Piura how to get the points up

How do I get priya to 19.000 plus. As I see others have done this?
Just class me as new!

Leadership, mods & weapons.

You need some team player weapons

Priya lead, 50% atk weapon. Surround her with toons that carry the 15%atk/35%crit boost (teamplayer4 on epic slot) to adjacent. If you do that with all 4 surrounding ones, you can buff Priya to 21k easy peasy

Yes the Key is to use her as Lead. Weapon should maxed out with ATK. Plat Mods ATK Set and the important thing is what YSpammer said. You need Team Player 4 Weapons around her!!

^^^ with 3 15/35 weapons. Should be close to 23k with a fourth 15/35 weapon probably.

Priya without ATK/ATK Mod
Only showcase, gave Doc a TP4 Weapon. Normaly Doc got his bounded 650 weapon.

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