lock those slots


  • Suggested roster ‘favourites’ - pushes favourited toons to the top
  • Asked for a quicker way to see battle effects
  • Should be able to see what’s inside crates in inventory
  • Pop-ups
    … No I won’t use the PC one again. Joke’s done.
  • Proposed a toggle for AR and AS on PvE gameplay

Training Grounds

  • Raised the issue of which screen it opens to. Don’t get at me for how minor that is. That’s all of you that want one
  • Suggested the ability to train trainers and convert to 1* trainers
  • Should be able to sell AS/AR trainers
  • Raise the trainer cap!


  • Passed along the idea of ‘Mod Ascending’. Potentially as a future thing. If you don’t like it, it’s 3rd party fault. I wash my hands of it.

Enter, the Poll. NOTE: All viewpoints and arguments were represented in the breakdown. For the summary of what won:

  1. It was a majority-liked event (fun fact, this is probably where the song is on Discord. They couldn’t handle the Forum intros)
  2. Missions and Prizes were the most popular
  3. Wave 1A, all weekend wars should be 8v8
  4. 5 towers shouldn’t be used in 6v6 mostly, 4 is acceptable
  5. Explained all the various opinions on towers
  6. Shield timers should be scaled based on number of towers
  7. Ghosting still exists
  8. Permanent war missions and improving the war wheel were most preferable. Other suggestions included:
  • Explained the higher milestone debate
  • For blitzes, cooldown timers, milestones and repair times should be adapted
  • Suggested faction-driven missions based on milestones
  • Matchmaking concerns raised

And that was this week recapped.

Leave all your suggestions and feedback and biggest issues below. Show the little brother that is Discord Recaps how it works. I now have to go there and strip out all the songs, and the humour, and anything that has developed as convention on Forum Recaps. It’s acoustic version basically. You’re missing nothing. Have a nice weekend despite the war! :smiley:


Leagues needs completely redone imo, the changes make it miserable for almost everyone.


Down with Choice box IV in War Wheel!

If nothing else tell them an errant developer tried to fix it and its now giving out 5,000 shards instead of 50. Would be fixed in an hour :smirk:


Yea leagues is worse then before and for scopely to think that noone would sandbag leagues for better rewards and coins is stupid there are so many top players that’s in lower leagues still so the incentive for that paragon mod or whatever isnt enough also the coins have been the same for 1st place the entire way up to plat 3 and then I heard in diamond only the top 30 make the promotion zone


:earth_asia: :earth_americas: :earth_africa:
(It’s like my little news logo, it’s the world spinning)
Breaking News just in that the placement rewards for Veteran Rings will be expanded, and arena matchmaking improved.

Back to you in the studio, Jeff


When will these changes be made? I didn’t even know there was arena matchmaking other than a random pull from within your league bracket.

Presumably from next week? I think the matchmaking improvement will be along the lines of offering more opponents to fit the larger pool

I don’t think the issues with leagues can be effectively addressed without reducing the weight arenas has in league standings, or at least reducing the amount of endurance levels in arenas which are straight out wins by highest spenders.


I think that’s the next priority on our list concerning league problems :slight_smile:

This will be a joke token gesture, it needs to return to its original format, not sandbagged but also not been stupid with my resources and I basically get nothing in leagues now, I can’t spend 100 tokens every week, I can’t get lucky against 100 whales or 100 me’s, I hate it and seriously have thought of totally giving up on it. Picking up on 1 point where it says Ghosting still exists, this is a good thing everyone wants war cans and this is a way of getting something free, as always fav thread of the week, keep up the awesome work @Parker and fellow PC members, we really do appreciate you all🤗


Don’t shoot me in the face, but I think it can work. BUT, it has to have all these suggestions implemented to see it in it’s true form first. We’re still not there yet but we’re a long way from where we started on Week 1. Hopefully Season 12 is crafted from a much better position (community feedback) that what Season 11 was (which was a bit of a stab in the dark)

I’m neutral on ghosting but it was a question I wanted to get an answer on for… interest. Lol

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Ghosting provides cans, survivors, basic tokens Etc it’s awesome and even my mini can farm it👍 . Leagues seriously is a joke it’s hitting active players the most, sandbag and your do ok ish, grind sensibly your get nothing, spend a lot your do ok. I’m only seeing negative feedback about leagues that should say it all


I feel like a really smart, albeit severely unattractive, person suggested this. Good on that person. And you, of course. Keep it up, @Parker. I may have to write a Parker polka, a la “Weird” Al.

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CJ made a positive comment about leagues 2 Recaps ago. I think all your pain and misery can be put at that door. Just saying. I’ve just seen her typing which made me hesitant to even send this now. Lol


I know I previously raised concerns about too many people getting champions tickets but the top 5 out of over 160 is a little ridiculous. Especially when you can spend multiple tickets and not even make top 50.

In domination the difference between 20th and 1st can be a few hundred points. Thanks to RNG you could spend 100 tickets and have a perfect run every time but never get any higher.

In endurance, well unless you have a hoarders stash of tickets you might as well not bother because you’ll just get out-spent every time. Which brings me to:

This would make it less frustrating. One aspect of the game should not so heavily impact league placements. Especially when we’re being forced to compete against big spenders because Scopely decided it was a good idea to shove us all in the same league.


Oops :grimacing::joy:

I do stand by my previous comments though. Old leagues weren’t perfect either. I think the system needs more work, not simply reverting back.

P.s. Thanks, as always, for your recap Parker :+1:t2::blush:

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This is enigma! :joy: :joy: Luckily I never said NOT to include Championship tickets, I just went quiet on that point lol.

As I said, the arena weighting is next on the list for us to chip at.

I did agree with your original comment though. I’d at least want to see new leagues working properly fitted before decided which was actually better. Currently, or at least at the start it was new leagues in old league clothes and looked weird

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Great recap parker as usual the point i would raise is the rotation times for event start times as we now have a new roadathon event where the event is based on who finishes quickest but starts in the middle of the night for euro players.


@Parker I liked all comments regarding leagues needing improvement. The changes to leagues have made it really unbearable and unrewarding. Major changes are needed, not small tweaks.


:joy: I walked right in to that one didn’t i?!

In my defense they were completely separate posts. But I do stand by both, I still think maybe Top 30 for champions tickets is too much, but could be more than 5.

Just like I don’t think the old leagues were great but the new ones aren’t either. I’m all about finding the middle ground lol

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