Player banned due to name

Someone in our region was banned for having the name “nolube” this guy has been around since day 1 and now he can’t play anymore more due to a silly name. How is this fair? What made you guys think this was ok to do?


SNOWFLAKE that is what is happening.


The chat censorship was a really bad move. The way to literally fix it and make us grateful is allowing it to be turned on or off.


It’s unbelievable, now our guy can’t go into his account that he has had for year’s because of his name nolube

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I don’t see why he wasn’t just told to change it. A ban seems a little excessive.


Scopley said it was against their terms and service

Their terms and service is full of bullshit.


Agreed, i still can’t believe it

A complete ban?

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Yep permanently

no offence you usa peps but most of your state are soft af.

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I love California, but the place has become soft recently. I wish I could live in my birth state of Arizona

Sounds like he been cheating then.

The screen you posted does not look like a ban, just a notification he can use the name he is trying to type in and save.

Nope, he messaged scopely asking why he was banned and they responded it was his name.

Wow what the ####? I wonder if this is a move to dump or reset the legacy players so they can bring in new fresh spenders that blow money to build their roster


Yeah, pics or didn’t happen.
Account suspension for 24 hours has been reported by players. Suspension from chat has been reported. But you are telling me this person went to change their name and was permanently banned from the game. As in no longer in your faction, as in gone.

Lol this is amazing? meanwhile theres a faction with the word mothafkrs in it, are they going to be banned too? real shitty move scopely

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He wasn’t cheating… the new update has a text moderator, that learns as it goes and in Scopelys words…*introducing new live moderator tool for better player to player communications that learns in real time based on players chat logs and CONSEQUENTLY takes necessary action" You can find this exact information on the new update post. Now the update is LIVE and this player, who has been playing since day ONE and spent countless dollars on his game has been BANNED for his CRW name “nolube” A rated M GAME that constantly uses “FUCK” in the game storytelling. Scoeplys response… moderator program found it and banned you for violating our terms of service. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!! No one should be penalized this severly over their new moderator program where a computer system decides if a word we use in our names, FC, GC, messages is not PC enough. FREEDOM OF SPEECH CRUSHED BY AN AMERICAN BASED COMPANY.


Sure ill get some screenshots

The live moderator wont perm ban someone for a name, the name probably led them to investigate said player and they found a reason to perm ban him if he is truly perm banned.

You can take his word for it that he wasn’t cheating but ask yourself this, why would Scopely ban a REAL Spender, who spends “countless dollars” over a name? seriously, think about it. If someone is legit spending and playing by the rules, gets a Ban over a name.