Player Council member coming forward

…Totally wanted a gif that showed Road Dogg saying “You’re @ss better callllll somebodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” but that failed. Ahh, old WWF nostalgia… So anyways…

People asked, and people shall know. Your favorite Ginger Asian is part of the Players Council. I know, I know, hold your applause and joy and any overwhelming feelings you may have in your pants. I’ll get to those eventually.

But let’s get to business. Because of all the hungry trolls out there, I signed up via the forum application to join the Players Council(Counsel? Can we freaking get someone to tell me which is the correct one?). I was not hand picked directly by anyone in Scopely to my knowledge. I applied, got in and the rest is history. I have been a huge advocate for our very own, #PlayersUnited(and if you haven’t joined, totally join. It’s cool and the place to be!). My agenda here, and always will be driven by the voices of #PlayersUnited because I feel as most do that there is always will be an incredibly wide gap via P2P and F2P and that is one of my main objectives to get smaller as we go forward. I am also an advocate for a better overall game. I want the bugs to go away. Better maintenance and more communication from the Devs. I want more content that is not a money grab. I want better obtainable toons for all and not have promos shoved down our throats. I want to be a voice for everyone that has feedback and I want to take it all to the Devs and Scopely and throw it all on the table and force them to acknowlege us. I want what the majority wants, and that’s a better game. So that’s why I signed up. I am a voice for #PlayersUnited and I will voice it in there as well. I have no agenda for my own faction or my own personal gain.

So, all you fine, beautiful souls, fill my inbox(and fill it good :wink: ) with your feedback. I will do my best to get everything to the table. I, as the other members do not have access to their code and am not a support tech unfortunatrely, so I cannot help with the bugs. Those will still route to CS and JB. I do not have updates on incoming content and bug fixes. Those will still be in the JB chat. I, as mentioned, will do my best to be your voice and use your feedback to make a better game.

So in closing, use me, abuse me, do whatever your heart desires. It’s your player experience. Lets make it something that’s fun. And, as always…



Do you happen to be everyone’s favorite masochist, Darkness from Konosuba?

Bless you.

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I shall not disclose or deny…

So you and gods are in it? Two from the same faction? Mindblown.


I find it very interesting that the few players council members that have come forward all seem to be in top 10 factions in the game hmmm very interesting to show who Scopley picked


Not implying you all had something to do with that just shows the lack of balance in opinions


Completely agree. Horrible look. And even from same faction.


Getting a bit silly now lol. Still waiting to see true F2P or mid-spending rep, new player rep. Let alone multiples. All seems a very narrow selection.

Not to call into question the efforts or intentions of those selected, I’m sure they will push hard. But Scopely hasn’t really picked all colours of the rainbow here to fill everyone with confidence


Haha. I like you a lot buddy. I hope you guys can get some shit done.

And if you can’t, I will know who to blame. Scopely.

you are a counsel thats part of a council

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I can tell you upfront that I have not spent a dime in this game since #PU and from that point, totally feel how the gap widens every week if you do not spend on a promo, and the roster that I have accumulated over the years, it’s a joke. So, I sympathize with F2P and join those ranks until we get a better, solid, more enjoyable game going forward. That’ll be my obligation for PC.


I get that but if I dropped a few thousand on the game right now does that make me good to represent a whale? You can understand the fundamentals but you’re likely to differ as the issues get more complex and deeper. Which is fine, imo you should represent yourself and your opinions, not bend to populism. But Scopely should have chosen more shades of background and experience as a result.

Like I say, I don’t doubt you or the others and I hope you push some vital changes. It’s Scopely who put everyone on it. You’re not at fault for being who you are lol


Spenders gonna spend


Wanna make out?

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Naaaaaahhhhh ! I’m good.

yes please

As the person who I consider the o.g. voice of #pu im glad that someone like you is on the council and know that you will share the concerns that #PlayersUnited have had.

I think any criticism of the council is not about individuals personally. But rather issues with the way Scopely does things… Lack of communication; lack of transparency; changing what they said originally; out of touch with the communitys requests; and always late af.
We can all be hopeful that pc can help the game in some ways.

But in the meantime, #PlayersUnited continues… And as Bruce said… Anyone can support the movement.



Wow Gods is in the council too. This is getting ridiculous