Play style: defense or offense

i think i read somewhere what defense in this game is almost non-existent, so does this mean most players play offense?

does anybody remember that movie back in the 90’s called “double team”? with jean-claude van damme and dennis rodman.

jean-claude van damme said: “offense gets the glory”
dennis rodman said: “yes, but defense wins the game”

This meta is about having to focus on your offense more imo… Def is crappy these days… Time is mostly your ally in wars tbh…

i tend to make teams with “blue + green” or “red + yellow”, just to avoid being attacked by stronger traits. this way, i always have a trait that can take out the other stronger trait.

i know most players would make teams according to leader skills, but if i end up fighting stronger traits, my lead skill doesn’t really do much.

Both is needed but offense should be focused on more

If you have a team that no one can beat, great but what about someone else having a team you cant beat? Then you hit a wall, focus on attack to be able to kill faster, especially for war as time is most important but that doesnt mean ignore defense completely, need them both

Full Aiko and Andrea attack team vs. Alert Defense team

usually how many revive do people have? just one? and then the rest is all attacks? or no revive and just go full attacks?

The new def teams I’ve been seeing from top spenders and the hackers is this and it works.
Any revive lead Eric Sophia Erica
Any shield that fits with the lead
Merser <-]
Regina ]
Zachary <-]

So in my eye the perfect defence is coming back.

I use a revive/healer/hp booster on my attack teams. Some people use shields on their attack teams, i dont have a shield so i use a healer/reviver.

You want to go for a lead with 40% attack and a huge bonus to ap when attacking, decap and a disarm. I feel like the last 2 toons can be whatever you want, i use a healer/revive as i said and a controller, usually taunt, someone like kal, rick or douglas are great for taunting and gaurdians. Could also use a neutralizer is big to bring in an attack team or a commander. I feel like the first 3 toons, lead with 40% attack and huge bonus to ap when attacking, decap and disarm is a must bring for any attack team.

JCVD is talking about acceleration, e.g., win in 3 turns or less

The Worm is talking about deceleration, e.g., die in 4 turns or more

Each team can, and should, be built independently. Both should also have multiple variants, and hopefully a faction full of people eager to test the lot. :bowing_man:

i actually don’t remember that movie much. i just remember rodman because he was good at grabbing rebounds and playing defense during the chicaco bulls era.

“multiple variants”, why does that sound so bling bling…




i got similar question, and i didn’t want to open a new thread.

these two are my best (i think) defensive and offensive teams, but since i only have enough tokens to ascend 7 toons, should i choose team defense or offense? or some kind of mix of the toons?

team 1 has 2 revives, and most ar skills have some kind of heal and attack.
team 2 can use andrea 40% attack and huge ar boost, and miraB and donnie have stun ar.


2/3 turn wins (and hence quicker camps destroyed) = more repairs = more coins spent per war = more profit for Scopely

1hr wars went from 120-150k to 330-400k

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