Player base has been conditioned to accept worse prizes

When the Onslaught mission prizes first dropped, I at first thought that 800 collectables was awesome… and it is - in comparison with current and recent prizes. And many seem to think it’s a good prize to get.
However 2-3 years ago, we were warring and completing tournaments for toons that were top of the game, or slightly lower if you/your faction finished in the top 8 or 10 rather than top 3 or 5. S class toons are now the top, and as a prize, we get 8% of one, and we think that’s great! Imagine getting 8% of a Lester 2.5-3 years ago… You’d be rather miffed to say the least. But due to continuation of the deterioration of prizes over a long period, we have come to accept 8% of a toon at the top of the meta to be a good thing as a prize. Like the frog in a pot brought to boil.
One good thing is that these are now in milestones (at least for Onslaught), so it is based on participation rather than placement.


I read this and by the end I was like is this man gordon Ramsays sun?

Reminder that Scopely makes weekly mistakes with their prizes


Wanna bet they started typing Br ady and auto completed to Br iana


Probably, still dunno how Scopely confused Wendy with Christmas Ornaments though…


I too noticed that during last level up when I got my milestones, it was one trainer than two trainers. I was like what the hell? We used to get 10x trainers in those slots.

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely why are there being dips in trainers, gear, medals when you are asking players to fully level two six star toons just to get the S class which then requires an insane amount of gear itself. The downward slope continues.


Well to be fair in those days only one maybe two factions got a good character rest got nothing. At least now all factions have a chance to get somethingm

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Time to call it. The game is never going to come back to anything decent.

it is just a slog through quicksand, and your prize is a scum covered puzzle piece that you get to try and put together after you dig up all the other pieces at the bottom of the quicksand. Oh and it will take you months the get all the pieces, then more months to assemble them, then another year to level up the toon, oh and if you don’t have a duplicate of the exact same toon that will also take forever to level up you will never be able to S class it, meaning that all that time is now rendered useless.

If you do in fact get both of them, and you can S class them into 1 super toon, you can look forward to an Eternity leveling that toon up.

Yeah sounds like “Fun”

Scopely took a four letter word , Game
and turned it into a 3 letter one,
but the only J O B I want is one that involves me getting paid real tangible IRL cash and not some intangible that I don’t even enjoy doing anymore .


Agree with you @CLIFTON87 the prizes are underwhelming and subpar. It’s such a shame that they r just run of the mill, but I think this whole 7* structure doesn’t really fit this platforms gaming style


Toons that were rewards were average at best, they rarely ever were top of the line, I spent 2 years winning average toons

Worst time was when Scope decided to put Ben in third and gave Skylar for second and we got Skylar for second previous war

But this is actually awesome if the best price is for the second place. That would make war Hella more interesting

Rank 10-5 = Collectibles 70% + 6 Leg Trainer + Some shit
Rang 4-3 = Collectibles 90% + 8 Leg Trainer + Some shit
Rang 2= Collectibles 100% + 10 leg Trainer + Promo 5* version
Rang 1 = 50 Burts + 2000 5* Token + 2 Granates


This might be a fun idea for war?

They’ve done that before… Accidentally I might add.

Can’t remember the toons but 2nd was a 45ar which was a significantly better toon than the 1st which I think was 56 ar

I disagree.

Lester, Bruce, Cooper, Timothy to name just 4 top toons for the time off the top of my head. All 4 were seen in top teams.


Monica, Douglas, Erin…

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What are you talking about??? The 1800 raid milestone has one whole basil!!! Yuuuuuge

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I started seeing this as well. It’s like a bleed in the games economy especially with S class and the gear it needs to be tiered.

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You all lie - scopely promised better prizes remember? Why can’t u just have friends with game fun?.. Had to throw an @kookland ism in there

Kook is no longer here, RIP. Scopely raged hardcore since he was the one who found the first article. Funny how blind they are that they cant see they turned a scopely fan against them, instead of getting their act together they gave him the hammer cause that is the only power these people on the forums will ever have in their life. Thank you Kook for bringing that article to light! You will live on forever! @kookland :sob: :fist: