Plat Mods r P2P now

I thought that the mods were only to be obtained through the supply depot…

This is $tupid


I can’t remember if there was something else saying that platinum mods will be only obtainable via SR depot, but what you cited doesn’t say that.

They’re saying that when bronze/silver/gold mods came out, players didn’t have a consistent method of obtaining them. Therefore, platinum mods will have a consistent method of obtaining them through SR depot.


Lmfao huge value? Half a 40 pull for 2 random plat mods is not a huge value it’s a huge gamble. I’m not at all surprised they have decided to sell them outright but the price point itself is just ludicrous. Anyone that has bought the 400k point boxes and pulled a nice pile of platinum :poop: knows the odds of those boxes in the first place . Lately there have been a lot of offers in there that have been ridiculous. There is also a 25 dollar offer in there for a handful of sr depot points like wtf ?! Yesterday was the weapon part offer in there for 40 bucks and then not that long ago for that stash with the green sclass character I forget the name of the final offers were 40 dollars a pull. Granted nobody is obviously required to buy them and they’re easy to ignore but damn who ever determines the price for these needs a reality check bad I cant see that many people actually buying these I’m sure there are some but not even most p2p players I know are like yeah…f that lol . Scopely you starting to look like begging crackheads lay off that rock guys this is ridiculous, hilarious but ridiculous.


That is the best quote of the day. Very accurate


I also like of offer of sc markers 25 bucks for potentially 2500 just to make the mod offer look more appealing

I was thinking the same thing when I just seen that offer like seriously the few that I have got aren’t really that good and barely have higher stats then my gold mods and some lower then my gold ones why would anyone pay that amount for either offer

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Read between spaces…only for f2p player can get from sr depo

This just shows how hard up they are for money. The platinum mods aren’t worth it. All the ones I got are crap and I won’t pay one penny to buy those mods.

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I deff ain’t buying any after what I have got through sr depot esp 50 bucks for 2 they deff on a crack binge

They didnt take mods outta SR…Again a stupid post. They did not make them P2P.

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No they didnt it’s just the fact the amount they are charging for them

Emerald mods on the cover Imfao

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:rofl: my sentiments exactly. When I saw the offer, I was like “Scopely is back on that :poop: again”.

I said the same, maybe they’ll give 5000 trauma to all for 5 turns or something like that(?

So…break it down…you can still get free mods. People that want to buy them can. Where is the issue??


Exactly buy the offer at your own risk, its close to woc/cow and they are finna milk the players i mean offer innovative ways for players to expand their buckets.

but its a choice…

Thts wat im saying lol

People should be of legal age when buying in-game nonsense. Their own fault and stupidity when they get ripped off by them. But yes, you cannot expect that those players who waste money on these offers have some intellect left after all what this company has done.

The Muppets Lie, that should be quite apparent at this stage of the game. We’ve been fed horseshite and Lies for Four damn years!
Some of the greatest hits include but are not limited to;

  • “6* toons will only be available though ascension”, two weeks later they’re selling them.
  • “S Class will only be obtainable through reoccurring museums collections”, they’re now being sold.
  • “We Promise a Player’s First Mentality”, forgot to mention the Only players they were talking about were the :whale2::whale:.
  • “Plushies will not disappear”
  • “The Promise of a 6* Gear roadmaps”

Can you see a trend here? They Lie to us over and over again with Zero Repercussions. They don’t care! Nothing will ever get fixed as long as Nobs continue to spend money on a broken and unbalanced game! The only thing they understand is loss of profits :man_shrugging: