Plankton going to waste - Roster space is costing you

Hey Scopes / @JB.Scopely ,

I’m not sure if I speak for others, but there have been sooooo many occasions where I see a deal I like, but won’t buy it because the lack of roster space (pics attached). I can’t even enjoy opening tokens without the hassle of selling and agonising over roster rearrangement…

Not sure what the reasoning behind limiting it in the games’ current environment is, but I don’t think it’s conducive to player & company needs. I saw in the update notes roster space is increasing by 75 at level 150, I’m not convinced that’s enough, cheers!



Holy moly look at em tokens!


Holy sh!t you do NOT speak for us all. If you can pay that much, just buy more slots…


Ikr! I had to do a double take at the 5* tokens, then pull out the TX50…

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They could run the roster capacity like Team Costs (remember when that was a thing?). Lil’ baby 1 and 2 stars take up diddly squat while legends carry more weight. It would also allow trainers to be special exceptions and cost nothing.

It probably won’t fix the problems, but it’d help.


Looks like he’s already bought all the available slots u can buy

Jesus, dude. You don’t need to buy every single toon they release! :joy:


That’s what they announced but it then it was only raised by 70 spots.


Scops is just trying to take a break from major upgrades because of all the bugs they still have to fix.

scopely listen to this guy, u are still in business cause of him!

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100% agree
I sit at 300/310 most of the time and then a nice deal with a few dozen trainers pops up and i can’t buy it unless i plan to use the trainers that exact same moment

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I bet levelups are a blast for you!

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Weird flex but okay :man_shrugging:

why do you have that much crap anyways?

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What up ref :grin:.

The fact that they keep the roster cap so ridiculously low in a game where they want you to spend hundreds on pulling for toons and insists on running level ups non-stop just shows how much they don’t get it.

It should instantly just go to 1000 for everyone and if you bought the upgrades add them to that.



Nice. You managed to capture footage of my ex.


I have no need to flex, I only post about things that impact my enjoyment of the game and memes I find funny :man_shrugging:

Suggesting more roster space without showing what my inventory issue is with pictures isn’t nearly as effective.

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Hey I & W, yeah agreed, completely out of touch with F2P/P2P balance and the issues people that play and spend a bunch on the game. I still can’t think of a logical reason why the roster space is capped?

Dupes, trash non-promo 6* pulls, active trainers and of course a butt load of 5*s waiting for the day they could ‘possibly’ be ascended…