Platinum mod scam


I bought three platinum mods 400 K a piece, each mad was the exact same affect two of the exact same mod & its not a good mod at all, def while confused. I find it hard to believe that this is a coincidence something needs to be done about the way these mods are working @GR.Scopely


There also seems to be a bug; the image on the mods would indicate that they are defense while disarmed.

I brought this up to JB almost 2 months ago, guess in his quick getaway to another game he didn’t take it to the team :joy:

Are these mods as the icon shows defense while disarmed or the words defense while confused?


Spend your SR tokens in trainers and gear for Magna/Lee, at least they are useful and guaranteed

Plat mods are trash
I have 12. 2 decent,10 crap. Not a single good one


I have 10, 4 burn 2 crit, 2 def up when stunned and 2 good ones

1 reflect damage 57% rest are trash

The fact that you even have 10 is insane.

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I have 13, 8 are trash, most of the other ones are just ok

All def while confused

They are defense while disarmed mods ignore the ??? Press the info button and it clearly describes the mod just them being lazy not changing it

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Just what I need more defense while confused

Regardless of what is defending while I don’t need three of the same mod and two for the same set

You’re missing the point

You got back on?!

You should be buying the 30k ones lol 3 out 7 were platinum. Defense bleed resist, hp defense strong and attack crosshair resist. I bought one 400k and it was a crit mod

Yeah and then next 40 will be silver

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Lmao “ So you’re telling me there’s a chance”

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I bought five or six of them best I got was a silver mod