Player Council member coming forward

I think most issues are about individuals. It’s clear that half the list have been semi retired for a while now.

I think I read ttt hasn’t even got a rep there? Yet some factions have 2. Bit unfair imo

Its definitely nothing personal against the people on the council they didnt pick themselves. It shows who Scopley is more concerned with opinions. The lack of diversity in player levels is terrible


but you ain’t even Asian tho, #fakenews

Let’s be honest, no matter how you slice it Scopely only cares about appeasing the spenders. They are in business to make money, they are going to take care of the biggest contributor to the bottom line. In the end we all have to hope that people like Brucey and the other members from Ap etc have everyone’s best interest at heart because they also have the loudest voice. Even if Scopely had included a few token FTP people in the council their voice wouldn’t carry the same weight.


I meant its not personal about these people.
I like and or respect them as players.

However… A genuine council of the community should be diverse and represent different player experiences.

No faction should be represented. Not at all.

There should be some from top ranked faction, some spenders, some lower ranked factions, active players, ftp, sc members, …if it doesnt reflect the overall gaming community then I dont see what message Scopely is implying.
(I do…but im gonna be polite and bite my tongue here)

I do believe those on pc who want to try their best… I just dont know that Scopely has made that possible.


Heres a thought… perhaps PC could convene their own focus group of diverse players to provide feedback directly to PC? I think Gov kinda alluded to that in another thread.

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They’re all supposed to be representing the players not their factions. What’s unfair is that most of the PC has been selected from the top factions in the first place. Those factions are a tiny portion of the overall player base. It once again shows how irrelevant f2p and low-mid spenders are to Scopely.


Or they could say “Hey Scopely maybe we should diversify this council since people dont feel represented that might be a good start to you gaining credibility”. But then that might mean they dont get as large of a voice and we cant have that


When you see the backlash of said council and the PC first order of business isnt correcting what seems to be upsetting the player base obviously we are off to a bad start already.


So. Much. This.

Hit the nail on the head.

Don’t use logic…this isnt the place for logic.

What is wrong with the PU feedback?


Do you have proof that players from lower ranked factions aren’t represented there?

Lol. More US p2p in top factions in the Council. The joke gets bigger every day :man_facepalming:

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Scopely hasnt said anything official
So…we know nothing.

Just working from what others have said


Yeah Scopely left it on the council members to declare it themselves. But the ones who have come forward so far represent 1 segment of the game and it’s not f2p obviously


O yes they are they have been for 6 weeks and only have easy peasy premiums

Do you really think that people want to spend? It’s not a want. Maybe a need for competitive aspects or addictions. You choose. I wish I never spent a dime in this game and had a much better player experience.


That is why pu started it was whales had overspent and didnt want to spend anymore but stay competitive


Where did I say people want to spend. And just because you stopped spending at PU start doesnt make you a martyr

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