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Good Evening!
My name is Mark and some of you may know me from announcements in various line chats. Figured I’d share with anyone on forums who isn’t a part of those chats.

I am one of the current Players Council members and relaying with the rts community to be a point of contact. If you have any ideas, questions, or concerns that you would like relayed, feel free to pm me here on forums, or on line. My line ID is Mark_cr1.
We are currently seeking feedback on S-Class Characters, and the content refresh.
What was good about the refresh and S-Class. What are improvements that can be made to those. What are some ideas of implementing these changes so we can have a better gaming experience?
Holler and I’ll pass it on


This would be nice-


How about how the introduction of 6stars was more balanced and still radically decimated the playerbase… Now S-Class/7stars are the least balanced release the game has seen.

An S-class pryia with 7k attk is like turning our squads back to 4star strength.

S-Class are the nail in the coffin


Seems a weighted question :thinking: Not much good about an exclusive toon that can have 5x your stats


I applaud you for your bravery mark👏


what is your player history


Besides totally new to the forums?

I feel the same about s-class. What about the content refresh?

Leader of Wrath. Prior to transfers was in Nightmare on Elmore. #1 fac in Elmore pre transfers


am i to be correct seeing this as a paying player


We just fought u guys. Cheers. Good faction…

I think Og Pete was just fine. He had a new leader skill and some boosted stats. He wasn’t too hard too kill (compared to this new boosted Pete) but he was worth the extra money.

The S class boost came completely out of nowhere. I feel as though it is what happened with the regular six star buff. Players were still being able to kill six stars with five stars prior to the boost. This forced everyone to give up one five stars and start using six stars (outside of a few special toons). That is my fear where this is leading too.

Right now it’s tough to take down the buffed Pete. Once there’s a full team of super boosted S classes, we will all have to go to S Class. S classes were fine with their special lead skill and original stat boost and should be reverted (although they can’t now with priya selling the way it was).

While I have your attention, the longer the arena scoring system gets ignored, the worse we all will be. Having the rings distributed based on leagues is completely unfair to the ones in higher leagues.


The path to get Pete seems like it’ll take years to get for a f2p and it seems like they’re trying to make it a f2p attainable thing maybe increase the key drops? Make there more places to get them?


Maybe also have many more toons available.

Only recently did we leave the majority of Carl/Mira leads for most teams.

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No complaints so far. The main thing about the refresh for me is ensuring it isn’t allowed to go stale again.


@kookland I have some promo toons but none of the most recent. No amber, Zach, Negan, Mia, John Anderson, Priya, Jessie, Ryan. My eyes aren’t set on improving things for p2p or to spread the gap further. My sights and goals for PC is to fix the game and create a more balanced scale for all. I can’t force scopely to take our advice but we can converse and reason. I will say this. So far they have been very open and have listened.


I gotta agree with trout, nerf s-class down to typical 6*s, ditch the arena, re-release a new list of characters being added to the wheels from more recent promos and maybe they can save this game from what seems to be imminent death…THEY NEED TO LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD ASAP NOT WIDEN THE GAP FURTHER OR THE WHALES WILL HAVE NOBODY TO BEAT UP ON IN WARS SOON AND SCOPELY WONT HAVE THE PLAYER BASE TO BOTHER WITH KEEPING THE APP GOING


How about one aspect of the game where grinding or skill is rewarded and not paywalls to compete in every event. Arenas should be called how many coins will you waste for rings. Add in “fog of war” and they are asking for sunk cost fallacy to make you spend even though u have no idea if you have a chance to move up… Imagine lvl up with the same issue - you boost 6 mil only to stay behind cause you have no idea the gap…


Talk won’t save the game.


It already feels like the playerbase has left on droves unfortunately

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Seconded. Rings are given to a select few only. It’s not too late to stop the damage here