Pizza or Fried Chicken


What’s it to be? GO!


fried ■■■■■.


I :coins: for :pizza: :pizza: :pizza:


What about pizza with chicken poppers on it?


Chicken-Nashville Hot Style


Was thinking a whole buffalo chicken or a metre of Pepperoni


Just basic pizza with sausage.


Can’t decide :thinking:


Its the best


Can I have kebab meat on the Pizza?

I do, occasionally, have a small meat feast pizza, 6 chicken wings & a tray of kebab meat with a garlic mayo dip.

And yes, I am indeed a fat motherfucker, but what’s a fat man gonna do but eat some more!!



Church’s Fried Chicken with jalapeno peppers!!!


Does that pizza have jiggle physics?


The correct answer to the question “Pizza or Fried Chicken?” is yes.





1lb of fresh chicken turd. Yummy :wink:



I went with fried chicken; there’s a place in Islington (London) called Bird that is normally mental. I got 2 drums, 2 thighs, 4 wings, and some tenders, and fuck tonne of buffalo and blue cheese dip.

Delivered by Uber Eats it was pretty fucking cold and looked like it had already been reheated. Gutted.

The lesson here kids is you ever have to choose between pizza and chicken get PIZZA.

It’s delicious cold already so if you delivery driver decides to take a break on the way it wont matter so much.