Pistols are recruiting!


The pistols of hilltop/ pistol motherfkers have a spot open!
We are a top faction that is a little more relaxed than some of the other tops…
We have never finished below 3rd in an AOW or below 5th in a CRW…
We are about half pay and half free to play so all are welcome, activity is all we care about…
We don’t have minimums and if you are gonna need a weekend or even more off we don’t make our friends leave the faction as long as a heads up is given…
We push as hard as we can and have as much fun as we can while doing it …
We finished 4th in the last CRW and in the last AOW we went 80-0 and finished 2nd …
So if you think you’d be interested in joining send me a message

****** Remember : If you’ve nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all!


Any good looking ladies in Pistols?


Actually yes lol




I can see where that’s an important reason to join


Crickets bc I asked people to message me


Shane is still in the chats


My goal has always been to get @Plagueis into the same faction as me…


Yeah idk, no Shane = no handies = no deal


Nope Not Interested …




Same pistols that ran from colbert after getting smacked around by amusement park?


yes, i came to give my opinion on a public forum! thanks!


The real rib was better at this. Sad!


youre sad


Nope not interested isn’t an opinion… It’s an answer to a question I didn’t ask you…


Also… Great come back


The most important question haha


And what is the point of this?
We are trying to recruit and I can’t understand how this is related?
Ap is one of the top 10 factions in the game weve never said differently and I’m not advertising that we are either !


What region your playing?