Platinum top 84 not in my future

So with the new leagues, and the claim if you make it to platinum 1 and get in the top 84, you’ll make 400 coins. Sheez…I just barely made it to Gold 3Now I nowhere near the top 72 in Gold 3 to even make platinum.


If you don’t promote long enough, eventually it will get much easier. Not ideal, but wih enough patience you’ll ace P1. Just not this week

Take a week off and come back to it

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I want my 700 coins back every week


Im want my 700 coins too its very boring compete against whales.


But how often were you guys the whales for others in the lower tiers in the old leagues format? I mean no disrespect, but it basically seems like the primary difference between the old and new formats is just different people sitting in the top spots a tier or two lower than they should be taking the rewards from people who actually belong in those tiers. I, too, have been somewhat frustrated by the new structure but at least they’re trying to make it fair. I do agree that further adjustments are probably needed though.

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Pareil je veux 700 po seule solution que j’ai trouvé c’est de ne pas être promu avec les baleines et de joué dans une ligue inférieur pour avoir plus de po

League’s are WAY too difficult at this point. Seriously scopely. We need to go back to the old system


But but, due to players feedback we made these changes!!!

More coins! Greatness! Yessss.


I am super active, do the raids, use my territory energy, use a few fills on events and do most stuff that used to get me promoted every week in old leagues.

Now I am seeing about 200 people in my league and i am below 150 even after doing all this! I dont what all changes were made, but its damn detrimental to any one not spending a huge amount every week. I guess the league promotions are heavily dependent now on arenas as thats the only place where I dont compete hard enough. I mean whats the point when whales are scoring over 5 million in every endurance event!

Please make leagues better scopely!


Nope totally disagree in D1-3 it was very even playing field, that’s why we were there, try compete with this

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All it’s done is make leagues easier for Moby Dicks who naturally would of been competing in D4-5🤷🏼‍♂️


OMG, I stand corrected.

I’m way out of my league😳

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I do play daily, but have never whaled it like that. And I have been playing since late 2015. With the S-class era I’ve finally been blown away and back. And now with this newer format, I’m guessing I’m going to be even further behind.

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