Player Council Recap: w/c 11th Jan

Previously, on Pl-… Actually, let’s not :grinning:

Moving swiftly on, this week was a busy week for the Council and Scopely. As per the Promises and GR’s update on it, we should be due an Assault update sometime in the next few months. The Council wanted to lead the discussion on what an Assault update should look like, as well as believing the return of an Assault event would do well to accompany it. Details below. Otherwise, we also brought up the standard range of issues. Details also below, as this is what this thread is.

So, here’s a list of the feedback and suggestions given by the Council over the last 7 days:

Assault - Update

  • In a future Assault depot update, we would want the gear and trainer amounts in the depot to be heavily increased
  • We suggested an exclusive S-Class character in there (like Tara was for 6*)
  • We proposed the addition of 5* armoury items and potentially even Veteran Rings to the depot
  • All the costs of items should be drastically reduced from their current values (10k for a bandolier?)

Assault - Event

  • Should a Faction Assault event pair with the update, we stressed it should be based on the first Winter Assault event
  • The main change being more direct prizes that were immediately useful, including gear and trainers in large amounts, and a wheel with but not limited to collectable choice boxes, armoury items, armoury tokens, etc
  • The ticket cap should be raised, or a multiplier to maximise the amount of Assaults a faction can do in the event
  • In the event of said event, the event should be communicated well before it’s release (so no factions waste tickets prematurely)


  • Proposed a conversion mechanic for league : season tokens
  • Suggested trainers in the store, outside of RNG trainer boxes


  • Suggested that 4*s are now removed from wheels to keep the economy up to date
  • Also called for a 5* wheel update


  • Called for more and smaller prize brackets (e.g every 10 ranks from #10-100) to help lower faction motivation
  • Though did add that this should not affect the S-Collectable content within the prizes
  • Asked for alternate ways to get war cans in the event of a bad drop rate
  • Reminded that the 150k milestone should have 3 items


  • Needs an entire and urgent overhaul. All of it.
  • Recommended more raid tourneys to increase armoury token output


  • Asked for a solid and consistent timeframe on S-Class collectable release into the wider game and boxes
  • Furthermore to update the Arena and Roadmap S-Class crates
  • Asked for confirmation on future gold bar use.
  • Should certain items be discontinued from future use (plushies, rotten heads, etc), then there should be an excess collection always available


  • Encouraged more prizes like those seen in Nightmare SR
  • Proposed all SR tourneys begin with a walker stage (to ensure all players of all levels can log points to collect end prizes)


  • Reiterated feedback to split the Plat mod slot into a rotation of 4 mod types to ease frustration
  • Advised a move away from such RNG prizes (given SR markers are another word for ‘Plat mods’)


  • Pushed for a release on the dates
  • Recommended they be open for at least a week

Event Review: Rarity

  • Questioned the use of 4*s
  • Raised that pillowcases were overpriced
  • Raised also that events shouldn’t be completeable within the hour, if they want to be events and avoid an underwhelming conclusion.

And that was this week recapped. Any suggestions of your own, feel free to leave below


Next few months? :joy::joy::joy:


‘Early 2020’…


Good luck

Disappointed in the time frame for faction assault event but also not surprised. I like the addition / suggestion of the first stage in SR to always be walkers, then anyone has the chance to gain rewards in a faction SR. Removing 4* tokens I like as well - guessing on the removal of these unused ones would be changed over to… supply markers?


Gear. Gear. Gear. Again. Like every week.


Thank you sir much appreciated! Cannot wait for the faction assault update

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Thanks for your update PC.Parker.

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What he said

I’d pull for Frost, but what’s the point? All my blue ant top tier gear went to Mercer, and Slater, and Princess

Stupid company hurting its own income by not giving access to gear


Goods ideas,one S toon for assalt its one good thing and on S toon for league store too.

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Thanks for the update. I appreciate the push for smaller prize brackets for war. That would help mid to lower factions. Also glad to see the council pushing for items to help the mid to lower factions. Bummer about the faction assault but not surprised.

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Has a super legendary(whatever 6* gear is called) roadmap ever been brought up? It’s s class era so there’s no point in not having a easier way to grind for the gear.

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Might even have been last week. Certainly was a mention in November and the last week before Christmas yes.


Why not a exclusive toon during the faction assault event. Plus the nightmare SR rewards are the perfect reward and should be the same through out the events.

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Because, in my mind, Trial by Fire had a toon prize (Roxie), and the result was people walked away with kites and flags but no toon. Not everyone will get the top prize (toon). So it would be better build around Winter Assault’s gear/trainer/item model where the fall-short of top prize is just less of it, not missing an item all together.


This rarity event if you wanna call it that is very underwhelming & boring, but thankfully it was over very quickly. The prior 3-4 events sucked. The rng needs to be taken out on most of these things, more so on offers, if people are buying things to advance faster in said events, rng should not be involved. If i am going to spend $20 for a pillow, i want the damn pillow & not a trainer.

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I actually enjoyed the aspect of the 4* rarity event. If that system doesn’t appeal to everyone, maybe an event type like Draft arenas but using a point system like hordes to temporarily purchase 4* for use solely in the event.
Are any other factions out there hoarding Faction Assault tickets in anticipation for an event? The current prizes available in the depot are too underwhelming to occasionally assault for.

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I’d propose that they either commit to not doing one of them again, or to a fixed schedule. Faction assault can be fun (I hope it will be after the updates), and it would be fun to do them regularly, but right now people can’t because you never know when an event will happen.

Why not? I think one of the advantages of the shards (and armory tokens) is that they are so divisible. You can’t have a third of a Lilith, but you could have 250, 240, 230… payouts. It would make barely missing the next bracket less punishing. Pair it with maybe a minor increase (adding another 50 to be scaled down would bring war more in line with other events) to make sure that no one is worse off than they are now.


The one about the first being walkers only seems like a great idea though.

Or “no real gear required 6* T4s for levelups”, but mostly Plat mods.

To this point. There likely will be increasing amounts as you go up the ranks. Not affecting the S-Collectable content inside means ‘don’t remove S-Collectable content’, scaling it is understandable. No-one wants to war for 5* tokens again

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Thanks for the update but what is their response to all this and what is their vision for the game in the next 6 months? 12 Months?