Pistols recruiting

Pistols in Bullock recruiting a few players
Finished 3rd in crw behind fkr and ben hill mofos
Finish 1st in raid level up and Sr faction tourneys a lot
Currently in Bullock with fkr and damn pandas but looking to maybe move when faction move goes live
(Still not certain)
Looking for people that know in a semi top faction that you need to push as hard as you can in war and faction tournaments … We don’t kick if you miss 1 or 2 especially if a notice is given bc we know real life happens …
Contact doc or message me on here if interested.

I recently joined them, I can tell you they have their stuff together.

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funny, i tried getting in to play with a buddy and was ignored, lol. just hope anyone that applies doesnt get the treatment i did!

Good luck Pistols :raised_hands::raised_hands:

Thanks sly!

What are the requirements? I’m interested.

I am based in Bullock and looking for a new faction, if the spots are still open.

Line id ?


Still looking? I’m from Henry but willing to move to another region

Pistols are good bunch played againest them for awhile. Class act. If you are looking to move its a good choice.


Bumping this up.

Who even are Pistols?

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