Platinum Mods Price?

What is the best price you’ve seen for one play mod ? :slight_smile:

Extreme sale = 30% so theoratically 280k

However, I’ve never seen a 30% discount on that yet.



Mystery box + Extreme Sale + RNGesus’ blessing

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Those mystery boxes hate me and my bucket, have bought 5 on sales… all bronze!!! :joy:

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280k is the lowest popped up a couple of days ago

Ps the 2 I have levelled up so far didn’t even come close to a descent gold, what a waste of time for me


wow… so even Plat was lower than Gold?

Yep both under 50% absolutely gutted

Sorry one was a bleed 180 woopie

260k…(must say something clever)

Super sale. 320? I’d prefer extreme sale but fed up of waiting

Same I got three and they all were mediocre at best

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How long before the Clearance Sale? I want that. :joy:

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How long before going out of business sale?


I havent bought one yet. Do they add a bigger bonus to the mod group bonus?

I’ve only bought one at 400k as I’ve not had a discount pop up yet and wanted to try my luck. Got a burn resist on the crit set :frowning:

I dont know why people think just because they are expensive they will be good. How many trash gold mods have you gotten compared to good ones?

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Yes, an extra 20 per plat mod over gold


Oof (7 chars)

I am satisfied I went after sleeping bags and pocket knives