Platinum League = Trainers, Diamond League = Impair weapon

What are you playing at here scopley? I mean, this just shows me a company who doesn’t know what their in game items and resources are worth. Same thing with the survival club benefits. If your team were dedicated players like your actual players you wouldn’t make such amateur decisions that upset people.


Wasn’t the trainer crate for platinum league? Or was that just diamond league as well. From the in game message the mod box seemed like it went to everyone not just as a reward to platinum.

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Oops. One too many sniffs of the chalk… You’re right sorry Theeeeheeee. Still.

Honestly they could have at least had a 50/50 gold silver mod box. Including bronze at 82% is an insult. Bronze mods have no value other than scrap

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Anybody feel the player base has become like 1000 percent more whiney since andigate? I mean this forum was always about complaining but this lately Is next level stuff. I cant believe the things I see people instantly start bitching about lately. Some of it is warranted but man is a lot entitled af. Not singling out this post specifically just stating my thoughts

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Mod was for everyone. Platinum got a Trainer box and Diamond got an impair weapon (maybe).

They did say that there would be ‘even more rewards at the end of the season’ adding the weapon to diamond just gives people more incentive to compete.

Stop attacking me personally. You’re harassing me.

I wasnt really but now I kinda want to


You don’t have it in you. I know your kind, and it’s not even my favorite snack.

Ok bye weirdo. Have fun being bitter lmao

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I’m actually having a good laugh cause the contents of that crate is what the turkey map was dropping… per run…


before the scumply nerf, right?

No incentive, it was added during a time when you can’t move up or down lol.

Incentive for the next season. I can’t imagine it’s a one off.
More people will compete harder next season for the reward.

I’m actually surprised they didn’t announce it beforehand as it’d have been incentive for people to spend more to end top of the division each time.

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You made a typo. Let me fix that. Replace the word compete and replace that with SPEND. There ya go. :smirk:

Whining about people whining… :joy::joy::joy::ok_hand: hahaha ummm yea ok

Ha! Indeed. Some people will compete and spend at the same time. You still have to grind to get the raid points and such.

I didn’t have to spend $$$ this season, though I did spend the reward coins. I seeded in low platinum with a team of 4 and 5-stars and ended in diamond. I’m hoping i can maintain my position next season.
At the end of the day, we all know that it’s a pay-to-win sort of game so I’m expecting it to be a lot harder next season.

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Guess we aren’t rewarding factions… just like regular tournaments.

Dont want to defend scopes, but i was d2/d3/d4 the whole season(depending if its war week or not) and i spent 1$ so far in a year and half since i started…for me its all about resource management and warring like crazy because its the only event i like in this game :slight_smile: