Player Council Members

We need a list of who is on the council. Both their forum ID and what region. Not asking for the faction.

If they don’t want to provide this, they should be removed.

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Heard one of the PC member’s retired and started playing Marvel Strike Force instead.




Scopely should start doing a weekly or biweekly update on Council issues. What was suggested, what will be taken from it, why. First of which should give us a general make up of what parts of the playerbase are represented, Including any changes to the composition.

To be fair all we’ve heard from the PC is from the players side. That’s still only 50%


And that they are “getting to know each other”


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They can’t even quit counting their money long enough to address fairly simple questions that deserve to be answered, let alone recap “ideas” from the PC that will just get shut down

It’s a council not a coach trip, let’s jump to the juicy parts of the WWE-esque debating and feedback

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Damn, I still can’t believe you aren’t on the council.

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I mean they promised greater communication and created the PC. So many bonus points Scopely could win for taking the initiative with it


Scope is already saying they listend to the community and updated the game accordingly via facebook ads. So I highly doubt we will be getting any more “updates” prove me wrong scopley

I 100% agree with this. They were not voted for, the least they could do if they plan on representing us is let us know who they are… What is the point of them otherwise, it is utterly self serving if they refuse.

I also agree they should be removed if they refuse. I’d also add any other people to join in the future should be elected by the playerbase and not chosen by scopely.

I am part of the Council. We are under NDA so can’t disclose much more than that.

I do know that @GR.Scopely told us this morning that they were preparing some official communication about how it is supposed to work, the process and all that. To date, we have had some limited contact with the developers, player experience managers and CS managers. More to get to know everyone at this point.

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Why are some of the members of the PC reluctant to say who they are and have others aware of this? What are they afraid of exactly ? If we do not know who they are they can’t exactly represent us.

A list of all those involved needs to be made public. Minutes of ‘meetings’ need to also be made public and any future member needs to be elected in to the committee.

Also, It is hardly a diverse group of people. They are all whales from America. It needs to diversify if it’s to be any good at all.


Hey Conquest.
How do you stand on #PlayersUnited objectives?

I was one of the founders of PU. I strongly believe that massive change in the form of the list that we created is needed. I firmly believe that a massive shift in the way the game is run, managed and communicated needs to happen.


This is not for me to say nor do I know the thoughts of the other members of the council. Each member was given a choice individually on whether or not to disclose that they are on the council.

Do you not agree that by remaining faceless you may aswell be voiceless and therefore what the hell is the point of that person being there other than to feel like they are part of some super cool elite underground society ?

I completely disagree. The members of the council are all prominent members of the community in their own right. From F2P to some of the top player or spenders in the game.

They are each in Line chats, on the forums, in discord and in most event chats. They have a good pulse on the player community. So being named or remaining faceless does not have an impact on how they can relay player sentiment from the community to the powers that be at Scopely.

I believe 90% of the council have come forward, so the players on this forum and in other Line chats have plenty of representation to pass along ideas, feedback, criticism, etc. as needed.

Why do we need to know who’s part of the council? Let me guess, you want to harass them for answers on questions asked a million times?


None of them were elected by the people they are chosen to represent. Some of them remain hidden in the shadows and cannot be reached. Spying in line groups is not the same and also kinda creepy. They need to be open and upfront.

Also who is F2P I would like to know more about them, their history etc before deciding if they represent me. Who is European ?